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Favourite games

I just want to fill this with games I like. Because why not.

This list is made by gut entirely. A.k.a. hugely subjective. But some things can be expected:

  • If I haven't played them, they're not on this list. I've ommited games I know I like but haven't really experienced enough.
  • I'm trying to base things on what I can remember from my feelings while playing them. Either first time, or overall for those games I've actually played/beaten several times.
  • This includes a lot of games I've not beaten.
  • Hell, this includes games I don't care about beating and play at my own leisure, like Morrowind, that descriptions is not just for show!
  • It's based on enjoyment or just feelings overall. So this includes some kusoge. And bucket loads of nostalgia.
  • More recently played games might have a higher spot. Because they're more present in my mind. Though some I like them so much I've been revisiting them too often, like Live a Live or E.V.O.

This is just a personal retrospective, a take on remembering things. Take whatever you want from it.

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