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Still doing my usual stuff... i should probably change it up now and then.

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Gaming in 2012

I figure I would try to keep a list of games that I play(ed) in 2012, and I mean all the games I played, even ones that came out before this year.

List items

  • PC, 2011. It is a kind of fun tower defense game shooter... there doesn't appear to be much to it, but what there is, is fun.

    Update: Beat the game a while back, and it was a fun experience overall.

  • PS3, 2011. The game itself is decent(even if bland at times), but where it shines is in it situations due to the creative nature of it's designers.

    Update: I wrote a review for this game... it was pretty great

  • PC, 2004. Got this game during the steam gift event, so far it is alright, but without other friends to play it with, it is unlikely that i will play it much.

  • PC, 2010. I have been playing this game for about 2 years now (now and then). I still enjoy the custom maps, but for the most part, it doesn't seem to be as active as SC1, since there are less maps (or so it seems), and it harder to find a game.

  • PC, 2010. This game is just so hard... to the point where i have quit playing it. I gave it another try this year, but i couldn't (and don't want to try anymore) to get past the escort section of this game.

  • PC, 2007. In my opinion, this is currently the best FPS out there. I have put over 300 hours into it, and I still enjoy playing it. However, I find that recently, that I am playing the game less and less... but that is mainly due to the fact that the group of people I use to play with, have different schedules now, so it is hard to find time to play it with them.

  • PS3, 2011. Just went through this game over a day or so. And while it was a 'fun' experience, it was also shallow. Also, I haven't, and still, don't enjoy the mp section of a call of duty game since the second one. As for the sp, it is short, and drags after the half way mark (which is odd in itself, considering that the sp is so short).

    Update: Wrote a review for this game.

  • PS3, 2011. So far, I have put a few hours into this game, and I am enjoying it. There are a few issues here and there (damn tutorial text not going away, and the chatty nature of everyone in arkham city...) but overall it is fun. But like i said, I still have a long way to go, so yeah.

    Update: Writing a review for this game, but i am not sure if i'll finish it.

  • PC, 2004. I recently started playing through Half-life 2 again, while I wait for gamefly to send me games. And I have found that this game is still fun... well... other than raven holm section, where I am currently... but that mainly because I find it creepy.

  • PC, 2005. This was a fun little map, not much to it, but I enjoyed the comments in it.

  • PC, 2011. I got this game from a fellow giantbomb user, so i figure i would try to beat it. So far, the game is rather dull, it has a nice concept, but it is not clicking with me... but i'll still try to beat it.

    Update: I tried... but I can't seem to bring myself to play this game anymore. At first I thought it was a reverse tower defense game, but I quickly found out, that it is nothing more than an escort mission game... where every mission is just you escorting dumb ai units... and well, i don't find that fun, so i stop playing it completely... which make me feel sorry for asking for this game (i should have gone with rock of ages instead).

  • Wii, 2011. I got this game for a friend of mine, since he is the one that usually hosts gatherings, i figure he would put it to good use. But so far, he hasn't played it much, so I went over and kind of made him... we got through the first 3 stages (it was late, and i just wanted him to play a little bit to break him into it) and they were fun. I figure i'll 'encourage' him again to play some more soon.

  • PS3, 2011. Not much has change in this titles from the last one, and what little is new, isn't different enough to make it worth while. I think i'll write a review for this game, after i get my batman one up.

  • PS3, 2011. Uncharted 3 is a good game, but i feel it would have been a better movie than game.

  • PS3, 2011. An alright single player game, couldn't get online since i rented it. didn't take long to beat the single player campaign (which didn't make a lot of sense, but whatever). Enjoy the combat more than MW3 combat... but then again, i just don't like running and gunning... well i do, but i am not very good at it.

  • 2012?, PC. Got into the beta,and played about 2 matches. The game is DoTA, and a decent one at that. However, I don't know how much more I'll play since each game takes at least 50 minutes, regardless of how well a team is doing, and I don't want to spend that much time in a single match.

  • 2010, PC. Starting playing when it went free to play, and came out on steam. So far, it is ok, and by that, i mean a nice time waster. The production values are low, and the game doesn't do much (although the ship combat is rather fun).

  • PC, 2011. While this game is kind of fun, it is rather short on the amount of content it has, i played for about 20 minutes, before i decided that i had enough (and haven't gone back to it since)

  • PC, 2011. I became bored one day, so i played a little more of this game. It is still fun, but i don't see myself playing more unless i have friends online who are also playing it at the time.

  • PC, 2007. Just bought this game, figure i wanted something to play since i finished STO (yeah, its a mmo, so it shouldn't be beatable, but it kind of is). I played this game a few years ago, but i never finished it, so i figure i'll give it another try since i do want to play it's sequel.

  • Wii, 2008. Played some SSBB at a friends place during a gathering, it was fun, i ended up wining most of my matches, but they were all close (i had fun playing against some of the people there, but not others who were trying to win (and being jerks to the other players, i.e. not giving up their controller after losing and taunting people who didn't know how to play when they lost))

  • Wii, 2009. Played it at a friends house at some point

  • Wii, 2010. Played it at friends place... like new super mario bros. wii... it a decent party game, so yeah.

  • PC, 2011: Got the game during the summer sale, it is fun, and big. It hard to believe that only 2 people were needed to make it.

  • PC, 2009. It was on sale on steam, so i bought the collection which includes this one, plus the 3 exp

  • Wii, 2007: Played at a friends house, not sure why, but he wants to go though all the old trauma games before playing the recent one, i guess it might be because he brought them, but never played them...

  • Wii, 2012: I finally beat this game after about 98 hours, and i have to say that it is great. I didn't even do all the side quests (well, i did most of them, but there are a few that require you to be lvl 99, so they are best left for a new game plus, i guess).

  • Wii, 2010: played it at a friends place, it was.... sub-par.

  • Wii, 2012: Played it at a friends place, it is fun, but the boards are mean this time, they have a lot of traps that take away half your stars.

  • Wii, 2009: For some reason, my friend wanted to play this, not sure why, but it was an alright game, but not something i would want to play normally. It has nothing on House of the Dead Overkill (i think that is the title)

  • Wii, 2011: I am starting to think that my friends are secretly trying to get me to play every dance game ever made on the Wii.

  • PC, 2011: got this from a fellow GBer, and it is kind of fun. Personally, after 20 levels of it though, i am bored, i would rather just cheat and get everything to mess around with, then play it fairly any more.

  • PC, 2012: Downloaded this to play in the TNT but i couldn't log onto the servers at the time during TNT. Played a few rounds, it is an ok game, but since i don't know anyone else who has it, i uninstalled it.

  • PC, 1997: Got this during gog's sale where they were giving it away for free. Played a few minutes of it, not sure if i'll go back. I already played it years go when it came out, and i mean i played it a lot.

  • PC, 2009: Played this, and a few other games on Google+, since... well, since i was trying to waste some time, and i was on google+ for some odd reason.

  • PC, 2011: Got the game on steam during the sale, so far, it has been pretty fun. One of the few faults i have with it, which actually might just be a fault with how i like to play games, is that i don't use many of the weapons. So far, i have been sticking to the spear/shotgun. Before that, it was the knife/shotgun. Hopefully the last weapon fits into my place style.

  • Wii, 2010: Pick it up when it was on sale, so far, it is fun.

  • PS3, 2010: Played it at a friend's house, when some other friends came in from out of state.

  • Wii, 2010: Brought it over to a friend's place, just to show off the art style of the game, hoping that he will play it a bit himself to see more of the art on his own time.

  • PC, ????: Played the open weekend beta, it was fun, but i refuse to buy a game with always online drm... so i didn't buy it when it came out.

  • PC, 2010: Played it during a steam free weekend event. It was rather fun, but like all civ games, i lost interest after 'winning'

    Did not buy it afterwards, thought about it, but haven't.

  • PS3, 2011: Borrowed it from a friend. It is a decent game, but the overall flow was slow. It started of nicely, but than dragged for the last 3/4s of the game. Also, skillshots lose their fun quickly.

  • PS3, 2010: Borrowed from a friend. While this game has a nice art style, it overall design is poor. It takes a lot from the first Legend of Zelda, however, it doesn't really improve on it. Nor do they add common design elements like helpful dialogue to explain items, or directions. If this was a DL only game for 20 bucks, I would think better of it, but since it is a full price retail game, i have to say, that it isn't worth it.

  • PC, 2010: Got it in the Humble Indie bundle 5, and so far, it is fun, and art-y... Not sure what the point of the game is, but i do enjoy it puzzles and platforming, so i'll play a bit more.

  • PC, 2005: Got it during the humble indie 5 bundle, and it is a fun game, even though, it came out 7 years ago.

  • PC, 2007: It went free to play, and then came to steam, so i am trying it out. So far, it is bland...

  • PC, 2008: It was added to the humble indie bundle 5, so i have it now. And so far, it is rather good. I am finishing up collecting puzzle pieces to get to the ending, but from what i have already heard, it is a twist, of sorts. I have no plans to even try for the star bits, since they seem super hard to get.

  • PC, 2010: Got it in the humble bundle, and yeah... the game is rather scary... have gotten far into it, not sure if i will.

  • PC, 2011: Got it during the humble bundle. It kind of a neat game idea, good music and strange art... but the controls are just horrible, to the point where i don't want to play it any more because of them... so i won't

  • PS3, 2011: Got it from PS+. It was a fun game, even though, it lack variety in its gameplay. Also, the ending was cliffhanger...

  • PS3, 2011: Got it during an amazon sale. So far, I have only played ICO, but i'll get to SotC next.

  • PS3, 2011: Got from PS Plus. Haven't played it yet, but i plan to shorty. (which is why it on the list).

  • PS3, 2011: Got it for free. So far, it is fun... i do enjoy me some dynasty warriors...

  • PS3, 2012: Played it recently, it was a fun game, but kind of bland overall.

  • PS3, 2012: Played it recently, it was actually fun. Well, the gameplay was alright, and the story has it moments. I wasn't able to finish it, but i read the ending, and it sounded interesting.

  • PS3, 2011: Fun game, although it does drag, and it is too dark.. which i know is an odd complaint about a game about darkness, but it just feels lazy at part (like they didn't want to draw a background so they made it dark instead).

  • PC, 2010: Bought the DLC for this during a steam sale. So far dead money is alright, but nothing grand. From what i hear, it is the worst out of the 4 dlcs, so i guess that a good sign.

  • PS3, 2012: Played recently. Got to about chapter 8 or so, it was a fun game, but it didn't click with me. If i have the time, i'll go back to it, but if i don't that is fine too.

  • PS3, 2009: Played recently. It a nice little time waster.

  • Vita, 2012: Played recently... and yeah... at first i thought the game was just average, but then i got to the first light puzzle (i didn't have access to a bright light) and now i think it is broken.

  • Vita, 2011: Played recently. It was fun, but even on very easy, it was too tough for me :( I need to learn how to play fighting games.

  • Vita, 2012: Played recently. It is a fun golf game, and nice in a group.

  • Vita, 2012: Played recently. Its chess... and as far as chess games go, it is good.

  • Vita, 2012: Played recently. It is an average shooter, with a below average story. I had some fun playing it, but not as much as the other resistances games.

  • Vita, 2012: Played recently. For some reason, i keep playing lego games despite the fact that i don't really enjoy playing them.

  • Vita, 2012: Played recently. The game is below average. Gameplay is shallow, and the levels are boring. If the game was a fourth of it's length (so 10 missions overall instead of 40) it might have worked. As it stands, i got to mission 20, before i stopped due to boredom.

  • Vita, 2012: Played recently. The game is average, it didn't really due anything wrong, nor did it do anything cool.

  • PS3, 2012: Got the game recently, well, like a month or so ago. Figure i would give it a try since a co-worker spoke highly of it. So far, it is alright, the story is average, but the character stuff is nice. The overall gameplay doesn't really change... hopefully the game isn't long, since i doubt i could stand to play it for more than 8 hours.

  • PS3, 2010: Got this game about a month ago, so far, i have gotten to the second esp, and it is pretty good. I think i'll finish it up in the coming weeks.

  • Wii, 2012: Bought this mainly because it was part of the whole operation rainfall, and so far, it is pretty good.

  • PS3, 2011: Played recently, it was a fun, short, adventure in the infamous game's world. If you can play it, if not, don't worry about it.

  • PC, 2010: Got in on the 7 day retrial, and so far it is very meh... All the new stuff that came out since i last stop playing requires a higher level of items than i have currently, and i don't have the the time to fix this, so i can't see it. So i am just redoing old stuff... they really should making getting items easier this late in the cycle.

  • PS3, 2012: Played recently for about 20 mins, it was rather fun, and i want to go back to it to play it some more... but that might not be possible.

  • PS3, 2012: Played recently, and it is fun, however, after a hour or so, it starts to wear thin. Ok, after another hour, it seems that the game has lost all it charm. So yeah, that is very disappointing, the art in this game is great, but that about it. The gameplay, story, control, sounds, etc... are all below average.

  • PC, 2004: Got it from a game give away recently, and it is as fun as i remember it to be (which is fun). I haven't put much time into it again, but i think i will at some point.

  • PC, 2009: Got it in the humble indie bundle 6, and it is fun.

  • PS3, 2012: Got it recently, and it is fun so far, I am about half way done... but i have to say the sniper mini-game stuff is getting old.. it was old the second time i had to do it, hopefully there won't be a third.

  • PS3, 2012: I am about 4 or 5 hours in (i think, i am on the second world area) and so far the game is slightly above average. There are some nice features in it, but overall, the game is kind of bland. I plan on finishing it, but so far, it isn't as good as i remember the first one being.

  • PC, 2008: I am about 40 minutes in, and i am finding the game to be fun. It a bit dated in terms of graphics and gameplay, but that doesn't seem to affect the fun-ness of it.

  • PC, 2012: got the game in the humble bundle, and it is unplayable without a controller (which i don't have), so yeah... well, you can play it with a mouse/keyboard, but it is difficult.

  • PS3, 2012: Played recently, and while i find the story and jokes to nice, the game itself isn't. I'll keep playing it for now, but if something better, which is a lot of things, comes up, then i'll switch to that and prolly never play this title again.

  • PS3, 2012: So far the game is pretty fun, however, they haven't really improved on the online interaction part, which is disappointing. Even though, i don't care for diablo 3, i think the loot system in that game is the way to go, thereby, preventing loot grabs from happening all the time.

  • Wii, 2012: Played it at a friend's house, and it was alright. It is another dance game, which isn't to say that it is bad, but more that it isn't something i would normally play.

  • PC, 2012: Got this game recently (since i bought the first game in the series, and they gave away the first 2 (i think) exps to it as a gift (to make up for the first game)), and so far, it is rather fun.

  • PC, 2011: Got this game in a bundle, and so far, it is rather fun. The story is bland, but the gameplay is fun, with good pacing.

  • PS3, 2012: I am about 5 chapters in and i have to say that this game is nice. It isn't good or great, but nice. All the levels look great, but the actual gameplay is dull. Also, while the story is good, it feels like i am jumping in mid way... which is kind of true since this is the third (i think) game in the series.

  • PC, 2011: Got it in a humble bundle... yeah, its a ok breakout game... but i don't want to play it.

  • Vita, 2012: Played recently, the game itself was overall ok, the story was nice, the combat was bad, and the controls worked. However, it didn't really feel like a normal assassin creed game since i couldn't really make money by buying shops and such. There was a navel trading mini-game, but that wasn't fun at all, and took way too long.

  • PS3, 2012: Played recently. The freedom to solve levels as the user see fits is great, too bad the same can't be said about the rest of the game. The story is vague and isn't interesting, and combat is really simple. I really enjoyed sneaking around and using the powers to take out enemies... and yet the game is lacking a certain hook that would make it great.

  • PC, 2006 (and more): Got the ultimate ed a while ago (which includes the 2 exp), and so far, i am having a blasting cheating my way through the first one... yeah, i know i should be playing it fairly, but it is so hard, and well, i don't want to spend the time doing it normally.

  • PS3, 2012: This game is rather fun. It is a nice open world game with quite a bit to do in it. With that sad, there seems to be a strange disconnect between me and the game. I like what it has to offer, but for the most part, i don't feel the need to keep playing it, even though i am having fun with it...

  • PC, 2007: Enough the campaign a bit, liked how they change it from the usual kill everything to go to point x, or ally race y (well, the ally missions were horrible, but at least they were a change of pace).

  • PC, 2008: Enjoyed the campaign, but it doesn't feel as fun or fresh as the last one, but then again, i do enjoy cheating at the single player, which is why i play it at all.

  • Vita/PS3, 2012: Played recently, the game has some simple fun elements (throwing stuff at people, is rather fun... and kind of disturbing) but overall there isn't much to the game, so it gets old quickly.

  • Vita/PS3, 2011/2012: Played recently, it is kind of fun at times, but those times are few.

  • PC, 2012: Bought the game when it was on a steam sale, and it is really fun. I played the beta, and that was alright, but since then they have changed a few things here and there, and it has paid off.

  • PS1, 1994: Played recently. I can see why this title is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, final fantasy. I am about 4 hours in, and it is rather good. I didn't play this title before, but even with that, I find this game to be good.

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a bundle, and so far this game is great. I am really enjoying the puzzles and story. There are some gameplay issues, dislike having to jump onto giant buttons, but they aren't that bad.

  • Vita, 2012: Played recently. The game plays a lot like the Wii version, which is a good thing, but at the same time, i don't feel the need to play more of it, since i have already done so. There are a few new things/characters (i think, it been a while), but they don't add much.

  • Vita, 2012: Played recently. This game is fun... I enjoy persona games, and this is more of that. The systems are slightly better than before, but it is still about the same experience.