Games I Played in 2018

A list of games I played in 2018.

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  • PC, 2016: Still playing, will probably play until my sub ends in a few months. But am getting so burnt out on the game, that i don't even log in to do my weekly stuff (once a week)

  • NSW, 2017: Start this late last year, currently around 500 moons, still got a lot to go.

    Completed: 880 moons. I glitched the jump rope one, but overall the game was really fun. Though, i do wish they had more buttons on the control, or at least a way to hotkey certain actions. Died so many times to a fail long jump. Having a button for that would have made the game so much better.

  • PC, 2015: Mainly playing at work, the game is wearing thin a bit.

    Completed: The game. It was alright, but kind of felt like a mini-game collection with a story. Some of the parts were decent, but most didn't. Also, the story didn't make a lot of sense, for the characters. The overall plot was easy to understand, but i didn't know who the main villain was, or where she came from.

  • NSW, 2017: I like Fire Emblem, and Dynasty Warriors, so i bought this. Also, its an easy game to play while am sick.

    Completed: Beat the game and 1 history mode stage. Overall it was sub-par, and i have no interest in grinding out more levels for my guys.

  • 3DS, 2017: Started playing this, so far the gameplay is fun, but the lack of story is disappointing. Also, blah, keep getting lost or stuck, which is annoying.

    Completed: The game. It was a harder than i thought it would be, or should be, but overall a fun game.

  • PC, 2017: Only gave it a few minutes, and found its point and clickness to be bad, so i stopped.

  • PC, 2014 or 2017: Not sure if this is the right game listing. Anywho, an interesting puzzle game, though, i did have a similar idea years ago, but never acted on it. And now, am just kind of bitter that others are actual doing what I didn't try to do, but thought of... yeah, i know that is childish, so am trying to get over it.

    Completed: The game. Had to FaQ some of the later levels. Overall the game was fine, but felt very formulaic. Unlike games like Portal, the levels didn't feel natural at all.

  • NSW, 2017: Just started, and so far, so good.

    Completed: The game. It was fun, but dragged on for way too long, and they kept trying to introduce new characters late in the game, well past the part where i had decided on my team, so i didn't use like 6/10 of the available characters.

  • PC, 2016: Just started, figure i should go through it, since i bought s2.

    Completed: The game. It was disappointing. All the major characters turn out to be the same as they always are. At first it seem like there would be player agency, but that goes away around ep 3.

  • PC, 2017: Pretty much felt like Inside, but not as good. Played enough games like this, so didn't go beyond an hour with it. It didn't seem to add anything new, or do anything well.

  • PC, 2012: It was free on steam, and well, that is probably too much for it. The game's controls are horrible. Nice idea, but without the ability to actual control things in a playable manner, there isn't a point to it.

  • PC, 2017: A point and click adventure game that is big on style, and low on story. Gave it a few minutes, and didn't get hooked (lacking a story hook, and the art was bad, i know its the style the game is going for, but most of the time, i couldn't tell what i could interact with and what i couldn't by looking at it).

  • PC, 2017: A fun-ish hotline Miami game thingy.

    Completed: The game. The ending was a bit of a let down, since i was hoping for more story, but overall a fun game.

  • PC, 2015: Started playing at worked... also, used the save chat stuff to speed things along.

  • PC, 2016: A puzzle game about drawing lines... it gets very complex, and never really clicked with me. Tried powering through it with a FAQ, but even that was super boring. So i stopped after a few hours.

  • 3ds, 2017: The last boxboy game, or so the title implies. Fun as usual. Easy in the main game, challenging in the bonus levels. Using special costumes to cheese the bonus worlds.

    Completed the game... i believe, it been a while. Enjoyed the new boxes.

  • PC, 2016: Start this game a few weeks ago. So far, it is ok, but hasn't clicked. Nothing special has happen.

    Completed: The main game. It was alright, but spent too much time in the main city. It isn't an open world, but tries to pretend it is. A lot of load times, and blocked paths. The story overall wears thin, and takes forever to get anywhere. I would say overall it was an average game, which makes it bad in a sense. Since it could have done a lot, but ended up doing very little.

    Completed: All 3 dlc story stuff and some of that other mode, forget the name. The DLCs were alright. The one with the security firm was simple, and felt like it was ripped from the core game. The one with the cyber stuff, while longer and more in depth, also felt like it was from the main game, though, it was fun. The last one, the prison one, is the only one that felt like it was made as purely dlc. It was also rather fun. The other mode stuff, on the other hand, wasn't good.

  • PC, 2017: Tried it for a little bit. Just didn't care for the controls, or the game itself. It was very open ended, without any kind of hook. Just a platform, adventure game, with light puzzle elements, from what i can tell. Just jumping around, picking up items, and using said items.

  • PC, 2017: A first person point and click adventure game that seems to be music focus... maybe. It ran horribly on the mac, and didn't do anything at the start to hook me.

  • PC, 2014: A RPG RTS. You control a civ, with small squads of units that have equipment, exp, and lead by heroes with skills. There is questing, which was interesting at first, but quickly became just doing normal stuff, go here, explore that, kill this, etc..

    Completed: One game, won by Questing. Expected more, just got a picture for an ending.

  • PC, 2015: Tried this for a little bit. Which is a puzzle platformer. It was alright, but didn't enjoy the loop. There no real reward, so... i stopped.

  • PC, 2017: Started it recently. Kind of fun, seems decent, but not great.

  • PC, 2016: Started playing this at work.

    Completed: The game. The gameplay was fun, but the story was forced, and dull. Didn't like the characters or the plot. The ending was some vague non-sense.

  • PC, 2016: Played for a few minutes, seems like a point and click game... and well... i don't really play those. So I stopped...

  • PC, 2015: A fun romp as Batman, but now he has a tank. Miss the stealth aspects of the earlier games in the series, but overall it was still fun.

    Completed: The game, everything but the Riddler trophies stuff... cause screw that.

  • PC, 2017: Just started recent, playing as an undead elf. 30 hours in, and so far it is great. Enjoying the freedom of choice and the small stories i find.

    Completed: The game. Took about 67 hours. And felt like it dragged on at the end. Overall a great game, though the ending miss it's landing. This was mainly due to its vague and curt nature. Things happen to places and people, and most of the time, it wasn't clear why. A la, City X was lost... why... why not, moving on... seriously, they would give info like that in the ending, 1 line about something being lost.

  • PC, 2017: Played for a little bit, couldn't figure out parts of the game, the controls were confusing, and took way to long to figure out how to make water.

  • PC, 2016: A platformer where the main character takes on the shape of triangle, square, or circle to gain abilities and fight monsters. It has a rock/paper/scissor combat. Overall, the art is nice, but the game is dull. Maybe if i had a controller i would like it more, but i doubt it would make it good.

  • PC, 2016: An amusing puzzle game, but isn't that fun after a while. Enjoy it for a bit, but never felt any connection to the story.

  • PC, 2015: An action game. It was alright, but am not very good at them. Got to the first boss and stopped. The game doesn't control well with a keyboard and mouse.

  • PC, 2015: Part puzzle game, relaxation, and simulation. Did 2 maps, not sure what the hook is suppose to be. It was fun, but not involving .

  • PC, 2014: Tried it for a bit, but without the ability to cheat, i didn't feel like putting any time into it. The game pretty much was the same as all the other Tropico games, so... yeah.

  • PC, 2017: The gameplay is dull, and the main story seems simple... but the side stories might have something to them. Will give it a bit more time, but if it doesn't hook me soon, then am out.... and am out. Did the first main quest and while it had moments, the game itself is just bad.

  • PS4, 2018: Bought the bundle and so far, the game is pretty good. The story isn't great, but it moves things along.

    Complete: The game. It was good, but not great. A 8/10 or a bit lower. There was little variety in the game (you just fought your way through all of it, and the combat becomes dull quickly), and the settings were all the same (except for 1 area). They look different and pretty, but none of that matter.

  • PC, 2016: So far, a fairly fun text base adventure game.

    Completed: The game. Got a decent ending that felt like i had some control, but other parts were just random. Overall a fun game, though, some parts of it were too vague for what they were asking and therefore felt horrible. i.e. Choose left or right, i want to go right, but the game didn't tell me how to do that, so i went with left, since that the only option that was possible for me to do.

  • PC, 2016/17: Started this game, using a lot of the save game edit stuff since the game seems fairly slow.

    Update: And am done... spent about 10 hours with the game, and it never really became fun. So i stopped once things started to be a bit challenging. Didn't see a reason to put up with it. The game's pacing is just so low and restrictive. Also, my save game editing lead to a few bugs, nothing game breaking, but missed visual or something... or not, not sure, seem like things were missing, but maybe the game never had them to being with.

  • PC: 2017: Got it in the humble bundle. So far, it is ok, but i have barely started. From what i know, most of the content is end game stuff. Not sure if i'll ever do the raids, since my interest is in the Smaller, SP like stuff.

    Completed: The main quest line. Did a strike... and well, am done. I found the game to be rather dull overall. And I was hoping the Strike would be interesting, but is wasn't.

  • Switch, 2017: Got it on my switch, so far, its alright, more picross, which is what i wanted.

    completed: all 150 mega, and about 110 normal ones. It was ok, but not as good as 3d picross on the 3ds by far.

  • PC, 2017: An ok mini-game game, played for about an hour, got bored, and stopped.

  • PC, 2017: So far, it is average. Maps play all the same, build up, overwhelm the enemy. Don't like that every unit, well, nearly every unit, has micro ability.

    Completed: The first 7 missions, and then I stopped. I tried using the dev console mode to power through the single player, but apparently they disable campaign progression when the dev console is active, so am done. This game is dull and below-par. Not going to waste any more time playing it. I'll just idle for the cards, and then uninstall it.

  • PC, 2015: Just wasting time at work with this, cause it is fast and don't require much investment.

  • PC, 2015: Played through it. It was fun, but shallow. Like a x-com lite game. Most maps ended up just being do the objective, grab the special loot, leave.

    Completed: The game.

  • PS4, 2017: Its kind of fun, but way too much combat and sneaking. Enemies are too tough for being everwhere. Also, looting animals for parts, is annoying slow.

    Completed: The game. The ending miss it mark a bit, but overall it was a good game. Much better after i put it down to story mode. Taking out the 1st t-rex was exciting, but the 5th was dull. And that kind of sums up the problem with its design. When the enemies become Dalak like, it became a chore to play.

  • PS4, 2016: Start it, so far enjoy the characters, and its a decent walking simulator. Though, am annoyed i couldn't steal/keep that boom box.

    Completed: The game. It was interesting, and am kind of annoyed that i missed some of the optional stuff, but overall it was worth it.

  • PC, 2015: I wanted a mindless action game, and found out i had a dynasty warrior anime game... so am good.

  • PC, 2011: Tried it for a bit, but it a weird 2d fighting game that i didn't get into to, so i stop quickly.

  • PC, 2017: A point and click adventure game, tried it then past.

  • PC, 2009: HD version. Its alright, but a time sink after a while. Beat the first campaign, but the second one was too tough, so i stopped there.

  • Switch, 2018: Got it since i kickstarted the main game. So yeah... a very castlevania 3, castlevania-like game.

    Completed: The main mode once, working through it again, but it is dull doing so. Since it is about the same, just with one less character.

  • PC, 2016: Not what I was expecting, then again, am not sure what i was. So this is a 2d rogue-ish/run like adventure game thingy. Each run, you have to re-build your ship, to get to the finish line. The faster you do it, the better your reward. There a story and all that, but it isn't really note worthy. Overall it was sub-par, and not what i wanted, so i stopped playing after and hour or so.

  • PS4, 2015: Got it from PSN when it was free, and its ok... kind of dull actual. I was expected more from the campaign, but i guess the draw has now become MP or zombie mode.

    Completed: The story. It was overall underwhelming. It missed a lot of the big set pieces the old CoDs have.

  • PC, 2009: A third person shooter / swing game thingy.

  • PC, 2017: Bought it a while ago, and played through it in a weekend (the game is about 9 hours long).

    Completed: The game. I like this one more than the last one, but still found my lack of story control to be a negative thing. I care little for 'different' dialog. I want different gameplay.

  • PC, 2010: Got it while it was free. Played it for a few minutes. Meh.

  • Switch, 2018: Got it on sale, and so far it is above average. Still haven't got that far into it, but so far it is fun.

    Completed: The game. Took a while, but it was fun. The end game was lacking, but it had a fun story and such.

  • PS4: 2016: Figure I would start this instead of STO, since am going to be playing WoW again soon. So far, it is alright, visual great, but so far, seem about more of the same.

    Completed: The game. It was pretty good, though, as usual, it has a nonsense ending. I mean the whole treasure at the end, which they leave, could easily be gotten. It was just buried under some rocks, they know exactly where it is. And unlike other uncharted games, it isn't in the middle of a volcano, surrounded by the undead, or anything like that.

  • PC, 2016: Played it for a bit. Went through 2 of the campaigns, saw both factions. Then youtubed the endings for the other 2 campaigns. Funish game, but it is just a grind.

  • PS4, 2017: So far, having a fun time with it. Though, i find that there too much random combat.

    Completed: The first ending, started on the 'true' ending, but decided that i didn't want to grind that much, and stopped. Overall the game had fun parts, but wasn't fun itself.

  • PS4, 2016: Got it via ps plus, so far, kind of fun. Nothing 'new' so i'll probably burn out soon on it

    Completed: The game. Got all the areas, kept all 3 guys. Saw both the leave and rule together endings. Overall, liked the game, but it wasn't memorable.

  • PC, 2012: Played a little, forgot how good half life was, but decided not to continue since i have too much else to play to spend time on something that i have played before a few times.

  • PC, 2017: Gebus, the controls in this game are bad. Tried it quickly, and couldn't get into the flow of it, so i stopped.

  • PC, 2017: Tried it for a little bit, just the first couple of missions, wasn't interesting, so i stopped.. well that and it ran poorly on the mac.

  • PC, 2018: Playing through the launch, not sure how long i'll stick with it.

  • PC, 2018: Started this.... not sure if game is going anywhere. It deals with some heavy issues, but am not seeing a 'game' part to it so far. Well, i mean it does play like their other life is strange, but there doesn't seem to be a hook or a point yet.

    Completed: The game. Had to look up a few side objectives since i couldn't figure out passwords / codes.

  • PS4, 2017: Played it at a friends house. Bracketiering is fun, the monster dating one is interesting, same with the civic doodle. Survive the internet and fib 3 aren't fun.

  • PS4, 2016: Played it at a friends house. The horror one is great, so is guesspionage. The rest are alright or bad.

  • PC, 2014: Got it from the humble store promo thingy. It was a fun, quick, tbs

    Completed: The game. It was fun, but short, and shallow.

  • PC, 2015: A TBS that wants to be earthbound, but fails hard. Played for a few hours, but it never felt fun, funny, or that i was making progress. Even when cheating, enemies didn't seem to become 'easy'. Even at level 200+, generic low level enemies were still doing 6 damage to my characters.

  • PC, 2012: So a ghost and goblins type of game... just not fun. Tried it for a little bit, and than past on it.

  • PC, 2016: Got it from the humble bundle months ago. Figure I needed something to help kick my WoW addition.

    Completed: A couple of games. Fun, but has serious AI issues. The agenda stuff is interesting, but it often triggers the AI to declare war when they have no chance. More than once, my battle ships had to fight swordmen. Also, the jump between those two tech tiers is super small, and doesn't feel fun.

  • PC, 2016: Another humble bundle game. Mixing it with Civ 6.

    Completed: The game. It was a medicore 3rd person shooter, with about 2 hours of live cut scenes. Those had their moments, but overall, were above average.

  • PC, 2017: Backed this game, and well... that was a waste. While I like their wasteland games, this one wasn't good. Bad story, combat, and overall not fun to play. Gave it 3 hours, and at no point was i enjoying it.

  • Switch, 2018: Got it on my switch, it was fun, but super short, so am kind of regretting buying it

    Complete: The game. Took about 2 hours, didn't find everything yet, but the main story is really short.

  • PC, 2016: Bought WoTC and got the legacy dlc pack. So far it is fun, but tough.

    Completed: The Legacy DLC pack. And another campaign but with WoTC. Which was fun for a bit, but near the end, i zone out again.

  • PC, 2017: Starts off slow, but the second world is picking things up.

    Completed: The main game, got like 28 hour glasses. Tried the dlc thingy, but it was just a hard mode of something i had done, so i didn't do it.

  • PC, 2017: Start this game and then a few hours in my video card died... so i'll get back to it eventually.

    Completed: The game and bonus dlc. It was ok, but the ending felt out of place. It like if there was a prequel to Titanic which ended with a Breakfast club musical number.

  • Switch, 2017: So far a kind of fun metroid like game. Though, i do not like that it doesn't have 360 aim, it only has the 8 way aim.

  • Switch, 2017: So far not sure what it is about, but it looks nice.

  • PC, 2010: Playing it again on the PS4, trying to get to the ds9 stuff

    Completed: All the story mission that were currently out. Overall, enjoyable, even though, it was a grind.

  • PS4, 2018: Started Symphony, but figure i should finish the mummy game first

  • PS4, 2016: Started, seems alright so far.

  • PC, 2014: Played for a bit, did 3 areas. Kind of fun, but at the same time, it is a sub-par pinball game.

  • PC, 2016: Played it for a bit, seems like a ok survival game. But not something I want to spend time on.

  • PC, 2016: Got it via HB, and figure i would give it a go since GB staff liked it so much. So far it is fun, but without on lookers, it isn't very engaging

  • PC, 2018: Also got via HB, played for a little bit, and while the building was fun, the actual game wasn't.

  • PC, 2018: Playing via streaming. THe game so far is kind of fun.

  • ps4: 2017: A rather fun uncharted game. In fact, I enjoyed it more than uncharted 4 itself.

    Completed: The game. The exploring part, chap 3, i believe, was the best part of the game.

  • PC, 2017: a bit fun in a retro style. Though, the level scaling is a big bummer, and will likely make me stop playing it.

  • PC, 2014: Another fun old school game... well, kind of fun. Some part of my mind enjoys the grind/bad systems, but the majority of my brain does not.

    Completed: The campaign, and that's it. While it was interesting, i quickly realize that i didn't want to spend my time with it.

  • PC, 2017: Seem like a decent soul like game. However, with cheats, i have little interest in it. I don't care for the grind in those games at all.

  • PC, 2016: Got it while it was free, thought it was going to be a 3rd person adventure game, but turns out just to be a wave base defense game. Didn't get very far in it, got bored really quickly.

  • PS4, 2013/2017: Finally got it, haven't put much time in, so not sure if it is any good. The online stuff is overwhelming, still not sure what to do in it for the most part.

  • NSW, 2018: Got it as a gift, figure i would spend an hour in it to test it out, had to jump out after 2.5, so i didn't spend all day in it.