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Games I have promised to play but probably never will

These are games I think look pretty awesome, or have been told are pretty awesome, but just have not gotten around to playing or finishing. More or less a to-do list of sorts.

List items

  • I swear, I'll get around to this one. It's pretty high on my list of games to rent/gamefly. I almost bought this during the steam sale too, which is a shame.

  • Played the demo when it was uploaded on 360, was incredibly impressed but alas, I had not a 360 or gaming PC to play it on, only a PS3. Well now it is on PS3 AND I have a pretty decent PC, and what's my excuse now? I have none.

  • Followed it when it was anounced, got really hyped about it, never played it. Sad because this looks like my type of game.

  • Waited for it to be anounced, waited for it to be released, waited for it to be localised, waiting while the translators poured hours of their lives into getting this game to us in playable form. So many years waiting for this game and I have barely scratched the surface. This is my shame.

  • Same old story here.

  • I bought it new, but still haven't beaten the first game. I'm right at the end too..

  • They don't make enough of these. Games that are genuinely funny and also genuinely good.