GOTY 2019

It has been kind of a slow year for me. A lot of World of Warcraft, but not much else, other than these games. While I *did* play Gears 5 and Rage 2, they did not make it on my list. Maybe in the Community vote though.

List items

  • Surreal and incredible. Quite an achievement in game design. Being a fan of Max Payne and Max Payne 2, I felt I should give Control a try (since I never played Alan Wake or Quantum Break). I was not disappointed. The Ashtray Maze was particularly good.

  • Pure nostalgia, wow. Just drove home how embarrassing the internet was around this time, especially for me. While I was more active on the internet during the mid 2000s, I caught the tail end of this period in history. Also I believe this developer made Dropsy so I had to get it at some point.

  • A satisfying experience, but left me wanting more. I guess I'm used to putting copious amounts of time in to Bethesda RPGs, I was disappointed that this was so short. I did manage two playthroughs though, so I'd still recommend it.

  • When I heard 'space sim' I was sold. Having played others like Elite Dangerous and Escape Velocity, I was ready for a more stream-lined experience. While I have not completed the game, I found the grind to be satisfying, and Juno to be an awesome character.

  • While I do not technically own a Switch, I nonetheless got my hands on one temporarily and purchased Super Mario Maker 2. An excellent game, with tonnes of replay value, I could not recommend it more.

  • I love the Metro series. From the books to the games. However, I found this third entry to be lacking in the story department. I mean, where the hell were the Dark Ones? Otherwise, a satisfying shooter and an interesting take on the Metro formula.

  • While I would not say this was a great expansion, I found it carried the more dry parts of the year, where not much was out. A game I keep coming back to, and a game that I can not quite find a replacement for.

  • A game I had not played since release, I came back to it to in part complete the dlc I never played, and to experience it after replaying Bioshock 2 (and the Minervas Den dlc). Quite different from Bioshock and Bioshock 2, I found it nonetheless satisfying and interesting. An excellent game.

  • Although I played this quite a bit when it was released, I came back to it this year in a big way. Easily sunk 100+ hours into it, and will probably come back for more at a later date. A great game.

  • Only got to play it this year, and I managed to finish it. Only Super Mario game I've completed after Super Mario Sunshine (I know, quite strange). While it was pretty easy to finish, I did stay back for a bit, and managed to defeat that Rabbit Megaboss thing.