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Games I played in 2011

This is a list of the games I finished (or played a lot) in 2011. I did not mention games which I started playing in 2011 and will most likely finish in 2012.

List items

  • Finished it 31.5.2011 (and still play it after nearly 200 hours). BEST game of the year!

  • Finished it 22.11.2011. The Anno games have been my favorite strategy titles for many years and the newest one is as good as I hoped it would be. You can put SO many hours in this game and still explore new stuff.

  • Finished it 24.6.2011. I bought it again to have it in my Steam account... one of the best tower defense games ever.

  • What a cute game! Unfortunately we (I play it with my husband) haven't finished it yet.

  • A positive surprise! I played it for for 50 hours, but wasn't able to beat every mission yet. I should try it again someday.

  • I got the GBA version for my 3DS and played it A LOT. Still an amazing game, that never gets old.

  • Finished it 3.2.2011 (a second time). Then I exported all the songs to RB3. The songs are a lot of fun, my favorite RB setlist so far. And I like the Lego videos.

  • I played the free Flash vesion of part 1 and 2. My favorite Flash game of the year!

  • A new YDKJ game, yeah! He was the trivia hero of my childhood, I still love to play the old games on my computer. Unforunately the new one is not released in germany and it's difficult to follow some of the questions in English. But I enjoy it anway.

  • Finished it 5.1.2011. Funny little puzzle adventure, cool style, the gameplay reminded me a lot of Prof. Layton.

  • What a strange little DS game. But I love it :). It's creative, funny and... well... really strange.

  • I haven't finished it yet. I feel like they tried too hard to get away from the classic platformer the first part was. Sad... but it's still a good game.

  • I am far from finishing it, but I played 12 hours in 2011 and feel like I can tell something about it. It's one of my favorite indie games so far! Great puzzle and platforming fun. The only thing which bothers me is the fact that it gets really frustrating in later levels. When you die because of one wrong step and have to start all over again this is annoying for a puzzle game with large levels.

  • Finished it 13.9.2011. I liked how it combined platformer & RPG elements. The setting was very intersting as well. It took me 12 hours to finish it (yes, I am a slow player...).

  • Played it for 13 hours. It's fun, but I get very frustrated when I loose everything... I cannot play too many rougelikes.

  • Fighting Games are not my favorite genre, but I played quite a bit of the new Mortal Kombat game. They put A LOT of stuff into this one! I especially enjoyed the tower.

  • Finished it 9.11.2011. It's not a very accurate game and sometimes you can feel frustrated about this fact. But you can draw! And it looks cool! I had a lot of fun with this little game.

  • This was my first contact with a Civ game. Okay, I installed CivIV once... but I didn't really play it. Now I gave the series another chance and had a lot of fun with it. Played it for 27 hours. But in the end I felt like I don't have a real goal and stopped playing.

  • Finished it 17.1.2011. Cute platformer with puzzle elements.

  • Interesting new combination of rhythm game and RPG. I even tried to use my dance pad with it, but it was way to difficult ;).

  • Finished it 17.4.2011. Interesting "anti tower defense" game.

  • Finished it 27.5.2011. Good Tower Defense game. Not much to say about it.

  • Another Steam Sales purchase. I LOVE the worms games. There is not much difference between this one and Armageddon or World Party. BUT I am very disappointed about the problems with the online multiplayer.

  • I did not finish it because the last mission was too difficult, but I really liked it. I would like to see more games like this (with some gameplay improvements).

  • I did not finish every mission, but I played this game for about 10 hours. It's good, maybe I will come back later. But no new favorite.

  • Good old times... :)

  • Finished it 10.04.2012. Funny game, but I never tested the multiplayer part. The camapaign took 8 hours.

  • Finished it 23.3.2011. Classic Tower Defense. It was okay.

  • Finished it 4.1.2011. Not the best Tower Defense game... but at least better than expected. Fans of this genre who have already played the more famous TD games can take a look.

  • Finished it 1.5.2011. Liked the idea, but it's not a game that can

    attract you for a long time.

  • Finished it 3.7.2011. A very basic Tower Defense game. I prefer the second part.

  • Puzzles... what did you expect?

  • I only played it for 3 hours. I am not sure why, but did not feel like playing more of it...

  • Finished it 16.2.2011. Easy difficulty setting, with my husband... but we finished it! I am not acutally playing it alone.

  • Finished it 7.7.2011. Not a big game, but relaxing for some minutes.

  • Finished it 24.11.2011. I bought it because of the South Park dlc. The questions are fine, but they repeat fast and the game itself is not very good. The multiplayer part is a bad joke.

  • Finished it 15.11.2011. This is a really bad, really ugly and really short Tower Defense game. What a mess.

  • Sorry, but I didn't get it. This game was no fun at all!