Games I played in 2019

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  • PS4, 2018, 7/10: Still going at Symphony of the Night. Enjoying finding all the power ups, though the level grind is annoying.

    Completed: The game. Got the best ending. It was fun overall, though, since I played the 3ds games first, I felt that a lot of it was dated too much. Still fun though, and i can see the basis of the metroidvania in it.

  • PC, 2017, 3/10: Played through 2 full levels. And I find the game dull. The story might get better, but with so many better games to play, am not going to spend the time playing this game.

  • NSW, 2018, 8/10: Still going through the world of light which is a bit of fun.

    Completed: The world of light story stuff. It was fun, but too long. Enjoy the game, but am not a mp player, so i don't play it much after sp.

  • PC, 2017, 4/10: A survival prison game of sorts. It was ok, but so, so slow, so i stopped after getting out of the first prison.

    Completed: The first prison (not the tutorial, the first easy one)

  • PC, 2017,9/10: Got it recently, and it is a rather fun open-ish adventure game. Though the 'horror' moments of the mimics are getting on my nerves.

    Completed: The game. It was really good, though, too long. Overall it was a fun open-ish world where the player has choices on how to get things done via the game world's levels. If a door was lock, you could find the key card, hack your way in, find a vent to go around, or, and i didn't do this, but i knew it was an option, use the alien powers to sneak in through a crack. Thinking about it, I guess the alien part of it was also a problem for me, since i didn't choose a single alien power through my play through. The thought of losing the turrets was too much. I guess if there were other friendly npc that i could count on, i would have tried more of the game out. Instead, i found the first way that worked, and went all in. Still, overall it was a great game, just too long and too anxiety inducing (so didn't try any of the powers).

  • PC, 2018, 6/10: Got it and all the dlc, was waiting for them to all come out before i started, and now they have.

    Completed: The game and dlc. Took about 75 hours. It was enjoyable at parts, but other main parts of the gameplay did horriblely. The ship combat was just bad. It made the game worst for having it. Also, a lot of the quests felt light, when it came to compansions or the main story. And there was 1 area where i just accidnetly killed everybody and miss the quest, and i don't know what happen. There was suppose to be a trigger or something, but everything was just hositle to my guys. Overall not as good as the first one.

  • PC, 2015, 5/10: A tough platformer that mainly focuses on story. Didn't make a lot of sense.

    Completed: The game. had to cheat to get past the last level, the platforming was tough through out the game, but in the last one, it just became too annoying.

  • PS4, 2013/2016?, 6/10: Finally giving this game a try. So far, its meh. There a lot to do, but i don't feel the need to do most of it.

    Completed: The main game story... and most of the side stuff. Did a little bit of the online. Overall, it was ok... a decent reminder that the GTA games are not for me, and that people hype them up way, way too much.

  • PS4, 2018, 7/10: Next ps4 game on my list to play. So far it is fun, though, knowing how it ends is making it bitter too.

    Completed: The main story game part, and a lot of the side stuff. Overall it was fun, but not interesting. Also the ending(s) were all bad. I get what they were going for, but it seems like they cared more about being 'witty' than making it fun.

  • NSW, 2018, 5/10: Playing this again, still waiting for the 'hook'

    Completed: The game, play one of the dlcs a bit. Overall ok, just there wasn't much here. I know there was a message about depression and such, but it just didn't really work that well.

  • NSW, 2018, 7/10: Playing this again, still fun, even though it feels basic.

    Completd: This pretty much played like hollow knight, in the sense it was a metroidvania where when you died you left behind a hostile ghost . Overall rather fun.

  • PC, 2017, 3-6/10: Started this, and while parts of it are interesting, so far, it isn't fun. It isn't doing anything new or special. It like another metroidvania game but with melee... whoop dee doo....

    Completed: The game, did some of the dlc stuff, but not most of it. The reason it is 3-6, is that with cheats it was a 6, kind of fun and i saw it to the ending, but without cheats, it is a 3. The pacing of the game is horrible... so, so bad. Graphics and gamplay are good though.

  • PS4, 2018, 8.5/10: Started, so far it is a fun open world game, though, the lack of inside building stuff in the open world is off putting.

    Completed: The game, and a lot of the side missions. A great game overall (it does have some annoying stuff like how the crime stuff is all just repeats of each other, and a lot of the side missions are just re-skins of older ones with tougher bad guys)

  • PC, 2017, 8/10: Got it about a year ago and finally got to it. It took about 10 hours to complete and was fun overall. They removed the chaos system for the most part, which was a plus.

    Completed: The game. It was fun, and i really enjoy their level designs. They allow for numerous ways to get from point a to b. On the down side, the actual missions were a lot more linear, and dealing with named enemies didn't feel interesting or fun, like it did in the main series. There weren't ways to really deal with them. The lack of a chaos system allowed for more lethal play style, but took away the feeling that the player's action would cause something to happen.

  • PC, 2017, 2/10: Gebus this game is bad. The controls are horrible, and it completely misses the whole 'games should be fun' thing. I had hopes that it would be FTL like, but it was a waste of time. FTL made you think, this game makes you think "WTF is going on". And am sorry that i ever tried it. Before i did, i had the fantasy that it could be a good game, now i know it is really, really bad.

  • PC, 2017, 3/10: There is much to this game. A simple platformer that has flying in its hub world.

    Completed: The game. Like i just wrote above, there isn't much to this game, gameplay, story, graphically, or anything else. I did play through it in about 1.5 hours, but that was mainly cause i felt like i wanted to support a small team's game. It was interesting to see what like 4 people made, but overall, the game itself wasn't good.

  • PC, 2017, 5/10: A TBS game around capturing key resource generating buildings. Played the first 5 missions, which seem like half the game. Though, after the 3rd mission, i had seen everything this game has to offer. Overall the game is shallow. It was fun for a bit, but all the matches just boil down to out resourcing your enemy while fighting off annoying, unstopable, attacks on your stuff.

  • PC, 2015, 5/10: A MP 2d shooter. It has a style, but there isn't much to it. It might make a decent party game (4 player), but by itself it isn't much. The only hook to it is unlocking new characters, which isn't that good.

  • PC, 2016, 1/10: A first person platformer / runner. There are abilities to unlock, but i didn't care to play that long. Tried a few levels, and just didn't want to keep playing this game at all. It isnt' broken, but it feels like it is.

  • PC, 2017, 6/10: A puzzle game that plays like Snake. You have to pick up guys and put them in the right spot, while not going back on your track. Seems like a decent game, but it was often beyond me (the puzzles) which wasn't fun. I prefer logic puzzle like picross (not to imply that this isn't a logic puzzle, just that i never got a hang of it's logic)

  • PC, 2018, 5/10: A top down adventure game. Ok controls, though the jumping stuff is annoying. An confusing story, but decent style. Played for a few hours, but got bored by the static/stale gameplay. Unlike a Zelda game, there were new items/weapons to get. Just the same thing over and over and over...

  • PC, 2015, 6/10: A fun runner of sorts where you fall down instead of run to the right. The character can stomp on most enemies and objects, decent upgrades, different types of stages.

    Completed: Got to the bottom once. The final boss was interesting. Overall a cool concept for a game, though, not something that I want to do more than once.

  • PC, 2018, 3/10: Interesting concept, but a dull puzzle game that uses too much guessing to be fun. Also, lacks a sense of progression, and the logic in the puzzles, while it has a lot of variety, doesn't usually make sense until you fail it a few times.

  • PC, 2016, 6.5/10: A puzzle-light metroidvania game where the main character is a floating head that can take over bodies.

    Completed: The game, it was fun, good upgrades, ok map. The biggest down side was the level design. And while the upgrades were fun, they weren't good for a metroidvania. The story was alright, though the ending was 'open ended' which made it worst.

  • PC, 2015, 1.5/10: The game is a top down action game. The controls are horrible, the visuals are hard to read, and there isn't much to the game. It is a waste of time and hard drive space.

  • PS4, 2018, 2/10: Tried Rondo of blood, and even for an old school game, it wasn't good. Can't even aim up...

  • NSW, 2017, 5/10: Playing though it now, usually in dock mode. It is still blurry and such, but better than in handheld mode.

    Completed: The game. It was alright, but not as good as the first one. The pacing was off a bit. Also, the Switch port was visually bad, like PS2 levels bad at some points. It was odd how much areas varied in detailed. I did enjoy the game overall, but they need to do better if they want me to play the next one, they spent any good will they got from the first one on this one.

  • NSW, 2017, 6/10: Had the wrong one down before, I have S, not S2. Might buy S3, i still enjoy this series, but am not sure if the newer ones will do anything intesting.

    Completed: Everything... finally

  • PC, 2018, 8/10: Played a bit, enjoyed it so far.

    Completed: The game, did all 3 major story lines. It was fun, but grindy. A lot of the side quests were bland, and after a little bit, i just avoided doing them, unless they were tied to a major quest line. Also, stop doing the conquest battles too near the start. The game's new stuff missed the mark by a lot. The other, older stuff, was pretty good.

  • NSW, 2018, 8/10: So far, so great... hoping it keeps this quality up, but am worried that it will do what the first one did, and introduce magic and bullshit enemy spawns, which ruin the first one.

    Completed: The game, and most of the optional stuff, but not all of it. The ending was a bit too much JRPG-ish for my liking, but that is how the games go in this series. In any case, this is a good game, tbs squad combat game. Decent story, in a goofy anime way. And horrible boss design (the jrpg non sense i talk about before)

  • NSW, 2019, 8/10: A puzzle game about generating box from the main character

    Completed: The two unique campaigns, working on the co-op one to unlock the true ending. A fun game overall. I'll go back to finish the 3rd campaign at some point, but am in no rush.

    Updated: Completed all 3 modes and saw the final ending. So yeah, they were good, but out of place. Overall, I think this was a good game, and i hope that it gets some attention during GoTY, for its endings at least.

  • PS4, 2017, 6.5/10: One of the best walking simulators out there. It was a short, interesting, experience.

    Completed: The game. It took about 2 hours. Didn't feel the need to go back and get the trophies, even though, that would have been rather easy. It had a interesting story, but i wouldn't call it good.

  • PS4, 2017, 3/10: It is a sonic game, not sure if it is a remake or what. Played the first couple of levels and than remember why I don't like sonic games, so i stopped.

  • PS4, 2014, 4/10: Tried to get back into the borderland series with this game, but geez, it is dull. So dull that am pretty sure am going to skip the third one, and instead just buy the division 2.

  • NSW, 2017, 2/10: Tried this game for a bit since it was a gift, but it was just dull and confusing. It was a First Person horror puzzle game that wasn't fun, good looking, and had bad puzzles.

  • PS4, 2019, 7/10: A loot shooter, or a shlooter as some would call it.

    Completed: Got to the end game, where it bugged out on me, didn't get the final cut scene, and the end game classes didn't unlock. Also, they just reset the gaming world, and well... i don't want to play through this game again. I know people who are into this, but they don't play with me... so soloing this game gets old, so am kind of done.

  • PC, 2016: 4/10: Tried it again, played a few rounds, and didn't do well, as usual. This wouldn't be so bad, if the wait time for matches was 3 minutes on average.

  • PC, 2013, 2/10: I had heard good things about this game, but after playing it for a bit, i found that those were wrong. This game is very dull, with bad writing. Got to about Act 1 part 4, and well... i just didn't care about anything that was happening. The lack of VO, bad dialogue, and bad writing were just super boring.

  • PC, 2016, 5/10: A puzzle game based on colors and switching to those colors. It was alright, but without any progression or sense thereof, i felt no desire to go back to it. Not a bad game, just mediocre.

  • PC, 2016: 5/10: A 2d action/adventure game. Just a lot of dashing and slicing. Got to the first boss, died, and stopped. It wasn't like it was too hard, i just didn't care. I get they were going with a style for their art/story... but it is horrible, and i felt no interest in learning more.

  • PC, 2017, 6.5/10: A fun take on a RPG game. It plays like windows 3.1... which means it is by windows and clicking pop ups.

    Completed: The game, got 1 out of the 5 endings (didn't know there were mult ending when i started). Cheated a bunch, and was able to finish within a couple of hours. While I had fun doing so, there wasn't much in the ways of unlocks that made replaying it fun. This seems like a run base game, and once you finish it once, there no reason (well, nothing interesting) to do it again. Which is disappionting, since they could have done so much, like make you the bad guy, or some other different adventure.

  • PC, 2018?, 6/10: I enjoy the style of point and click adventure game. Instead of moving around, it is done by going through websites, computers, and audio logs.

    Completed: The game. Got the ending where one bother turn on the other. Read online that there were 4 endings in total. And while that is cool, the lack of a reward of any kind (like more story) makes replaying this game pointless.

  • PC, 2018, 5/10: A first person shooter in the vein of the old descent games. You are a ship in a 360 degree space and you fly around.

    Completed: The game. While the game is solid, it last far too long. Once you get to level 3, you have seen nearly everything to the game. And the things they add in the later half, which is like 2 things, are just annoyances that don't make the game funner, but slow things down. Also the story drags on way too long, and you don't feel the impact of it in game at all. This is a game that tries, and fails, to be more than what it is.

  • PC, 2016, 7/10: A fun adventure game. It is mostly a walking simulator, but choices do matter and influence the ending a bit.

    Completed: The game, didn't get the best ending, but got a really good one, just 1 part away from the best. Thought i had messed up, but the game was forgiving enough that it didn't ruin the ending (looking at you witcher 3)

  • PC, 2016: 3/10: A stat building boxing game of sorts. It seem interesting, but the systems just are too harsh and aren't fun. Looked for cheats online to get around this design flaw, but i didn't feel like downloading them, so i didn't. This is just another game where it has a neat idea, but unplayable execution.

  • PC, 2018, 5.5/10: A puzzle game about using / making cubes from special panels to solve puzzles.

    Completed: The game. The story was some open ended non-sense so that sucks. The puzzles were overall good, though, near the end i had to use a faqs on 3 of them. Also, the later half used a few reflex base puzzle stuff, which i dislike.

  • PC, 2017, 3/10: Interesting idea, or twist, on a stealth game, but it just wasn't fun, at all. Played a few levels, never got into the grove of it. Nor did i ever have fun playing it.

  • PC, 2016, 5/10: I thought this game would be a japanese x-com like game, instead it was just a stealth squad base game. Which was ok, but with no gameplay progression system, it didn't keep my interest. Did the first mission, which was alright, but i had less than zero desire to keep doing that for all the other missions. Since without a progression system, it was just the same actions over and over again, just in a different level. Hide in bush, get behind enemy, stab, repeat for an hour, complete the level... so yeah, actual thinking about it, it had boring/shallow gameplay.

  • PS4, 2018, 6.5/10: A solid open area action game. The stealth parts were ok, but not great. The action stuff was kind of the same.

    Completed: The main game. Tried to do a new game plus to see the new skills, but couldn't stand doing the tutorial level again, so i stopped. A fun game overall, but nothing remarkable about it.

  • PC, 2014, 5.5/10: A metroidvania game that's ok, but i don't like enough to play more of. Beat the first dungeon boss thingy, and well am done. I read there was a debug console in this game, but they seem to have patched that and no one notice.

  • PC, 2018, 4/10: A card based econ simulator of sorts... not sure how else to describe it, about the idea of running a cult. I say idea and not the actual doing of, since you don't really run anything. Just put resources into slots and watch timers. I played for a couple of hours, until i realize it was just me waiting for something to happen. Which seems to be the big hook of this game. Not things happening, but the belief that something cool will happen, but never does.

  • PS4, 2019, 6.5/10: An action game, a lot of hacking and slashing with a combo system. 3 Main characters, and you switch between them throughout the story chapters (but not by choice)

    Completed: The game. It was alright. The story didn't make sense, but work well enough. The gameplay was alright, but not good. Didn't like how the upgrade system was split up between the characters, had to spend a lot of points on each character, and wasn't able to max out any of them, so didn't get all their moves.

  • PS4, 2018, 5/10: As usual with David Cage (i think that his name) games, this is less a game and more of an interactive movie. The camera is horrible, and the controls are bad. The graphics are great, sound is good too. The story... is iffy. I like parts of it, but it didn't really do anything new, but other parts just fell apart. By the end, I just wanted the game to end, and just picked random choices or bad ones, on purpose to speed things along. It could have been a good story had it tried to be more future-y or different, instead, it played it safe, and tried to do boring twists, which made it kind of crappy by the end.

    Completed: The game. Felt little interest in re-playing any parts for a 'better' ending, since i didn't care for the characters by the end.

  • PC, 2013, 5/10: Decent puzzle game about moving circles around to connect to other circles (which have x amount of connections available). However, since i have box boy + box girl, i feel no interest in playing a mediocre puzzle game like this one.

  • PC, 20??, 5/10: A reverse lane defense game (PvZ thingy), was kind of fun, but also rather shallow. Played to the second area, and felt that i had seen everything that the game had to offer. The upgrade system was average, but the item system was just bad.

  • PC, 2016, 6.5/10: A TBS with a rpg overview. Also the mid chapter in 3 games.

    Completed: The game. I don't recall the first one well, so a lot of the things they talk about made no sense to me. Also, I was missing characters, who i guess i got killed in the first one, and well... i didn't care. The game is still a super simple tbs with a lot of random rpg non-sense in the overworld. Am use to making choices in games like the Telltale stuff, or FTL. But even the random stuff in FTL felt more logically than what was offerred here. I often made the wrong choice, but i felt like there wasn't enough info up front to lead me to know what the right choice should be.

  • PC, 2018, 6/10: A pathfinder (metroidvania) game that starts off as an 2d adventure side scroller. It was fun for a bit, but once i got to the second half of the game, i just lost interest. I really dislike all the bottomless pits through out the game (i kept falling into them), and the pacing was just bad. Played for a couple of hours, but am just bored and annoyed at it now.

  • PC, 2016, 4/10: Interesting idea, but had bad puzzles, and for a puzzle game, that is horrible. So it is pretty much lemmings with a zombie skin tack onto it. The problem I had, was that I knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn't find the exact angle to shoot zombies at to get them where i wanted. And the game didn't have a quick rewind, or redo ability, so after a few fail attempts, i stopped playing the game. I don't want to waste 3 minutes getting to a bad puzzle.

  • PC, 2016, 6.5: A rogue-like game that is a top down shooter.

    Completed: Two complete runs with different characters. Didn't get the true ending, but i don't really care to. I watch it on youtube, and well, while nice, it didn't seem to do anything. That combine with a lack of variety and well, i don't feel like playing more. I want new things to do in a rogue-like or any game. But, like most rogue-like it is about repeating the process, not doing new stuff.

  • PC, 2017, 5.5/10: A farming game where the farm items are slimes. Mess around with it a bit, and while the loop is ok, it isn't interesting, and too time consuming with busy work / travel.

  • PC, 2016, 6/10: A typing adventure game. You find items on the map, or enemies, and you type out a word next to them to trigger them. The game was alright, but, as it seems obvious, it all typing. This was fine for 4 hours or so, but after that, I just stopped. Sure there more to it, some kind of story about a lady growing up, her feelings, and stuff like that (didn't finish it). But it wasn't enough to keep me playing this typing game.

  • PC, 2018, 2/10: I guess this is just a story game. You don't really move, and just pick a few dialogue choices, which don't seem to have any real impact on the game. Its about a creepy driver, as far as i could tell, only watched it for like 5 minutes before i uninstalled.

  • PC, 2018, 4/10: A driving and car simulator, this game has some charm, but controls horribly to the point where it isn't playable. A la, trying to hand another character paper to advance, but it doesn't work. So spent 2 minutes just clicking everywhere.

  • PC, 2015, 7/10: A fun tbs, adventure, rogue like game. Well, fun cause they included cheats in-game to get past the combat stuff.

    Completed: Two full runs, which were fun, but i have no interest in playing more of the game. It was fun to see the story in game, but the combat stuff didn't click with me. Lucky, they designed around it, and allow the user to skip it.

  • PC, 2018, 3.5/10: A rpg game where you can draw cards to predict what your enemy will do. I played for about 10 minutes, was defeated in the starting area, the system didn't have a check point system, and i didn't feel like redoing what i had already did, so i uninstalled. There was a part where i could heal and restore mp, but when the fighting started, i couldn't get back to it, so it became an endurance run at the very beginning of the game, which is a horrible design choice.

  • PC, 2016, 6/10: A top down shooter rogue like. It had an easy mode, which is the only reason I was able to complete it. It lacked a story and the visuals were bad. But the gameplay was fun, and the items, for the most part, i couldn't figure out how to use items were fun.

    Completed: A run. It was fun, but i had little interest in doing another one.

  • PC, 2017, 6/10: A sort of puzzle game that plays like majora mask, in the sense that you are constantly reliving the same day over and over again to solve puzzle like thingys. I say puzzle like thingys, since they aren't really puzzle as much as you fail a couple of times, find an item that you need, go to place x, and use the item at time Y. It is something you have to figure out, but they all require brute forcing it, which isn't very puzzle game like. Saved like half the characters that were there... but never felt like I was making any real progress. It would just give me an item that I would use to get to the next character, which in turn would do the same. Very repetitive.

  • PC, 2018, 6.5/10: A platformer where you have an extra jump attack that you use to get past puzzles.

    Completed: The game. It was less than a hour long, felt more like a demo or proof of concept. Still, it was fun, and it reminded me that i could make a game like this... not saying i could make a good game like this, but a game like this if i tried.

  • PC, 2014, 5/10: A space rpg simulator thingy. It felt rather old school in the way it was presented. A ton of systems, too many in fact. Its like an excel doc with graphics. Played for a bit, and while I was kind of hooked, I knew that I wouldn't get what I put into it. A la, spend 10 hours doing stuff, and gain like a 5% bonus to damage. So I stopped playing.

  • PC, 2017, 6.5/10: A simple consuming city game. By that I mean, you build structures that constantly need resources made by other buildings to work, and when they do, they produce something else, which is used by another building. There are end point buildings like research buildings that produce something that is used by another system, but overall, everything is consuming. Also there a constant time limit, as the floating lands you are on, are falling apart, so you have to constantly be looking for pillars to reset the timer.

    Completed: The game. It was better than average, but not good. There wasn't much to it, and there was a lot of waiting. Still, it was fun for a bit, an hour or so.

  • PC, 2013, 3.5/10: A ghost and goblins like game. Also, like that game, it isn't user friendly. No hub world, or checkpoints... well, there probably checkpoints, but i didn't stick around to find them.

  • PC, 2018, 6/10: A mix of TBS combat with a FTL like adventure game. It was interesting for a bit, but the TBS is just bad... played for 4 hours, and if the game was only 6 hours long, i would have kept at it, but it is a 15 hour game, and i do not want to keep doing the same boring mission formula over and over again. Even with random text adventures, it is still boring (after a while). The game needs a better sense of progress... maybe if they added in area control stuff it would have helped.

  • PC, 2017, 5.5/10: A biking rogue like game. Where each level has an objective that much be completed before the track is over, if you fail, then your max hp is decreased. Inbetween races, you buy upgrades, and there an account skill xp system.

    Completed: The game, got to the end once, it was alright, but not worth replaying.

  • PC, 2018, 6/10: An adventure rogue like game. You grab stuff for 60 seconds, and then try to survive an adventure.

    Completed: Two runs. They were interesting, but did play out the same (the events). Also, used cheats to have unlimited food, which is the only reason i beat it, or tried to too.

  • PC, 2018, 6/10: A mix of a dungeon 2d action game, and a 2d shop game. The dungeon stuff is decent, but the shop stuff is bad since it relays on guessing way to much... well it would if people hadn't posted guides online.

    Completed: The game. I couldn't cheat directly in it, but I found that the save file wasn't protected, so you can change the amount of gold you have, which cuts down on all the useless gold grinding. Which is good, since the shop stuff is kind of bad. You have to guess for prices on items, so you'll suppose to waste/lost a ton of money/items until you get close to a 'good' price.

  • PC, 2017, 4/10: A game that is pretty much a walking simulator, but doesn't want to be one, so it throws in a bunch of mediocre combat and puzzles.

    Completed: The game. I never connected to the main character, so I didn't get into the game much. I kept waiting for something to happen, for the game to click with me, but that never happen. In the end, i still don't know how much of the game was real or a byproduct of the character's unstable mind, and the game doesn't try to explain it either. And for that, i think it is a bad show of mental issues. There are some movies/games that do the whole 'weird for being weird' thing right, they do that by giving enough information, so that even though things are hard to tell, if you look closes, you have enough information to figure out what is going on. And then there are movies/games like this, well they just do random non-sense to be artsy.

  • PC, 2018, 6/10: Great combat system, but boring overall story and design.

    Completed: 2 full runs, and a few other attempts. While I like the gameplay of it, the story, and rewards weren't good. A lot of the new mechs you unlocked had strange abilities that weren't fun. Most of them didn't offer a power increase, but instead offered a different way to play. Which, is nice sometimes, but since this new ways were more powerful than what was previously available, they felt like a bad reward/unlock system. A la, you spend time using good units to unlock bad units.

  • PC, 2004, 6/10: A star wars rpg. It had some nice characters, but the gameplay systems weren't fun.

    Completed: The game, light side play though with mods and a lot of cheating. The game was alright, but not something that i wanted to actual play. The gameplay wasn't fun, but the story was interesting so i kept at it.

  • NSW, 2019, 8/10: A TBS with RPG elements, in battle and outside of it too.

    Completed: The Black Eagle house. Recruited everyone I could, and max supported my main character (minus S rankings). It was a fun time that took about 82 hours. Thinking about re-playing a different house, but at the same time, i don't want to spend so much time with 1 game.

  • PS4, 2017, 5/10: A FPS that has semi-open world missions. Overall, it is a mediocre game, the gameplay has some fun parts, but you end up just doing the same thing over and over and over again. I played through the first 4 or 5 missions, tried one in online co-op, and none of them felt 'fun'. The best part was on the second mission where there were some friendly npcs. That part was the only part that felt different from the other 95% of the game. Where i was just sneaking and sniping.

  • NSW, 2019, 9/10: Played through the tutorial, waiting on the patches to improve the switches performance.

    Completed: The game. Got most of the stuff done, didn't 100% it, but overall, i got close. This was a very fun game. It plays a lot like Castlvania SoTN. Some of the grinding is annoying, but not a deal breaker.

  • NSW, 1994, 3.5/10: An action platformer with a cave man setting.

    Completed: The game, couldn't figure out how the flower system worked, but the normal game stuff was ok. Not good, but it worked.

  • NSW, 1995, 4/10: A platformer with light action/shooting elements. Beat the first world and well... it was ok, but not fun. The egg shooting was just bad, and the baby mario system wasn't interesting or fun.

  • NSW, 1990, 2/10: A flight-ish game. Tried it again on the switch, and well... it was still as bad as i remembered.

  • NSW, 1992, 1.5/10: A 2d beat them up game. It had horrible hit boxes checks, and annoying AI enemies.

  • NSW, 1994, 5/10: A 2D action game that might be ok... not sure, the open world part is odd. It seems like there should be a lot to it, but as far as i can see, there are like 4 levels.

    Completed: The game. I think I got the bad ending, i just defeated the 5th level and got a quick ending that wasn't happy-ish. Not sure what else there was to do, i guess there were a ton of secret stuff, since i was missing like 80% of the items in game. Thought about going back, but decided it wasn't worth it. The game doesn't explain enough or anything really. It's like they wanted to do a metroidvania, but instead of an open world, they did it in stages, which make it seem like it is just a level base game.

  • PC, 2018, 4.5/10: A TBS with stealth elements. The stealth and exploring is kind of alright, but the combat is horrible. Not broken, but boring due to bad design that makes it a grind. Enemies don't become interesting, they just get more HP. And the player's power level doesn't keep up. I ended up using the same weapon over the first 25 levels, while the enemies HP tripled over that time. This seems to be the main factor to its all combat design ideas. i.e. harder == takes more time.

  • PC, 2017, 4/10: A platfomer splator game thingy, i forgot how much i dislike reflect games like this. Tried it for a bit, but didn't like it.

  • PC, 2017, 5/10: More of a toy than a game. It is a point and click adventure where you poke a toy box and things happen... sometimes... and usually the controls don't work well, so for dials and such, its feels like it is random.

  • PC, 2018, 7/10: A good platformer that is really tough, but includes an assist (cheat mode) mode. Good art, music, and story.

    Completed: The normal game, 8 chapters, with assist mode stuff on. Couldn't get beat chap 9 since you need to have 100% the game to get into the back half of it.

  • PC, 2016, 6/10: A semi-walking simulator of sorts (you're in water for the most part) where you explore a body of water (not sure if it counts as an ocean).

    Completed: The game. It was nice, and relaxing, so overall a decent experience. It lasted about 2 hours, and while there are collectibles, there doesn't seem to be a point to half of them.

  • PS4, 2019, 6.5/10: Like until dawn, this is a fancy adventure game.

    Completed: The game. Lost 3 characters to quick time events, which felt bs-y. But overall it was fun. Felt the characters were a bit thin, and the game was inconsistent with its gameplay mechanics.

  • PC, 2018, 3/10: A squad based tbs that felt cheap and poorly designed. I got to mission 18 out of 20 before I gave up on this game. I wanted to like it, but it was just so bad. There was one strategy in the game, group up all your units and overwhelm the enemy. Doesn't matter what the mission is or what you need to do, this was the best way to play it pretty much all the time. If you tried to do other wise, the game would often punish you with enemy spawns onto of your units.

  • PC, 2018, 4/10: A puzzle game where you move two units to each other while avoiding traps and such. Wasn't fun, might have been better with 2 players.

  • PC, 2012, 6.5/10: So far enjoying messing around with the game, but it isn't 'good' so far for a 4x game.

    Completed: One full game. Tried a few others, to check out factions. It was alright, but the combat overall was slow and complex (to the point where it didn't make much sense).

  • PC, 2014+, 7/10: Playing the Directors cut version.

    Completed: The game again, i hoped there would be new story stuff in the DC, but it looks like it was just better graphics and UI. It has been a few years since I played the game, so it was still enjoyable, though, disappointing (from the lack of new content).

  • NSW, 2019, 3.5/10: A turn base, card battle, rpg game.

    Completed: The game. This game was bad.. so, so bad. But it had a great battle system, so i completed it. But everything else, the world, characters, writing, art, enemy design, rpg systems... all of that, was bad.

  • PC, 2019, 6/10: A puzzle automation game. It has some charm, and the puzzles are ok at first. But they don't add new tools/ideas as much as they just add more things to juggle. The way you make a cheeseburger at the start is the way you make it at the end (of the game, or as far as i got). Instead of introducing or teaching new/better ways to make a cheeseburger, they just make you make a double cheese burger, or bacon cheeseburger. They just add stuff to make things more complex, but they don't add tools to allow you to make them better... I would have preferred they added things that were on the lines of "well, you did that with 15 parts, but with this new item, you can do it with 11, if you can fit it into your system as such"

  • PC, 2018, 7/10: A pinball metroidvania

    Completed: The game. It was fun, but had some things going against it. First, the fast travel system was horrible, you could only get on a track at certain points, so for the most part it wasn't useful. And second, some of the pinball stages were too annoying.

  • PC, 2017, 3/10: There a lot to this program, but none of it is fun. More or less, from what i can tell, you just go around being different things while audio clips play talking about how everything is all matter and thereby everything is everything... there could be more, but i didn't find it.