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Tower Defense - from good to bad

I am addicted to tower defense games and so this is my first list.

Of course there are many cool Flash games too (Desktop TD, GemCraft, Protector 1-4, Cursed Treasure), but this list is about the ones I payed real money for. Or it was payed by friends who support my addiction...

List items

  • They managed to improve a lot of things! I am glad I supported its kickstarter campaign, this is my new favorite.

  • Classic tower defense gameplay with good looking graphics and great voice overs. Diversified maps and the highscores keep you coming back even after you finished the last level. Highly recommended!

  • Perfect mix of classic Tower Defense and RPG elements. And you get a funny told story as well. It has a very different look ompared to Defense Grid (retro), but it's charming. Many levels, skills and items keep you busy for a long time. It starts easy but the later levels are really difficult if you want to beat them in the harder difficulty settings. One of my favorite TD games. Check out the developer's blog, it is a good read.

  • VERY challenging! It looks cute, but is really really hard. I love it, because you feel like a real hero when you master a level.

  • Compared to PixelJunk Monsters and many other TD games this is easy, but it's funny and comes with tons of extra content. I am addicted to the vase minigame :). And the theme song is one of the best videogame theme songs of all time! Recommended for a chilling gaming experience or unexperienced player. My mother loves this game and she doesn't play many videogames.

  • The cards are a nice addition to this classic tower defense game. I enjoyed it - and the later levels are really challenging.

  • This was a lot of fun! It shows how to give a TD game a unique look (old sci-fi b-movies), story and some interesting gameplay elements (you can rotate the towers to protect your planet). Great game!

  • Creepy atmosphere, Interesting storytelling and it gets really difficult.

  • Don't let you fool by the simple graphics, this is a very challenging game where you need to perfect your strategy. But it's always fair and can be beaten. I really enjoyed it.

  • Way better than the first part. Nice looking HD graphics, many different levels. But what were they thinking when they ballanced the prices for the upgrades...? You have to play WAY too long to buy this stuff! That's very frustrating and the fault of a bad mobile port.

  • I had a fun time with this classig TD game. There's nothing special about it though.

  • One of the easiest tower defense games on my list, but its cute style and crazy story makes you forget about this. If you are no experienced TD player this is a great start.

  • Interesting twist on the Tower Defense formula. You switch roles and have to make your way through.

  • It looks like the first "iBomber Defense" but improved s lot of things. A very basic Tower Defense game, I liked it.

  • I don't have much to say about this one. Nice.

  • I didn't expect much, but they took some great ideas, mixed them together and the result is an enjoyable way to waste your time. Easy at first, but the levels become more difficult in the end. Give it a try if you have played game 1-4 ;).

  • Low expectations, but this is actually a nice little game. Short, but challenging levels. I wish they would have make more use of the fact that the "towers" can walk.

  • A cute tower defense game with a twist, because you build your towers like a puzzle. Unfortunately the difficulty is very very low.

  • This game looks good, but... there is this ONE level I cannot beat! ARGH! It started too easy and suddenly it became unfair.

  • And another not well balanced game. You can rush through all levels except for 2 or 3 of the last ones. That's okay, I had my fun.

  • Intersting retro style, but not very rewarding. There were some challenging levels though.

  • Funny, looks nice and plays well, but the annoying clicking reminded me of a bad mobile port. This could have been a better game without it.

  • I don't know... I should rate this higher, but I did not have much fun. Maybe it's because there are too many towers? Sometimes less is more.

  • I haven't finished this one yet, but the music rocks! ;)

  • Classic gameplay, not many towers or extra stuff. The second part is better.

  • It was fun at first but the levels are very long and it's always the same "tactic"... so it get's a bit annoying after a while. I finished it, but there are better TD games for sure. Not very challenging.

  • Played the PS Mini version for quite a while. It's difficult and you need some time to beat the levels, but I didn't feel rewarded afterwards. Play the Flash version, I don't feel like it's worth paying for it.

  • Might be a good game for others, but I just don't like it.

  • Annoying mobile port (it plays like one) without original ideas. Better play Defense Grid, this is just a poor rip off.

  • Levels way too long...

  • Short, boring, not recommended. But I liked the idea of placing the units a bit, because it is not your typical TD game.

  • I played the DS-Version. Very repetitive, ugly and even buggy.

  • By far the crappiest TD game I have ever played. Very short, very ugly, very boring... you better ignore it.