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Still doing my usual stuff... i should probably change it up now and then.

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Games I played in 2022

A new year, time to start a new list. Here is a list of most of the games I played in the year 2022 (I might not include a game if i only played it for a couple of minutes, was a demo, or just forget about it).

List items

  • NSW, 2021, 3.5/10: Got it as an Xmas gift, having fun with it so far. Still find recharging the light saber to be annoying, but whatever.

    Completed: The game. While there are some cool moments, overall... it is kind of lame, and outdated. It feels like it could have came out a year or two after the 2nd game (so 2011, or 2012), but its poor performance, bad graphics, loading times, bugs, etc... and the story is more of the same. While there were a few moments that i like, for the vast majority of the game, I was just slashing nameless enemies, or dull bosses. Lucky, there an easy mode that makes you invincible, if that wasn't there, i would not have finished this game.. or even gotten close. The overall design lack most quality of life features... and idk, just feels like they phone it in... even though, its a sequel that came out 10 years after the last one.

  • PC, 2020, 7/10: Got the DLC during a sale, so re-playing the game. Enjoying it, but also kind of disappointed that the different paths aren't more different. Still doing about the same quests and such, just with slightly different end goals.

    Completed: The game, a second time, and all the dlc stuff. I was thinking of rating it lower, but then i consider that i wanted to and did play through it two times, and enjoyed my time with it both times. Could it have been better, yes, and it was disappointing how similar the different routes are. But overall, it is still a good game, and fun to play. It is a top down rpg clicker thingy... set in a post apoc world. Its what Fallout gets their theme from (i believe the first one came before fallout). The writing in this one was decent, lots of VO, and fun gameplay. A bit buggy, had to reload a few times due to camera or performance issues. And some parts, like some end results, are confusing or hard to predict. But still, I like it.

  • PC, 2020, 3/10: A top down action, rpg, looter, similar to diablo and a lot of other games like that. This game started off as a free to play game, and that shows heavily in its design. Generic level design, characters, and abilities. Shallow story. A fort system that has little functionality, but a lot of vanity options. Grindy mechanics like fame, a second exp tier. Overall, it wasn't fun, not sure why i spent so much time with it. I got to the part where you unlock the fort natural, and was going to quit then, but figured out a way to cheat, so i stuck around until the end of the first act (there seems to be 3), and yeah, i shouldn't have. The game doesn't get better.

  • PC, 2020, 3.5/10: Ok gameplay, toy box feel, but horrible tutorial system... by which i mean, it barely exist, so figuring out cool stuff comes down to trial and error, and that just isn't fun. The game doesn't give you the tools and then helps you figure out the cool. It gives you the tools, barely tells you anything, and then you can go copy what other people did, which feels dull, and pointless. At that point, might as well just watch a youtube video of the game.

    Got stuck on one of the first world areas, couldn't figure it out, So look at some guides, and started following their steps... but half way through, just stop. I wasn't playing the game anymore, i was just following a step by step guide, and that sucks, and my option of the game well... went that direction. So i stopped, and uninstalled it.

  • PC, 2019, 4/10: An open world Ubisoft game. Takes place on part of the map of Far Cry 5, but with some major differences. Overall, a shorter experience, and that works in its favor a lot. Since it felt like there wasn't much busy work, or as much as usual... through, i did cheat to get all the skill points, so maybe if i had to grind, it would have felt bad.

    Completed: The game. Cheated my way through, and had a fun time. Thinking on it, if i couldn't have cheated, i think i would have like it a lot less, but still finished it... maybe. It did seem like it could have been a major grind to gain items and such.

  • PC, 2020, 5.5/10: A third person shooter, horror game. A remake of the third RE game with new graphics and controls. Similar to 2, except, 3 isn't nearly as good. Very few puzzles, and the overall design felt ok, but not good.

    Completed: The game on normal, got a B ranking. Used the unlimited rocket launcher for most of it. I don't like horror games, but i really like cheating at them for some reason. This one however, it was amusing to do so, but not great.

  • PC, 2019, 4/10: A run based, card base, dice base (you have dice, and use them on cards) game with no meta game... so a rogue lite, but without the overworld upgrading ability.

    Completed: 2 runs... didn't see a reason to continue. Sure the new characters have different base powers. But that is just like having 1 more card in their hand, everything else is the same. And after 2 runs to the end, it all felt the same.

  • PC, 2014, 3/10: An open world, action game, with a focus on constant movement. The theme is 'punk' and edge-ness. Played for a few hours, and it just wasn't a fun game. The story was dull, the controls work most of the time, graphics (its an older game) were fine, but the gameplay... was bad. The shallow gimmick of grinding/jumping off jump pads, everywhere wasn't fun, and it was made worse by most of the mission design, especially the defend against a horde mission. Got to the second one of those, in the main story, and quit right there. I wasn't having fun to that point, and i didn't like those missions at all, so i saw no reason to keep going.

  • PC, 2020, 4/10: An action game that partly takes place on foot, and part in a flying vehicle. While parts of it are fun, the overall design of the game is bad, and seem meant to be that way. By that, i mean they have a lot of on foot parts, which are kind of stealth parts. But this game is best when it is action, so, having the bulk of the game be stealth makes it feel bad. Also, the ammo system is just annoying. You have to turn other items into ammo. This isn't fun at all, and often leads to running out of ammo and staying out of ammo, for big parts of the level. So i found myself sticking with the default weapons that auto recharged. In the end, I got about 10 mission in before quitting. I just wasn't having fun, and with so many other games that are fun, why would i waste my time on this.

  • PC, 2020, 6/10: A RPG with some real time placement. It takes place in the Yakuza series, and has a lot, lot of cutscenes. Which isn't a bad thing per say, but it felt like i spent about 1/3 to 1/2 of my 48h time with the game, watching a cutscene. Also, there might have a bit of a grind to the game, however, i cheated at it, early, and a lot, so i was able to avoid some of that.

    Completed: The game. First off, damn Kume, that story just ended. Second, that was a crappy thing of them to do with the credits, putting it in the middle of the ending cut scene, and preventing the player from skipping through them. With that out of the way, I found my time with the game to be fun, but that was mainly due to the story and characters. The actual game was ok, but drag quickly, and if i couldn't cheat at it, i wouldn't have spent the time to beat it. While the job system with abilities is a staple of jRPG, it isn't one that i like... since it built on grinding, and i dislike doing that. Also, random encounters in the game quickly became annoying, But thankful there was an item that got rid of those. Overall I think this game's charm made up for a lot of the failings of the design of it.

  • PC, 2021, 3/10: A mix of point and click and building sim (well organizing). Played through the first 3 levels... and yeah... not sure why people like this so much. I guess it could be relaxing, but for me, it was just dull, and sometimes annoying (when it stated an item was in the wrong location, but didn't say why). There was some story, i guess... but nothing that i cared about. I know it got on some of the top ten list on the site, but i think that was largely due to bias. The main character in this is an artist, and it seems that the people who really dug it, are also artist. Also, on a personal level, this game isn't related to me. I haven't moved in over 20 years, so... the act of unpacking isn't something am connect to, or can related to. So... for me, it was just a game, and not a good one at that.

  • PC, 2022, 7.5/10: A top down, rogue lite game, where you just control movement, and your weapons are fired automatically. Still playing it, though, am not sure if i like it, or if it something that just has me hooked, like a idle game. In any case, i have put a lot of time into it, and enjoying that time.

    Completed: A lot of runs, got a lot of upgrades, and most of the characters.

  • PC, 2020, 3.5/10: A 2D Rogue Lite shooter. It has solid controls, but bland gameplay, and horrible progression. I have played, and can go back, to games like Hades and Rogue Legacy, so any new Rogue lite has to do something unique, and compete with those two. It may not be 'fair', but that's how entertainment and experiences work. Things don't exist in a void, everything is compared to other things that are similar to it.

    Completed: The first run. Felt no need to go beyond that. There wasn't anything cool teased, and the upgrades are bad (you unlock new room types, or classes, you don't upgrade your damage or other normal rogue lite stuff).

  • PC, 2018, 5.5/10: A squad base, rpg, top down, similar to pillars or divinity. Takes place in the pathfinder universe, am assuming, that the set of rules, kind of like d&d.

    Completed: The game, took 93 hours, but i beat it. And wooo, it was way too long. If the game was like 40 hours, it would have been one of my favorite games this year. But it didn't. It just kept, going and going and going. There were like 7 chapters, when there should have been like 3-4. I don't think they should have cut the extra stuff, but setup the game's path differently, so for example, it could have gone, tutorial (setup your kingdom) and then for the next act, you choose to go either west to Pitax, or east to Varhold, and do that chapters of story. But the other one would be locked out, and only matter a little. Then do that again for the third act with the remaining chaps. And then end it with a similar epilogue. Anywho, beside that the graphics were ok, gameplay was decent, UI was ok some of the time, but horrible others... well, not the UI, but the UX really. The game didn't explain everything, and with such a system heavy game, that is a problem. Leveling up, picking skills or spells, and not understanding what they do fully is a bad time. The story overall was ok, but not that remarkable. But yeah... if the game had been much shorter, a lot of these faults wouldn't have been noticed... well, not by me.

  • PC, 2018, 3/10: So far, not liking this game. I know it is super popular, but so far, the controls are clumsy, the story is generically painfully bad, and the abilities and classes don't seem interesting or unique. Still at the start of the game, so maybe it picks up later... but idk, if i'll stick around for much longer with it.

  • PC, 2019, 4/10: A mech action game, where you can build a custom mech, and then fly around a small battlefield, taking out targets. The combat was alright, and the graphics had a style. But the story was non-sense, and shallow. And the user experience was confusing, and overwhelming. Got through the first arc, so i guess the tutorial part, and had no interest in going further... The slow power grind wasn't something i wanted to do.

  • PC, 2021, 4/10: A base building, minion managing game. A follow up to the older evil genius from like 15 years ago. Sadly, this one isn't good (well, neither were good, but the last one was kind of fun). Some of the core gameplay mechanics are fine, but the end game is lacking. It is mainly a game of waiting. Waiting for research timers to count down, or mission on the 'world map' to complete, or to rebuild up your minion count (cause they get spent like resources). It kind of has a free to play feel, in the sense that the gameplay is design to be a time sink. Even cheating, the game wasn't fun. A lot of the upgrades are just, refresh this meter, or this item now does +1. It never really gave off an evil genius vs the world vibe, instead it was more of a dull/shallow story scene that setups the next time sink.

  • PC, 2019, 5/10: A third person, cover shooter. The fifth in this series. I guess the gimmick this time was that the SP was 3 player co-op with a semi-open world (though, it was largely empty, and added very little).

    Completed: the main campaign. It was alright, and i thought about stopping a few times, but some part of me wanted to see it to the end. I guess I wanted to say that i had played through at least one of these games or something. The story for the game was just a big reset of the series, there a new evil queen, and she attacks, they barely fight her off, there are some loses, and they decide to get back, in the next one. The action was solid, but kind of dull. The environments lost their favor quickly. Good graphics and effects.

  • PC, 2019, 6/10: A puzzle game that main gimmick is changing things via perspective. You grab an object, move it far off to make bigger or smaller, drop it, and repeat until it is the size you want.

    Complete: The game. Took about 3 hours, overall an interesting game, but the thought of quitting it came up a few times. If it was a longer game i would have. The problems with it were that the controls weren't exact, so i ran into a few cases of knowing exactly how to solve a puzzle, but taking a long time to do it, cause the controls were fighting me. Also, the game logic is off.. there is a logic to it, but it is more of like a riddle's logic. It has its own rules, which aren't consistent with reality, or even itself sometimes. On the plus size, it did change things up from chapter to chapter usual. And i only got fully stuck (and look up a solution) once. And the overall story/moral of perspective, having different ones, and trying to see things from different angles, was a good one.

  • NSW, 2018, 4.5/10: A jRPG with lite building management mechanics. Overall the gameplay is fun, the combat flows, it is easy, grinding is a problem a bit, graphics are ok but not good, there some VO but not for everything, but the story... the story is horrible, it is generic, dull, and cause of it, i have little to no interest in playing this game. I put about 13 hours into it, and for the most part, i have to force myself to do that. There is nothing exciting or novel about this game. If i had unlimited time, i might stick it out and finish it, but i don't, so am not going to spend what little time i have, on a mediocre story about an orphan prince in a magical kingdom fighting an ancient evil dragon thingy.

  • PC, 2022, 5/10: The game was ok, but ok isn't enough when I don't have time. The gameplay is solid, but the story is bad, the visuals dull, and worse, the design of the characters, their abilities, and upgrade paths, was generic. The big thing for this game is that your main dude can switch forms to other bodies. However, they mostly feel the same. Sure the horse attack is to his back, and the knights to the front. But it is still just an attack. And while the Ranger shoots arrow, that simple ability doesn't feel like it deserves a new 'body' type. The different forms felt like different equipment, and that was dull. Worse, the quest system it uses to level up the characters repeats itself. If there was a handful of character types, i might not have noticed it. But when every character type (i only got to about 10) has similar quests (there the attack enemies quest, there the charge forward and hit x enemy one, there the hit x enemy with your charge attack one) it gets boring, and annoying. It was like, hey you like that Ranger quest to hit X amount of enemies at once, cool, now do that same quest with the mermaid.

  • PC, 2020, 4/10: A squad based, tactical tbs. It has a shallow meta game, no over world, no base building, and a generical dull upgrade system. The actual combat part is kind of fun, but wears thin quickly. There are only a handful of enemy types, and you can only have 4 (well 5 if you include the dlc Jack character that just buffs your party) squad members. Mission types are limited to about 3 types, kill everything and get to point x, kill your way to objective a, than back to point x, or hold point c and d for x turns. I got to Act 2 (so beat the first boss, which was fun), then check how long the game was, and decided that i didn't want to put another 15 hours into it. I ended up watching a youtube video of the cut scenes, but even they got bored of the story too. Like at first, for Act 1 stuff, they had all the Cutscenes, plus mission stuff. Then by Act 2, they had cutsenes, but only the intro and outro of missions (where they talk a little). Lastly by Act 3, they just had cutscenes, and skipped over a lot of the missions.

  • PC, 2020, 5.5/10: A better than average metroidvania with a focus on melee (though range combat is possible) and magic. You play Deedlit, a character from the anime... which i know i saw like 25 years ago, but don't recall anything about. Tried looking up a summary online, but couldn't fine one on youtube. The wiki pages didn't have much detail.

    Completed: Most of the game, got to the final boss, but got annoyed by how tough, and how much work i had to do to get there, so i quit, and uninstalled there. But am still going to count this one as completed. I just watched the ending on youtube, and yeah, didn't miss much. And that kind of the problem with this game, it isn't much. It doesn't do much to explain the story or characters. It doesn't do much with the combat. It just is an above average game, which is fine, but could have been much better if they had added more, and trimmed out other parts.

  • PC, 2021, 6/10: Part resource gathering automation sim, part duel stick action shooter, with some lite rpg stuff. You are on a planet, trying to setup a rift back to earth (to save them, and also beat the game), it requires a lot of specific resources, so that's what the game is about (getting those). You setup a base, power it via numerous different options (solar, wind, or one of the non-renewable resources), mine several different types of metal, build up a bigger base, build defenses to fight off the natural life in the area, explore new areas, have to develop new tech to build in the new area, and repeat, a lot.

    Completed: The game, i took the go back to earth ending instead of the hippie ending. Also, cheated a lot at the game, if i couldn't, i probably would have bounce off it after a couple of hours. Cause, its so, so much grinding.

  • PC, 2020, 7/10: A open world rpg that is done in first person. It looks great, plays mostly well, but the actual rpg side, it kind of falls apart. The story at times is alright, but usually bad. And felt like i put too much time in it for what i got out of it (spent 52 hours in it, to beat it, and after it all done, i don't feel good about that. I mean, it had its fun moments, but i don't feel like i saw or learn something new or interesting.) The main problem with this game, is that for an RPG, you, your character V, doesn't feel like the main character. They are a jerk at the start, and at the end, they still are. You can't really make them into you, like you can with most rpgs in this style. (it is never 1 to 1, but usually, you can guide a character to be more align with your actions or desires). While you can choose how to complete some quest (mercy or no mercy), none of that seems to change the main character in the long run. And even though, in the ending, i choose something, that i would kind of like for myself (and have been playing towards the whole game), the main character acted totally against it. And also, it largely felt like the player character V, was the side character, and Keanu was in fact the main character of the game. And that just felt crappy through out the entire game.

    Completed: The game. The main quest, and most of the side quest. Skipped most of the gigs and below quest stuff. Got the ending where the other dude got the body, and the main dude went higher... (trying to avoid spoiling too much). Looking online and it is the ending i mostly wanted, there one bit, the secret ending system, i would have done. Even though, it doesn't really change anything major, but for my own personal cannon, i would have wanted to save one more person.

  • PC, 2021, 5.5/10: An action adventure game where the main gimmick is sucking up gunk to change areas from toxic to safe.

    Completed: The game. It was average, and if it didn't have a semi-area taking mechanic (something i really enjoy in games) i would have bailed on it quickly. It scratch a few itches, collection ocd, area control, upgrading, which was nice. But the actual game itself, wasn't that good. Generic gameplay, a bad story (but it had VO so that is something nice), bad graphics, ok controls, and little variety (enemies, biodome, weapons).

  • PC, 2022, 4/10 : An adventure game where you pilot (well, control loosely) a boat thingy and go to the right. the game doesn't have an overt story, just some background paintings and such that kind of tell a story, plus environments. The controls for the character are ok, and simple. But the problem is that the game is shallow, and repeative. You are just going right, stuff gets in your way, you poorly control this ship (which is by design, you have to physically run to different parts, pulling levers, jumping on things, and such) to get around the stuff, you find some upgrades along the way, but they don't help, they just add more non-sense for you to deal with. (like you gain a submarine ability, and not like you gain an automation ability or go faster type of upgrades). So yeah... the game was kind of dull... i kept thinking about which pod cast i should listen to when i played it, or if i should just turn on a movie on another screen. I got about 2 hours in, check how much longer the game was (5.5 on average) and decide that this game wasn't worth it.

  • PC, 2021, 6/10: A modern point and click adventure game, like a lot of the telltale stuff. With the main character being an empath who can read and sometimes change people's emotions.

    Completed: The game, got the ending where she stays in town with Steph. The game does what a lot of these games do, and pretend that it has options, but really, there are 2 endings, that have 3 version (which are minor changes). The stuff in between just changes dialogue here and there for the most part, and doesn't really change the game. Still, this is one of the better ones. Much better than tell me why, or most of the telltale stuff. Still though, it did a few things wrong, like it didn't have the ability to skip dialogue, and there was a ton of busy work. The mini-games through out were good, and visual and stuff was good.

  • PC, 2020, 5.5/10: A puzzle game where you are given blocks (that your character is in) than connect them to other blocks (the puzzling part being getting the order right) to get items or flip switches to get to the next area. Got to the 4 world (out of like 8 or so), and stopped. The problem was, while the puzzles were kind of fun, the game didn't change enough or keep it interesting. The last puzzle game, subliminal, had its gimmick too, but each chapter changed things up in a noticeable way. That didn't happen here. At most they added laser traps, or buzz saw traps, but the core gameplay stayed the exact same.

  • PC, 2022, 6.5/10: An adventure game that some would say is very zelda like... but with a lack of items (there are some, just not a lot) and structure world environment, i would say it more of a small scale adventure. It had decent gameplay, but not good... i was constantly getting input lag on my controller playing it, to the point where the character would continue to swing their sword, when i was trying to dash. Almost felt like there was a queue system or something. On the bright side, it did include a few built in accessibility options to make the game super easy. Overall, it was a fun game, but not as great as i had heard. I guess if i played it around the time it was big/hot, i would have felt different, but since i didn't, i wasn't part of that experience where the community solved the hidden riddles and what not... guessing it was like when Fez or those type of games come out. For me, i played it on my own for a bit, than just found a guide and used that to find some of the secrets so i could get the good ending.

    Complete: The game, got the good ending. Used a FAQ a lot for the fairy, and for a couple of the pages.

  • PC, 2021, 6/10: An action game based off the comic version of the Guardians of the Galaxy... i think... didn't read the comics, so not sure, just know these aren't the movie ones. Anywho, the game had decent game play, great visuals, good presentation, and is a decent amount of fun. But on the negative side is pacing... the game just takes way too long to beat, and keeps going on and on. Way too many pointless fights and a bit too much talking. But the half way point, i just stop taking to the crew, i didn't care what they had to say about their stuff. Which is kind of a bummer, cause there a decent amount of writing in this game. Not going to win awards, but it was still good. Deals with lost (a lot of it, and different types), gets kind of heavy at times, and it was better for it. Would have prefer more variety in game play and modes, but that could also have been solved by having a shorter game, it is like 20 hours long, and would have been better at 12.

    Completed: The game, got most of the outfits and did some pointless side stuff.

  • PC, 2021, 3/10: A trading game where you buy organs, and use them to complete tasks, to get money, to buy better equipment, and then buy more organs, to do harder tasks... repeat... the visuals have a style... not a good style, but a style. The audio isn't good. The story is bad... so yeah... mainly it has style.

    Completed: One of the endings, turn a guy into a painting, i guess.

  • PC, 2022, 3.5/10: A shallow 2d / semi 3d action game where you are a samurai doing samurai stuff (like the plot is a typical generic samurai revenge quest with some magic stuff). The gameplay is ok, but not rewarding, and usually formulaic. There is a basic upgrade system, upping health or stamina, and sometimes unlocking new moves (which don't matter). Oh, and you also can't pause during cutscenes, which there are a lot of, and they are long... so that was annoying. So yeah... played the game for an hour or two, and just didn't really like it, so i stopped.

  • PC, 2022, 6/10: A FPS that takes place in huge levels with numerous objectives, most of which are optional, with the focus on sniping and stealth (well, you could go in loud, but that doesn't seem like the right way, or the way they want, you to go). It was fun, but the levels are just too long, took 2 hours for the first one, and i didn't do everything in it, which makes the pacing feel off. Instead of a tight focus experience, it more of a buffet of stuff, which ends up all tasting the same, and thereby, feels like a lot of wasted time. Taking on and out AA guns and a ship gun, felt nearly the exact same. The only differences was how far they were spaced out. So yeah, decent core, but could stand from better mission flow, and friendly npcs to make it feel like a war zone, instead of an old school open world.

  • PC, 2022, 4.5/10: A 2d brawler, similar to what you would have found in the arcade decades ago. And while it is a good replica of that, it isn't a good game itself. Well, not single player it isn't. It is co-op up to 6, but only with friends. And well, none of my friends wanted to play this, so i tried it on my own. Got to stage 9 (so a little past half way) and yeah... it was ok, gameplay wise, but other than that, it was dull. I did like the style and songs, but i don't have to play the game to get that part.

  • NSW, 2022, 5/10: Another Nintendo sport games, but this one is on the Switch. It is ok, but the single player stuff is a bit lacking. You can do some stuff in a fake online environment, but the UI and process to find a match against bots is long with too many prompts. Still, some of the games are fun, bowling is still good, and the sword play stuff is alright. Not really a fan of football, but i can see the merit to it. Kind of over tennis and don't care for bat mitten. Volley ball was just bad.

  • PS4, 2022, 3.5/10: The follow up to Horizon Zero Dawn (2017), this one takes place in a new area... that, really doesn't feel that different. Overall, it is about the same game as it was 5 years ago. There are one or two new toys, but that's about it.

    Completed: The main quest. The gameplay for this game was kind of fun, it was more of what was in the original 5 years ago. But at the same time, that was a big disappointment too. Since it was about the same as it was 5 years ago. They tried adding a glider, but it was bad. Unlike in BoTW where you could use it to go hundred of meters, this one felt more like a parachute, and just slow down your fall. Also, they had 4 new special tools, however, 2 of them were just keys for special locks, 1 was just the ability to breath underwater, and the last one, grappling hook, had some uses... so that one was alright, but the other 3 were kind of pointless. Graphically it look better, but not by much. And the story... geez, the story was horrible, on several levels. First, the writers were arrogant, they treated their source material like it was gold, and everyone was fully into it. They kept throwing side characters from the first one into the start of it, and acted like the player would want to spend 15 minute character, talking to them... so pretty much, they thought they had written Mass Effect side characters (Garrius, Tali, etc...). But in reality, it was a stream of nobodies. Personal, i didn't recall any of them, so i just skipped the conversation with them, as soon as i could. Another problem was that it reminded me of the Bad Dr Who story lines (the ones from the last couple of seasons). Where they get preachy, but then don't follow what they say. Alloy is against getting a tribe killed cause genocide is wrong, but it totally ok with wiping out the 'bad' guys, cause they are 'bad'. They say that humans (the tribes) can over come any problem, except, the story is clearly they can't, humans got wiped out by the machines. And in the games, Alloy is the one saving everyone, using old tech. Lastly, there was a scene near the end, where the player no longer plays the main character. Not in a gameplay sense, just a cut scene. They have Alloy, whisper to another character, but they move the camera away, so the player can't hear what was said... so yeah... For most of the game, i was having a little bit of fun, and i was cutting it slack cause of its charm and such. But after that last bit with the whisper, it lost me. And i started to turn on it, and all its mistakes before that i was willingly ignoring, i started noticing. As of right now, this game is the biggest disappointment of 2022 in gaming.

  • NSW, 2022, 6.5/10: A fun warriors game, set in the fire emblem three houses universe. The combat was simple, as usual, but ok. Visuals were ok. Mostly VO, which was good. Simple systems for leveling up (unlike the last zelda one which was super grindy/annoying with that stuff) which was fun. Lots of character. Kept the FE vibe of support systems and weapon skills. Had a semi cliff hanger ending, which i didn't like. Had enough side objectives to keep the game from getting to same-y.

    Completed: Finished the black eagle story, started on golden deer.... Completed that one too, thinking about doing a third, but holding on the blue lions until i play their side in three houses.

  • NSW, 2022, 8.5/10: An action platform, kirby game, so... that means you have access to powers (like the ability to shot fire, or use a sword), usually from getting enemies. The addition in this one to that is these powers can be upgrade with the right items and unlocks to become more powerful, and gain new functionality. Anywho, this Kirby game was a lot of fun, and had a lot of content, a bit too much for me, but the extra stuff is and felt optional, so it didn't drag down the game for me. The weakest part of the game was its story, it was there at the start, and at the end, but was missing in the bulk of the game. But beside that, the game was a lot of fun.

    Completed: The main game. Did a little bit of the post game, but didn't complete it. It was a bit harder, and I didn't want to spend the time on it (since i got a lot of other things i want to play).

  • PC, 2021, 5/10: A space shooter, semi rpg lite, open area, game. It is about a lady who left a cult, which is taking over the galaxy, after they use her to destroy a world. The cult members, well the main ones, all have super powers. You mainly fly around an area doing random generic/boring missions. They do aware new parts and such, which are nice. But none of them were interesting story or gameplay wise. I got to the second area before i stopped. There just wasn't much pay out for the time the game was asking for. Plus the combat all kind of felt the same-ish, quickly.

  • PC, 2020, 3.5/10: An action platformer of sorts where you wander in pre-set areas, capturing bugs, in a few different ways. The systems are solid, but very formulaic, and feel like busy work. Played for a couple of hours, but never had fun doing so. Part were amusing at first, but after capturing a bugsnax, any of them, in a specific way, doing so again just because a chore, and doing it a lot, made it boring. The characters had some charm, but the story wasn't interesting. I did look up the twist, and that didn't help. Look up how long it would take to complete, and decided it wasn't worth it.

  • PC, 2021, 5.5/10: A top down action game, pretty much the same gameplay style of Tunic. In this, you are a reaper (who is a crow, cause reapers are crows) and you have to hunt down 3 big souls (bosses) to gain access to a final boss, to gain back the soul you lost at the start, so you don't grow old and die. The gameplay is solid, and so are the graphics. But the story is mediocre. And the upgrades and other weapons aren't interesting. I defeated the first boss, the witch urn, kind of like doing a dungeon wing, got a new power, unlock the next area, yadda yadda... and yeah, i was good. It isn't a bad game, just, not interesting enough for me to spend a lot of time in.

  • PC, 2022, 4.5/10: A top down, action/ rpg lite game set in the west, where cosmic horrors (sirens, pig men, zombies, etc) exist. Like a lot of Devolver games, it has an interesting idea, but shallow mechanics. The game was alright to play, but it never got its hooks into me. I completed the first character story, and then called it quits. It was ok, but, I wasn't having fun. Also, for a game where its setting/story are a main draw, having a dull story, was a critical problem.

  • PC, 2017, 4.5/10: A 4x space game that isn't specifically good at anything, but still was able to get its hooks into me, well for one game, and only cause i cheated a lot to make it easier/faster. Still though, it was fun to go through once, the quest system was ok most of the time... well, until it became an annoying chore. Combat was bad. System building was often confusing. The tech tree didn't make a lot of sense. Hell, even winning broke... like i had to take over the galaxy to win, cause the tech winning way broke and couldn't be done. System weren't explain well... huh, the more i go on, the less i think of this game.

    Completed: 1 round as the humans

  • PC, 2019, 4/10: A x-com game from some of the guys who made some of the old x-com games. There a overworld with bases and flying around. And a combat tbs squad part. Overall, it is dull, and slow. There are some neat ideas here and there, but they mostly lack the polish that was seen in the recent x-com reboot games. I put about 17 hours into this game, and i still felt like not much happen with this game. There was little to get excited about, and a lot to manage. I tried installing some mods to make things easier/faster, and that help a bit, got a few more hours into it. But ehhh. I eventually came to a point where i could go full cheating and get everything, and i decide that i just didn't care. Am not upset that i backed this game, but i am a little that i waited so long to play it, in hopes that it would be worth it, once all the dlc came out.

    Thinking about it, and i think a turning point, which help me decide that the game wasn't worth it, was when the mutated enemies started carrying handguns... it was goofy, but worse, it made them just like the generic human enemies.

  • PC, 2021, 5/10: Did a few levels, and yeah... you slowly clean/paint an area. It has a bit of a zen feel, but also, rather dull. You are just cleaning stuff by spraying them. Might have played more, but some levels take a long time, and my hand ended up hurting after playing this for a bit, since i guess i didn't stop gripping my mouse.

  • PC, 2021, 5.5/10: A top down adventure game which has a little bit of charm, but too much grinding with sluggish controls. In it you are a grape, in a world of plants and animals, fighting the rot which is eating your world (and are just goo enemies mostly). The game controls like a zelda game a little, but with bad, floaty controls. The basic game flow as just doing 2-3 generic requests a day to level up meters to unlock the ability to get upgrades, which require resource, which you also had to grind for, and.. yeah, that was about it. Well, as far as i got. I got to the second town out of 4 and stopped. I figured by then, i had seen the base of the game, and it was ok, but not worth my limited time.

  • PC, 2016, 4.5/10: A vast universe that feels empty and dull. I tried the game in standard, and then in its sandbox model, and neither mode was fun for very long. Between the endless grind and the lack of interesting items, there are tiny bits of excitement. But for the most part, it is one of those games where the player has to bring, and then, make the fun. I had hope that after like 20 updates, most of which had cool looking trailers that this game would be a fun open world experience. But it wasn't. It was just another grindy, shallow, dull game.

  • PC, 2019, 5/10: A 3rd person walking simulator of sorts, well, there combat and semi-building too... In any case, the gameplay on it is ok, though repeative and shallow. And the story is just dull, slow, and long. I tried to care, but i quickly lost interest in it, and just skipped through it to get to the gameplay. I just don't care for pointless weird stuff. The style of characters and tech was cool, but that couldn't save this game. Got to the middle of chapter 2, and quit it.

  • PS5, 2022, 4.5/10: Played it in party mode with a group, which was fun, but the actual game and story were mediocre and a majority of the fun came from the group of friends, and not the game.

    Completed: The game, mostly. I missed the last chapter cause of work (so i watch a video of it), but from what i saw, and the opinions of my friends, it was lame. Mainly cause they didn't spell out what happen to the characters. You put so much time into them, and it ends with a single line of text that doesn't really explain anything. Just, so and so, is alive, or not... that's it. They could have easily had someone write like 200 blocks of text for the ending, and it would have greatly increase the game's value. And it didn't have to be that complex, since most characters didn't really interact with most of the cast, so they would only have to factor in 3 or 4 characters, for each character, and not all 8 (or so). The gameplay didn't control well either, though, they did offer some accessibility options to get around this, so that was good. So yeah, average gameplay, story falls apart at the end, fun in a group, but that cause it was a group.

  • PC, 2022, 2/10: Yeah, not a game for me. Gave it like half an hour and was bored through out. I read up on the ending online, and i guess the meta-ish part of it could be cool, to see, but not any fun to play. My limited time with the game was spent watching a few scenes, than watching a few more at a quicker pace, then quicker, and lastly, clicking randomly trying to find a clip that would entertainment or hook me in any way. But i didn't, so i just stopped playing the game.

  • PC, 2022, 6/10: A 3rd person adventure/action game similar to pikman.. .well, kind of in concept. You're a character that doesn't have direct action, instead you command minions, who are colored, and do different specific things to solve puzzles. There no combat in this game, and the story is at the start and end of the game. There are a lot of npcs, but i found them dull, and avoid talking to them whenever possible. It also a short game, about 5-6 hours long, and that is with getting most of the objects in game. I enjoyed playing the game, a bit, but am not hooked on it. Like am not waiting for Tinykin 2. If that does happen, i'll play it if its on gamepass, but if isn't, then i won't. So i guess what am saying is, it was fun, but i wouldn't have bought this game (and only played it cause it was on gamepass).

    Completed: The game. Got all the floating upgrades, and all the missing artifacts.

  • NSW, 2021, 5.5/10: I like this game, but that isn't because it is a good game, but because it is a game from my childhood. The core gameplay loop is split into two parts. An overview of an area where you tell the people to build somewhere, take out random enemies, and build defenses to fight off attack waves. And there the 2d action parts where you fight through a level, and than a boss. They mix with each other on a very light level. Graphically the game looks like a nice SNES indie game (even though, it is based off a SNES game), music is alright, story is meh, and the gameplay is okay.

    Completed: The main game, and the bonus level. Had fun, but that's largely due to re-living my childhood memories, and than actual beating the game (which i didn't do before).

  • PC, 2022, 5/10: As much as i like the concept of large scale combat in this game, i don't actual like these games. The over world map stuff is bad. And combat, while fun, gets repeative quickly.

    Completed: Just the tutorial, which was story driven and nice. Was about half way through a SP campaign when my computer died. When I get it back, i'll probably try again, but only to play a few more of the unique mission types. The actual campaign was super dull. I was just auto battling my way through the map, to take it over.

  • XSX, 2022, 5/10: A solid stealth action game that last too long, and has a bad story with unlikeable main character. Visuals, production values, and gameplay were good for this game. But where it falls apart is the story, which is just repeats itself about 3 times, unlikeable main character, the main character has the rage of Kratos but in self center, morale relative thingy (all the bad things she does is ok and good, and everyone who gets in her way is evil and must be destroyed, even if, they were just her friend a minute ago and are now just not on board with her destroying everything), pacing issues (the game takes like 15 hours, and should have been half of that. It repeats a lot, and the gameplay feels stale by the end), and there no real sense of progress.

    Completed: The game. It was okay, had some things going for it, but a lot against it too. I did check out the achievements afterwards, and it was (when i checked) that a majority of players didn't complete the game. 57% completed the first chap (assuming a lot of people tried it on gamepass and bounced off, so not going to hold that 57% against it), but only 9% completed the last chap (so that less than 20%).

  • XSX, 2013, 3/10: A friend recommend that i try this one out for the story. And while the story to this one was interesting, the gameplay was horrible. I played through the first character chapter, and stop after that. The level was just a series of combat rooms (mostly) that were rated on a score board. So yeah... no interest in playing a game like that.

  • XSX, 2019, 5/10: This came out 3 years ago, but feels like it came out 15. The basic gameplay of it, feels more in like with the start of the PS3. The empty, open world of it was just a sandbox, which kind of scaratch an itch for old school crappy games. I thought about playing through it, but decided that there were actual good games out there that i could play, so i wouldn't feed my crappy game desire and waste my time on something that i would regret.

  • XSX, 2017, 5/10: This game was alright, but other games started coming out, so it got pushed back into the queue, further and further, to the point where i don't think i'll get back to it, so i just uninstalled it.

  • PS4, 2022, 7/10: An action adventure game focus on combat with some exploring, and light platforming and puzzles.

    Completed: The game, and than one extra quest to get the credits. I had fun with the game, but also, had issues with it too. Overall, like more than i didn't, but everything ended up being mixed. The story was interesting at times, but took way too long to get there, and dragged on for way too long. Gameplay for the first 2/3 of the game felt underwhelming, like it was little more than what it was in 2018. It was fun, but more of the same. Visual, it looked great from a distance, but when close up, fully of jarring invisible walls which made it feel a bit too smoke and mirror-ish. Bug wise, it actual had a few issues, which was surprising. No crashes, but got weird animations on characters, and had issues with enemies turning invisible sometimes. Didn't care for the pacing or difficulty, started off in normal, but changed it to easy after 20 hours, since I felt it was just taking my time. And most of the rewards in game from armor, or skills, were lackluster at best.

    In the end, i liked the game, but no where near as much as the major review sites.

  • PC, 2022, 4/10: This game is still in an beta stage of sorts. The MP parts are there, but not the SP. Tried the MP a few times, and i remember, that i didn't like it, even in the original. Matches take too long to get into, and overall, it just very, eh. It like when everything is at 11, nothing feels special. Plus, small sqard games need a good team, and i only play in pug.

  • PC, 2022, 4/10: A semi-3d adventure game where you are just trying to get to point C, from point A, and having to solve some puzzle, get side tracked to B, and do a bit of stealth or running along the way.

    Completed: The game. It was okay, but the whole no talking part seem out of place and forced. You meet other humans, ones that you know. And there are questions that any normal person would have. But the character in this game, doesn't ask anything, or say anything. And that is a big negative. I get this is from a few of the people who did limbo and inside, so they have a style. But that style does not work here in this one. The game has an intersting premise, and a good art style. But the gameplay has issue, the 3d environments makes things worse, not better, and the story fails to live up to what it could or should have been.

  • NSW, 2019, : ... bought the dlc ...

    Completed: The Ashen Wolves side story. It was fun, but hard, and gave me a bit of anxiety since i couldn’t over level it, like i do in the normal game. Still, it was fun and had a decent story.

  • XBone, 2013, : .... playing on gamepass ... and doing it slowly to earn achievements for the Xbox reward program thingy. Got to chapter 2, at the start of 2023, going to continue on another list.

  • XSX, 2022, 6/10: A 2d adventure game that has great player choices, art style, and story (most of the time). But has horrible UI, game world, and audio.

    Completed: The game. Not sure if there are multiple endings to this game, well, not sure if there are significant different endings. But the game does have a lot of choices, which seems to have an impact. Not sure if they change the ending. The book like art style is awesome. However, it did not lend itself to actual playing the game. That part was crappy. Moving around had a bad, basic feel to it. The UI, while pretty, wasn’t helpful or useful. And the game felt like it was more about looking cool, than playing well. Lastly, the audio, well, the lack of VO, really held this game back. They did have SFX for voices (writing noises), but, with so much text in the game, VO should have been included. I like this game, but that is cause i wanted to like this game (i feel).

  • NSW, 2019, 3/10: The concept and art to this game is great, however, the actual game itself is rather bad and shallow. The controls are iffy, the pacing is bad, the UI isn't helpful, and the overall expereince is dull. You play as a goose that is causing a bit of chaos in order to get to the next area. (read up and i guess the ending is that you are after an item). And while causing chaos can be fun, chaos without any lasting impact feels pointless. Plus, it all rather small scale stuff, that is kind of the same action. Like taking an item from an npc, to either annoy them, or put it into another spot. The first area was fine, but when i got to the second, and kind of did the exact same stuff over again, i was concern. And when i got to the 3rd area, and it was the similar, i stopped.

  • XSX, 2022, 3/10: The newest, and most modern lego game… well, for now. Anywho, it is a simple action game, with different kinds of levels. Story levels that lead the player from point a to b. Open world sections, where the player can do side quest and find stuff. And am guessing more. Though, i didn’t see. I only got to the open world part for ep 4 and stopped. The game wasn’t fun. Well, i did not find it fun. Just shallow gameplay, like most lego games, with no humor (previous lego games were more amusing… or maybe i was just younger and found them funnier cause of that).

  • XBone, 2021, 4.5/10: A top down adventure game that is kind of basic. There are two main characters, and they operate differently, but not in any interesting way. One is a fighter, basic sword action but with a frying pan. And the other shoots out energy ball things, which don’t hurt enemies normally (just stun/pause them). The story is about a bunch of people living underground since they think the top side is poison-ish. And they might be right… i only got through chapter one before quitting. The game was just a bit too bland, and way too slow, for my liking.