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Commitment Or "I've finally decided to write a novel. "

One of my greatest regrets about myself is my inability to tackle long-term projects. Just about the only extracurricular I've ever committed to was learning to play guitar, and even that I'm only so-so at. Well, over the past year, I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a story. It started with a question- why are fantasy worlds technologically stagnant? Magic - why develop medicine if you have a healing spell, for instance. And then, what would happen then if Middle Earth or the Forgotten Realms or any traditional fantasy setting went through an industrial revolution? Eventually the idea took form and I was able to sketch out a plot and characters and such. It was almost like half remembering a tv show or a book that I read but didn't remember all of the details of.

A couple weeks back, I decided that I was going to challenge myself to just sit down and write the damn thing. If I could hammer out a few pages a week, I'd be on a good schedule. As of today, I've just cracked 11,000 words. Now, my research tells me that I'm still about 90,000 words short of the length of the average first novel. But it's a start.

It's funny, really, because as I'm writing, it's like I can watch this world crystallize and take form in my head. I'm starting to hear and see these characters as if they were real. It's a strange feeling, and really gratifying.

I'm writing the thing in a live Google doc for now. I'd happily invite the community to check on my progress, invite critiques, or just read along. I have no dreams of quitting my job to become the next Stephen King, but if I can say to myself that I finished a novel, that something from my mind now exists on paper for others to enjoy, then I'll be satisfied. If it's any good, maybe I'll throw it up as an e-Book, who knows, but the important thing is writing it.

The book in progress is located here. I'd gladly accept comments (and encouragement if it's any good) from the Giant Bomb community.