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Games I enjoy playing in the bathroom

Hey, I'm generally clean. I wash my hands. Magazines just aren't my thing, alright?

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  • As great as the newer games are, nothing beats the classics. I spend a good two years slowly working through Yellow on an old GBC, up to getting Mewtwo even.

  • It doesnt matter what system it's on, Tetris is Tetris. And Tetris never ends or gets old. I should not need to vouch for the longevity and playability of this game.

  • Unsurprisngly, the best kind of games for the bathroom are games you can play in short bursts. And as long as you make use of the PSP's sleep mode Half-Minute Hero is almost the perfect example of this type of game.

  • Another great game you can play in short bursts. The battery may be dead, but I still gotta catch 'em all.