Games I played in 2020

A list of most of the games I played in 2020 (I try to keep a record of all of them, but i forget, or they aren't in the system sometimes, so it usually ends up being like 98% of them)

List items

  • NSW, 2019, 7.5/10: An action game of sorts where you go from floor to floor busting ghost. There are some puzzles here and there, but for the most part the game is action-y. The camera works most of the time, but it does fail (get in the way) now and then.

    Completed: The game. It was fun, better than the second one, but not as enjoyable as the first (as i remember it). And that mainly comes down to two factors. First, I never felt like the hunter in this one, in the sense that i was tracking down ghost to get rid of them (in the first one, to remove them from the mansion, which was mine(luigi's)). Instead, it felt like they were hazards that i had to deal with to continue. Second, the game felt repetitive sort of. Most of the levels were different, visual and theme wise, but the overall structure kind of remained the same. There were parts of levels that were different (rarely), but for like 85% of the game, it was just you walking around, from room to room, busting ghost that were in said room. So yeah, it was fun, but am hoping for the next one they make it more metroidvania like with upgrades, so there a sense of progression via character and world.

  • PS4, 2019, 5.5/10: This is a mixed bag. The story, lore, and art is good. But the actual game is so, so bad. This is a third person shooter of sorts where the main character has powers. Built like a semi-metroidvania with a quest system, leveling, and gear.

    Completed: The main quest, and a couple of side ones. Enjoy parts of the game... the parts where i didn't have to play it. That sounds like an insult, which i guess it partly is, but mainly it just means i didn't like playing this game. I like the story/lore/art, but not the actual gameplay part of the game. i was close to quitting a couple of times. It was just so boring... for the most part it was combat focus, and the combat wasn't fun... nor was playing it at those times. It was a dreadful experience. The loop for most of the game was, go from point A to point B, and fight through a half dozen combat rooms where enemies teleport in. When you get to point B, find out that the item you need is at C, so do it again, and again. The story, puzzles (there were only a handful of good ones, most of them were simple 1 step switches), and looks were good, but yeah, i don't want to play any more of that game. Left it with 7 side quest still available, and not going back when they release dlc... I'll probably just youtube/read stuff online on the parts i missed.

  • NSW, 2019, 8/10: A mine-craft-y rpg.

    Completed: The main story. Doing some post-game areas and building. Not sure how long i'll stick with it though, since no one else i know plays it. So it not like i can share what i built with people i know. There are random other people who play, and i can see their stuff, so i might look at some of that, but in the long run, that won't be enough. Also the lack of an infinite build mode (where you just have all the parts you want when you want them) and good build controls is holding it down. This was still a fun time, and i will be comparing the next AC to this a bit when that comes out.

  • PC, 2016, 4/10: A real time strategy game that plays like pikmin or overlord. You gather units on the map, as you gain more, you gain more powers. Your goal it to take out certain buildings. Levels were quick, and somewhat bland. Got to the second boss before i quit. The game was alright, but it wasn't interesting and didn't grab my attention.

  • PC, 2018, 4/10: a metroidvania where you don't walk/run. You just jump from certain points on the walls to get around. The game itself, beyond the gimmick, isn't good. The level design is confusing, and stretch out. Got pretty far into the game, but i gave up after getting most of the powers, and i couldn't/didn't want to figure out how to get past the two invincible guns that guard a super eye gate. I had some idea on what to do, but i just don't want to travel across the map again, for the 15th time. Without fast travel, playing through all the old areas is just a chore.

  • PC, 2019, 1.5/10: A metroidvania game where you are a cat in a suit. The gimmick seemed to be that you could get out of your suit and roam around as a kat for parts/puzzles. The visuals were crappy, and the controls were horrible. Got to the first boss and quit. A game with bad controls, dull story, and bad visuals isn't worth spending any time on.

  • PC, 2019, : waiting for all the dlc to come out first (which sounds like it won't happen until winter 2020 or later), i have it already, before i play. Also, i heard there were things that needed to be balance/fix, so hopefully that happens too.

  • PC, 2014, 6.5/10: A puzzle game, switches, lining up beams, time copies, and stuff like that. Also, the main story is about what it is to be real, human, and/or alive.

    Complete: The main game, climb the tower. Did most of the optional stuff, but since i didn't want the messenger ending i didn't do the last, super optional level. The puzzles were ok for the first two worlds, but lost steam at the third and beyond. Which is a big negative for a puzzle game. The story on the other hand is great, it deals with what is it to be real, and human.

  • PC, 2019, 4/10: An action game with a good sound track that changes based on how you are playing. The problem with it is that it is shallow. There isn't much to do, and what there is, moving around, attacking, grabbing, and throwing gets old quickly. As far as i could tell there aren't any upgrades or story to it.

  • PC, Early Access-2019, 5.5/10: A fun, for a couple of hours, battle simulation game. The thing holding it back is that there no AI control.. well, you can take over a unit, but i meant you can't just give your units a plan. This ability has been in other, older games, like egours space combat... or something, i forget the title, but that game was another battle sim, but with ai control, and that was fun for longer.

    Completed: 2 of the campaigns, started a third, and just ran out of interest in this.

  • NSW, 2019, 8.5/10: Replaying through the game, but on the golden deer path instead of the black eagles. The first part is starting to drag, not sure if i'll get to the second part... but i'll try since that is what i want to play.

    Completed: The Golden Deer path. Overall, it was a better sp than the Black Eagle path. The logic for the level flow made more sense, and didn't feel like I was just knocking out enemy factions every 2 missions. Also, got to fight a hidden enemy at the end. No plans to play the Blue Lions, so I just google their stuff. Overall, it was fun to play again, but the grinding was/is annoying.

  • PS4, 2016, 6.5/10: Got it off ps plus, going to play infinite and its dlc. Played infinite before, but had to rush (borrowed) so going to take my time, might not play all the way through.

    Completed: The base game. Going to play the DLC later. The game itself is still alright. Gameplay gets dull, and its a lot of just shooting. There are moments that are fun, and they try to do other gameplay system. But they never really click (like the rails, i used them a few times in combat, but they were mostly just a generic way to travel from platform to platform). The guns and powers weren't that good. I picked the ones i wanted (which all came at the start) and didn't use any of the later ones.

    Completed: The dlc, both parts. They were alright, like the new powers and weapons somewhat. But was disappointed that the level flow was just more of the same, for the most part. Also, kind of get the feeling the story writers are kind of depressed/sad-ish. Since both their story lines are about saving the next generation since the current one is damned.

  • PC, 2018, 5.5/10: Plays like a room based rts econ game. Kind of like a dungeon keeper-ish system where you build rooms, hire specific units to use those rooms, and deal with enemy units that spawn (patients in this case) into the map from a certain angle who have special powers (have a specific way to defeat them).

    Done: Didn't finish every level, but since it felt like just a series of arbitrary missions that played out the exact same, am going to count this one as being done. I played this one for a while, 21 hours, but in the end, its hook finally wore off and i saw that the game wasn't worth my time and is rather dull. There are a few reasons for this, first, its design system uses the idea of just adding more instead of adding interesting. So a lot of the 'new' building act similar, if not the exact same, to older rooms. I.E. the gerenal diago room and cardo room do the exact same thing, same size, use the same staff, etc... the only different is that they use slightly different main item(s). However, you need both in order to deal with patients. This design of more, but not interesting, occurs throughout most of the game. And while it was fine at first when they were introducing other factors like research, once that was done (by level 3 or 4), things didn't change much. Yeah, new levels introduced new rooms, but when those rooms act like the old rooms, there isn't a noticeable difference in gameplay, and that is dull.

  • PC, 2018, 1.5/10: Gebus the combat controls in this game are unbearable. The normal moving around controls are also bad too. The UI looks like crap, and the game has systems ontop of systems. This game is a piece of crap and a waste of 53gbs.

  • PC, 2017, 3/10: A 2d brawler with a overworld meta game part. It has some interesting gimmicks, but the combat didn't make sense, and the gameplay was shallow. I couldn't figure out how to deal with guys with shield, I went through the tutorial, i knew how to knock them down, but that didn't seem to do much in the fight overall, as they would just get up quickly, and knocking them down didn't lead to any kind of combo system.

  • PC, 2017, 3/10: A card battle game like Heartstone, except you build the table as you play. And what you put down, on the board, is your mana, So forest, mountains, etc.. Went through the tutorial and that was fine, but had no interest in playing the full game. I only installed it cause i thought it was a purely sp game like well.. other sp card battle games.

  • PC, 2015, 4/10: A somewhat by the numbers open world, AC game. This isn't a bad thing per say, but it isn't that interesting. It was kind of fun still, kind of comfort food-ish. The problem, and why i rated it so low, are the bugs. Or to be more specific, the constant crashing. Over 12 hours of gameplay, the game crashed about 10 times. And well... i lost a lot of progress, and got fed up. The game is alright, but alright isn't good enough to put up with the constant crashing.

  • PS4, 2005, 5/10: The remake/remaster ps4 ed.

    Completed: While I still enjoy this game, and have played it like 3 times on different platforms, its charm has worn out. The controls are bad, the balancing isn't good, and the gameplay loop is basic. I think my fond memories for it were the major factor in me completing it again (probably for the last time).

  • PS4, 2017, 1.5/10: An action/runner game that wasn't that good. Got to the first boss, and couldn't figure out how to hurt it. I did do damage, but I couldn't figure out why/how. So after 10 minutes (the stages have a timer display) I quit and uninstalled the game. It wasn't good to start with, and with such poor design, i felt that i should put any more time into this title.

  • PS4, 2019, 6/10: Got back into this due to the exp update. Though, i didn't get the exp, i just wanted there to be players to play with. And there are. Finished up a bunch of missions, and got to world tier 5.

  • PC, 2018, 4/10: An action, puzzle game with a top-down-ish camera. Simple controls, iffy graphics, and annoying ai. I was having some fun with the title, but got locked out from progression, for not completing enough, of what i thought, secondary and third objectives. So yeah, a puzzle game that requires that all objectives be completed, with no quick restart, is a no-go.

  • PC, 2016, 6/10: A econ RTS of sorts on Mars (well the base game). It had a fun loop of picking a base location, claiming land tiles to mine resources, upgrading, and selling resources to get stuff that you weren't currently producing (but would eventually... well, if you wanted to).

    Completed: A 7 week campaign. It was fun, but each week was kind of the same flow. The meta game help, allow you to buy upgrades (i.e. bonus production rates for buildings or perks), so that was decent. But had zero replay value to me. Overall it was fun, but i have no interest in going back to it.

  • PC, 2019, 6/10: An open-world-ish adventure game. Where you goal is to get to the peak, but there stuff to do before that (optional stuff like fishing, treasure hunting, etc..) that can help you buff you stats (though there a lot more than what is actual needed).

    Completed: The game. Took about 90 minutes. It was fun, semi-animal crossing like with its random tasks and mini-games (fishing, climbing, etc...). Had a fun time, though the game ends abruptly, which was jarring.

  • PC, 2012, N/A: Played a bit as research, though, with all that going on, it looks like that wasn't needed.

  • PC, 2020, Beta: Tried out the beta, has the basic there, but needs polish, like better item sorting, better UI in dialogue, more info in dialogue, and a real sneak mode.

  • NSW, 2020, 8/10: A virtual life game, kind of in the same genre as the Sims, but plays rather differently. So, same-ish goal, but different games.

    Completed: Payed off my house, town has all buildings and villagers, and while there no end to the game, i feel like am in the end game part of it.

  • PC, 2020, 6.5/10: A fps with a heavy focus on resource management.

    Completed: The SP. At first I enjoyed the game a lot. But after a certain point (about half way) when there started to be some tougher enemies (former boss enemies) the new ammo system became annoying and ruin the gameplay. There were other major issue with exploring and such (it wasn't really possible to explore, just check the map for where the items were). Overall, i do regret buying it when it came out, i should have waited for it to go on sale.

  • NSW, 2018, 5/10: A small charming game where you control a hole and just suck in everything on the level. There isn't much to it until the end, when its get a boss battle or two. Ok story, but not much to it overall. Glad i got it on sale, cause, otherwise i would have felt ripped off.

    Completed: The game.

  • PC, 2017, 4.5/10: An action adventure game that's kind of zelda ish. You play a robot person, and you goal is to go to the point on your map the game tells you to go. I know that sounds odd, but there really isn't a set story to the game. There are lore points, but nothing is spelled out, so you don't know what is going on really, or why. That can be charming in some cases, but i didn't find it so here. The gameplay was fun, but the set camera angle made everything much harder than it had to be. There were only 2 enemies that gave me much trouble, and only 1 that killed me a lot. The final boss almost got me, but the camera, got me dozens of times. Overal it took me 7 hours or so to beat and it was an alright time.

    Completed: The game, got both endings (cause it just loads you to the ending when you select continue). At first i thought siding with the queen was the 'good' ending, but then i saw the other one, and that one seemed better.. maybe, idk, like i said, i don't get the story to this game.

  • PC, 2018, 3.5/10: I use to enjoy this series, but now it feels like a far lesser saint row game that is just a shell of what made it fun the first time around.

    Completed: The main story, did only a handful of the side missions, mainly cause i couldn't find them... well i didn't bother to find them. The mission design overall repeated a ton, far too much. With only a handful of different types. The story tried to be serious, but fail right away. And there wasn't as much chaos as there should be, since there weren't as many things to destroy. So at every level, this game just didn't do it. It tried, but only at a D level or so.

  • PC, 2014, 2.5/10: Came with a bundle, and has cards attached to it. A card game where you draw cards, the type of card you draw can have a special ability to it, and your goal is to have the highest hand possible.

    Completed: A couple of rounds, didn't feel like there was much to it.

  • PC, 2014, 4/10: Already had the based game, but got 3 of the big dlcs for it, so giving it another go. Didn't like the base game when i played it a while ago.

    Completed: The campaigns, and 1 normal game. While it does get its hooks into me, it isn't a good game, and i know it. I cheated my way through, via console commands, just to get to the parts, events, that i find interesting. But other than that, it all feels bland and boring.

  • PC, 2016, 4/10: Part of a bundle, looks like it might have some charm... or it might not, will give it a look over.

    Completed: The campaign, well one of them, the other seems to be the exact same. This has some old school charm since it has, so, so much text and questing in it. The gameplay itself is basic and not that fun, but the world is alright. Just the systems are super shallow. Also, had to cheat my way through, no idea if it fun normally. And had to skip fighting the final boss, cause no matter what, he would wreck my team, even on the lowest setting. So that's a problem. And my team was a group of the most powerful units i could ever make with a ton of items on them, and he just rolled over them. Still though, had a bit of fun with this one.

  • PC, 2018, 5/10: Got it in a bundle with its dlc. Looks like it will be some slightly above average fun, so got the bundle for it.

    Completed: The base and dlc. It is a B level game that is just alright. I had some fun with it, kind of enjoy the combat. But the main game is just shallow with its fetch quests/go there kill something gameplay. The aliens and characters are ok, but they need to up the story with more events and reactions to the player choices.

  • PC, 2020, 6/10: A x-com spin off of sorts. It has some new gameplay stuff like breaches and unit turn order. Overall it was fun, and some of the systems worked, but most of them did not. Breaches were fun, and it was kind of more x-com, so that's good. On the negative, unit combat order felt bad. I spent too much time focusing on that and it made combat feel less tactical and more mechanical. Like it was about getting more turns than my enemy, not out smarting them on the field. I wasn't luring them into traps, instead it was about using some invisible time manipulation to stop them from moving. Also, the smaller combat maps made it feel like I was constantly in combat. Without down time in missions and else where, it was draining. Also, no snipers or outside help on maps... and only 3 times of missions. So they all felt kind of the same. Oh, and 2 of the types involve running away, which made no sense, since we were supposedly in charge of the city, so shouldn't the enemies be the ones running away? Why did they think making us feel like the underdog in this scenario was acceptable? Still... had fun with it, but not as much as other main x-com games.

    Completed: the game, once, and that's enough.

  • PC, 2014, 4/10: A 2d rpg with light exploring. Overall the story seem ok at first, but due to the shallow gameplay, i lost interest after a couple of hours. It wasn't bad, just there not much to it... and it seemed like it was lacking a lot of QoL stuff. No mini-map, and a ton of grinding.

  • PC, 2016, 4/10: An open world action crafting game of sorts. It was ok, but didn't interest me. Played around with it for a while, but became too combat focus and didn't provide enough new items to keep combat interesting. Plus combat normally was rather slow with a hit and run system. No real blocking or dodging... or anything interesting really.

  • PC, 2017, 3/10: A puzzle game that uses trial and error as its main system... which... is horrible for a puzzle game. Well, one that pretends to be logical. So there are items scatter across the map, some of them give hints to what they'll do when triggered, but a lot don't. Your goal is to use these items to kill of the characters on screen. This is made worst by the number of them you have to remove in order to get to the next level. If it was just the 3 main ones, with all the others being a bonus, that might be ok, not good, but ok. But it isn't.

  • PC, 2017, 5/10: A battle royal game. Figure I would check it out since i might have to work on a game like it in the future. Its alright. I did get first place once, but after that one i haven't gotten another one. My team in squad did get close, second place, but overall, i find that combat is either too quick or too slow.. not sure how that happens. Either the enemy takes me out in less than a second, or we run around for like 20 seconds or more.

  • NSW, 2020, 6.5/10: Another Picross game. Similar to the last few. First time doing color puzzles for myself, which are fine. Nothing exciting about this one, but it is still enjoyable.

  • PC, 2017, 3/10: Its Catan-ish, and it can be played online, so that is something. But the UI isn't good, and it feels shallow.

  • PC, 2018, 4/10: A mix of action adventure and tower defense in a 2d play style. You gather specific materials for different characters to build their item. You can upgrade these items or mix them to make different/better towers. There a color scheme damage system (do blue against blue enemies to do more damage type of thing). With a light upgrade system and story. Overall... it was just a lot of the same thing over and over again. And while new towers did add to the experience, it never really got fun or interesting.

  • PC, 2019, 5.5/10: A battle royal with heroes. It was alright, i liked how it took longer to take people down, by a few seconds. But the normal gameplay is just straight combat. I don't believe there are vehicles, or anything different like that.

  • PS4, 2016, 5/10: An open world game set in the 1960s. Fairly normal and 'real'

    Completed: The DLC. They became free recently, so i got them and played through them. The quality of the dlc vary. The middle one, the one with the cult and building the bar, was the best. The new area one was alright, but its tack on mini-game takes too much time (so, much, waiting). But the island one was dull (and its bounty add on thingy was meh).

  • PC, 2010-2015, 5/10: Just playing some co-op commander for fun.

  • PS4, 2019, 5.5/10: There were parts of the game that i really like, the story, some parts of the gameplay, but others that I did not, the pacing, the controls in big fight parts, and how long the game is. In the end, I didn't finish it. Got pretty far, but after defeating a horde, i just lost my desire to keep going. Challenging is fun for a while, but after that while, it becomes work. Also, the game didn't have a power fantasy system down... i.e. i didn't feel like i was getting stronger as the game went on, even though, there was a leveling system with abilities.

  • PS4, 2017, 6/10: A decent call of duty game. The campaign was alright, but didn't stand out. The MP is kind of fun, though, i mainly just throw grenades, and then get killed.

    Completed: The Campaign.

  • PC, 2019, 3/10: A picross game with rpg-lite systems. It would be alright except for the time limit... which is a deal breaker. Got to the 3rd boss, won, and well... i don't want to deal with the time limit anymore.

  • NSW, 2019, 3.5/10: I wanted to like this game, but the main part of it, the single player campaign is just so, very, disappointing. It doesn't have a meta game, so there no real sense of progress. The level design is generic (there little to no differences between grassland, forest, and marshland levels). And worst of all, there no friendly AI. Got to a mission where it was suppose to be 2 on 1, but it didn't play out like that, since I (the player) controlled both of the friendly factions at the same time. So there was no difference... sigh, in the end, am not sure if i wasted my money on this. I think they might be able to make something good in a sequel or two... maybe... but this game is just bad... so i guess i do regret buying it.

  • PC, 2019, 5.5/10: A TBS game that part world map picking a location to travel to (and managing resources) and part combat squad base tbs. The story and choices is kind of fun. But the combat feels unbalance when there are a large number of enemies. On the easier settings it is fine, though, usually too easy. But on the harder, it just overwhelming. Still, had fun with this title.

    Completed: The game, all 5 levels.

  • NSW, 2020?, 5.5/10: The EU version, apparently not in the GB system yet or something. Its a mini-game collection design to help your mind wake up. Won't make you smarter, but will run you through quick mini-game puzzle thingys to get you thinking. The design flow is... iffy. Took like 9 days to unlock a mini-game for memory, even though, that one of the center 3 things it uses to judge your brain age. So that was poorly designed. But the mini-games themselves are overall good... though, I dislike the head counter game cause it goes too fast, and the visuals don't give you enough time to see what is coming.

  • PS4, 2019, 6/10: A 3rd person action rpg with 'choices' game. Similar to a bioware rpg. But set in a sudo new world setting.

    Completed: The game. Didn't get the exact ending I wanted, i think some of the ending choices reflect too much what the designers think is the 'right' choice. But overall still like it. The action was simple, but enjoyable. The RPG elements were decent, but a lot with little pay off. It felt alright, nothing special, the world they made wasn't something that fan fiction worthy. Also, now that i think back, it did feel like a sup up PS2 game with its limited world design and such. Still like it though.

  • PS4, 2020, 6.5/10: A first person pathfinder (metroidvania) game. The exploration is great, level design is good, interesting visuals, decent puzzles, great collectibles... but the combat is just bad... so, so bad... it is split between normal shooting, and hitting weak spots. But with horrible aiming, a movement system which doesn't feel like it is design for combat, and only 1 weapon... well... it just sucks. Lucky it isn't the main focus of the game, but when it does come up, especially in boss battles, it is frustrating. If combat didn't suck, this would have been a good game to rec to people who like pathfinder, and if combat was as good as the other parts, then it would have been a rec to everyone.

    Completed: The game. Didn't 100%, since I don't want to spend that kind of time on this game... well.. i kind of wanted to, but i spot myself, since I don't have that time to spare. Plus, there a limit to what the upgrades will give you. i.e. there 100 health upgrade items, but after like 60, they stop giving you more health. Which, i actual like a lot, since it discourage the feeling that you could always be a bit stronger, so you 'need' to get everything.

  • PC, 2019, 3/10: A TBS meta game with combat that is squad based with turn based combat. While I liked the story parts, and the semi choose your own adventure feel to it. It wasn't a good game. And even cheating, it was a slog.

    Completed: All the campaigns, cheating, not sure why i bother, wasn't worth it.

  • PC, 2019, 4/10: A rogue like FPS. It was ok. There were things to do, but those things repeated over and over again. And after the 3rd refresh, i was done. It felt like there were only about 12 different level designs or so, and things just too similar to each other. And the overall upgrades weren't that interesting. I ended up sticking with mostly the basic stuff, not because they had more ammo, but because a lot of the later stuff just didn't work or was worth it.

  • PC, 2017, 5.5: A TBS that does sudo real time battles. The player has a fleet (of up to 7 ships and 1 support) and each round they direct the ship to go in a direction and fire at a target, or all targets in an area. Using abilities and such. I really like the idea and gameplay of the combat part of this game. It is similar to an idea i have had for TBS for a while, and wanted to see in a game. So am happy it is there. Where this game falls, and the reason why i stopped, is that the mission design is too simple. And the meta game (overworld stuff) is shallow. Most combat missions are little more than kill all the enemy mission. Your guys warp in, and then you just go kill the enemy. Sometimes there a little, pointless, addition of defend a target or target a specific enemy. But those changes never really matter. The biggest differences i saw in a mission was one where the enemy had mines... which was something, but ended up just being annoying. The meta-game is worse. It just moving your fleet around a map via checkpoints, buying research items that unlock via missions, and the normal stuff of building ships or recruiting leaders to your fleet. Is isn't horrible, just dull. Right now the standard for that stuff is at a Total War or Starcraft 2 level. Where the changes need to be interesting, impactful, and directly related to the combat mission side. So yeah... really enjoy the combat design, but everything else I did not.

  • NSW, 2020, 7.5/10: Good story, art, and environment. Combat... well, the combat puzzle were sometimes fun, usually in the boss battles. But overall, they wore me down, and i stop caring. And that happen quickly. Plus the timer in them made them not fun... well, not as much fun as they could have been. Still, it had a lot of charm, and i like most of it (other than combat).... also.... BOBBY... why... why........ that part got to me.

    Completed: The game.

  • NSW, 2019, 6/10: A work out game that uses a ring like object. Its alright, but i would have prefer a balance board or something like that too. Its a collection of mini-game like battles/things on a sudo map with a story that just there to move things along.

  • PC, 2016, 5.5/10: An open world game with the gimmick being the PC power is hacking.

    Completed: The main story line. It was alright. Got better over time, as i gain more powers. Though, in the end, i tended to go after each mission with the same plan. Fly in with my drone, drop bombs, and summon 3rd party enemies to clear out an area, then walk in and do whatever the mission asked for, which was usually just go to point X and interact with it. Story was ok, same with visuals. IDK, guess i stuck with it, cause it had some charm, even though, i wouldn't recommend it to anyone else (well, go out of my way to do that).

  • PS4, 2020, 7.5/10: A open world action rpg game. You play as a samuri / ninja like dude and go around stealth and sword killing enemies through out an island. The story was enjoyable, the combat was simple but fun, the art was great, but it was lacking some charm or wow factor. Still, overall i think it was a good game.

    Completed: The game, and go the plat.

  • PC, 2017, 2.5/10: A diablo like game that very lite on design and not that interesting.

  • PC, 2020, 5.5/10: A run based Superhot game. There are powers you get in each level group. Core powers you can selected from on the overworld. A map to go through to find powers, story, and such. Overall it was decent. The problem, and it is a big one, is that it repeats itself and is dull... super new enemies show up, but it felt like i was running the same 3 levels over and over again with 0.1 differences in them. Still, its another one of those games that has a great system design, time moves when you move, but everything else is shallow.

  • PS4, 2016, 3/10: An adventure game set in the ICO, SoTC series. In this one you are a boy who has to team up with a monster like creature, Trico, You goal is to get out of where you find yourself.... its rather straight forward, well the premise, the actual game is a disappointing mess.

    Completed: The game. The controls are horrible, it felt like Assassin Creed drunken toddler, you'll often be jumping over endless pits with some grace, but if you turn too quickly while walking, you'll stumble and fall to the ground. The puzzles, well about 20% made sense, the others were just there. Some of which would solve themselves if you just did nothing. But there was no indication on this, so a lot of time is wasted trying, and other times, when you think you don't need to do anything, you do. The story is lite, and only really comes through near the end. So the first few hours, there like a minute or two of story here and there. And that's it... you really have to stick with it to get any kind of pay off. Overall it is a bad game.

  • PS4, 2020, 4/10: Tried a few rounds, didn't click with it. And the only reason I felt to play it, was cause it is popular. The actual game wasn't good.

  • PC, 2019, 5/10: An automation game, where you set up system to do tasks, over, and over, again, to make the numbers go up...well, not numbers, but buildings and tech. The game is alright, but has a few massive problems, which is why i stopped playing after an hour or two. First, and this is just personal pref, tool durability and bot recharging. These system just slow you down. Second, there isn't a clear path on how to advance most of the time, i had to google how to get a needed part, since the game didn't tell me that i had to do a story quest to unlock it. Third, it controls like an old animal crossing game, where you have to move the player character around to do stuff. This is fine for the first 20 minutes, but once you start to do automation, it becomes a problem. Same with the limited visuals. This game has the frame work of something fun, but falls short by a lot.

  • PC, 2019, 6/10 : A mix of TBS and a shallow meta game. This game has a message, which isn't bad, and the gameplay over has merit. It just too difficult to be enjoyed normally. So... i cheated a bit, and it was fine. Beat it once, and have no interest in ever playing it again.

    Completed: The game. It was alright, decent gameplay, though, too difficult. Then again, i cheat, and if i didn't do that, am guessing I would have a much more negative feeling towards this game.

  • NSW, 2017, 9/10: Got the DLC, and bought my own copy of the game.

    Completed: The base game and most of the DLC. 120 shrines, 16 dlc shrines, the first part of the sword quest, about 100 seeds, and a random-ish amount of other stuff. Still a great game. And even though i played it a couple of years ago, i still found it great, plus finding stuff that i missed last time was fun. And as usual, the DLC optional stuff was harder than anything in the base game. But still enjoyable, due to the game's logic/reality. But that, i mean, it operates with certain rules in place, and things do react correctly, fire melts ice, sets stuff on fire, lighting shocks metal stuff, and these rules apply to both you and the enemies. That second part is important, and why i find it so entertaining. A lot of games have their rules only apply to the player, so they feel fake, but BoTW has most of its rules apply to everything.

  • NSW, 2018, : ...

  • PC, 2020, : ...

  • PS4, 2020, 7/10: An 3rd person adventure, action, stealth game of sorts.

    Completed: The game. It lasted a bit too long, but overall I liked it. I played it on easy, and i really liked that they offered a lot of choices on tuning the game. I used the assist sight thingy constantly, which help with one of my annoyances with most games, that being missing items and such in the world. I know there were people who hated this game due to its story, but i found it to be good (overall, like i said, the game lasted too long). But then again, I was kind of happy by the first twist, since i wasn't fond of that character.

  • PC, 2014, 3/10: While the game isn't broken, it is boring. The combat is shallow, slow, and overall dull. The story, well, i only played for 30 minutes or so, but the story at the start was bland.

  • PC, 2017, 3.5/10: A nice throw back to the dungeon keeper age... well... nice might not be the right word. But its alright for the dungeon keeper vibes, but as a game, it is bad. Anywho, top down RTS room builder game.

    Completed: The campaign, didn't get any of the dlc, which there is so, so many. It was nice that they tried to have missions be different. However, even with different objectives, the games came down to the same formula of dig out rooms, fight off waves, build up troops, and then attack... The problem is that you need your army units to do build stuff, so you end up having a much smaller force than what you build. Also, the lack of traps and dungeon design also is sub-par. The story and writing is passable.

  • PC, 2019, : ...

  • PC, 2020, : ...