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Games I played in 2013

This is a list of the games I finished (or played a lot) in 2013. I did not mention games which I started playing in 2013 and will most likely finish in 2014.

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  • Finished: 14.5.2013. What a huge, beautiful, exciting, heartwarming game! I never played a JRPG before (if you don't count Pokemon), so I don't have much to compare it with. But this is my game of the year because it is just perfect.

  • Played it on a daily base for half a year. So I guess it is a good game :). Best Animal Crossing so far!

  • Finished: 03.12.2013. Another small indie game that managed to conquer my heart. Like To the moon it tells a story that touches your feelings. But it also deals with serious political issues. And the game mechanics are actually fun, even if they should not... what a strange experience. Play it!

  • Finished: 15.2.2013. The most touching gaming experience I had so far. Play this game! It is short, not difficult, but the storytelling is just amazing. Prepare to cry. And the soundtrack... I must listen to it again.

  • Played the Beta and enjoyed it a lot!

  • My favorite party game of the year.

  • Interesting story, intersting game mechanics.

  • Finished: 06.11.2013. Maybe not as good as Heavy Rain, but I enjoyed it.

  • Finished: 31.08.2013. A good Tower Defense game!

  • Finished: 03.01.2013. Short, but do not underestimate this little gem. It is perfect for what it is.

  • Finished: 17.2.2013. The puzzles are not challenging, but it is the perfect game to just have fun and be creative.

  • Finished: 14.1.2013. Could have been fantastic if it wasn't a lazy port.

  • I liked it and actually used it for several weeks before I became lazy again.

  • This is actually a really good Karaoke game if you just want to play from time to time when friends are around. You "rent" the whole song library for a limited time. I also liked the use of the wii u gamepad.

  • Cutest game of the year.

  • Good game, but I did not play much of it... so I guess I cannot rate it higher. Something about it did not eppeal enough to me.

  • Good game, but I did not play much of it... so I guess I cannot rate it higher. Something about it did not eppeal enough to me.

  • If you liked the first one you will love the second one.

  • I LOVE You don't know Jack and when this game made it to Steam I had to buy it. It's fun and the questions are possible to answer for European players as well. But like with AoE 2 I would have liked to see a HD version. A higher resolution would have been nice.

  • HD edition. AoE 1 and 2 were two of my favorite games back in the 90s. They are still fun today, but I think they could have done better with the HD edition. You pay for something that can be achieved with a free patch as well.

  • I am not sure why I did not play this longer, because I liked what I saw. Maybe I should give this another chance!

  • Could have been more like Wario Ware in terms of crazyness. But for retro fans it is fun. I played it a bit and then lost interest.

  • I am not that much into fighting games, but I enjoyed the new Mortal Kombat. This was nice as well, but could not top it.

  • Finished: 27.12.2013. Great atmosphere, disappointing story. It's just nothing special at all... not in the year 2013. But exploring the 90s house was intersting.

  • Finished: 13.2.2013

  • Finished: 23.3.2013. Cute Tower Defense game with Tetris towers, but unfortunately it is way to easy.

  • I am not sure why... but I had no fun.

  • Finished: 26.05.2013. Nice retro style and some really challenging levels, but there are better and more complex TD games out there.

  • Looked alright, but I prefer Diablo when it comes to games like this. How can you have fun when you don't see the tons of cool armor you just collected? :)

  • Difficult to judge... I liked its artstyle and that you don't know what's going on. But it can get pretty annoying, so I did not finish it.

  • Finished: 14.2.2013

  • Finished: 19.3.2013. Best Miiverse community ;)

  • Funny concept, but it get's boring quickly. Maybe it is more interesting if you are into fighting games and get the jokes ;).

  • Not my cup of tea. I was frustrated shortly after I started. Maybe it was because of the controlls.

  • Finished: 09.11.2013. Bad Tower Defense.

  • Finished: 10.06.2013. Bad Tower Defense.