Top Games I Played 2014

List of the games which I enjoyed in 2014, regardless if they weren’t released in 2014.

I haven't played several of the key 2014 titles as of yet, mainly because I spent majority of my gaming time on a few PC multiplayer titles, retro games or older PC titles on my PS4 and Vita. Overall I feel it’s been a strong year, a great start for the new consoles, although the PC does seem to be where I spend a lot of my time. Now that I have the PC attached to my big TV in the lounge and the PS4 controller makes for an ideal PC gaming pad, I predict even more PC gaming in 2015.

I have had to spend more time in London for work (still amazes me how little people smile on the tube, and general down south), so my PSVita has had a lot of love. I also came to a conclusion in 2014, that tablet gaming is just not for me. I find the games lack a soul; they just don't keep my attention. Think I need a controller.

I picked up a XBONE towards the end of the year, and YES I prefer the PS4. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, the UI wasn’t as poor as what I remember it was at launch. So well done MS for its much needed updates, and I am hopeful that they continue to improve it. Competition, a strong Microsoft and Sony is good for all gaming, and hopefully will keep everyone trying harder and take much needed risks. I am a bit concerned that Sony has slowed down some, and maybe taking things for granted, fingers crossed they aren’t going back to ‘BIG HEADED SONY’.

Luke Luke Luke, loving all the gaming time I am having with Luke. More and more he beats me, he is mad for Fifa Ultimate team and Minecraft. I even setup and now host a Minecraft server for him and his mates, with mods installed that they picked. It’s fantastic to see him enjoying the medium so much, and not spending too much time watching crap TV. Teaching him modding, talking about gaming with him, love it. And it does make me smile, listening to him talking to his friends online, whilst playing an online game, and watching a gaming video on Youtube.

He wants a PS4, let’s see what happens. It is sad (maybe sign of the times) that both he and his mates have no interest in the WiiU. I think he and his mates have spent more time on my Mame Cabinet, than they have on the wiiU (which is just next to his console in the games rooms), NInty needs to do something, even mariokart couldn’t hold their attention for to long, back to Minecraft, Fifa and Garden Warfare they went.

List items

  • It might be just 'EARLY ACCESS' and it seems to be taking them longer to include features which I want (and what the game needs) . But holy crap, I am having such a great time with Dayz. The sessions with Chris,Steve,John & Jim have been some of my favorite gaming moments ever. Totally on par with our epic encounters on counter-strike, DOD and WOW. So much fun, so exciting, heart pumping tension and ‘holy crap did that really happen’ moments. The only downer, keeps wanting me to upgrade my PC 

    I am so excited to see how this game evolves, especially as so many games are jumping on the band wagon and may even deliver a final product before Dayz does. I hope the loss of the game creator doesn't stop it from developing into something even more amazing.

  • This is my type of game, love the action, love the music, love the constant surprises, love reading up on the game and love the JUST ONE MY TRY. The different shooting modes give the game replay appeal. The shooting and game seems simple at first, but you really get in the zone and as you start to improve you’re shooting skills the game and its complexities open up, very clever design.

    Played the game mostly on my vita, controls perfect fit. CROSS PLAY THUMBS UPPPPP

  • WOW, I wasn’t expecting this. I have always enjoyed Halo and looked forward to each iteration, but I was never a mega fan. I have found them sometimes to be very AVERAGE, BY THE NUMBERS and lacking any big innovations or risks. But WHAMMMM Bungie delivered. Given that this is the first iteration, the game feels so tight, the feel of the shooting and movement is perfect; the world looks and sounds amazing, the combat is very tight and enjoyable. Such a great first effort in merging the FPS and MMO genres. I had great fun and actioned packed sessions levelling upto 20, and now with the end game material (the strikes , building up my equipment, leveraging skills) is even better and so addictive.

    Yes it has problems, lack of content (locations, strikes and loot), not enough different races/villains and I feel the DLC is really overpriced. I also do miss an auction house. But regardless of these many negatives, I am still playing it, enjoying it and having great sessions with friends online. I have also managed to play Destiny with some mates that have never played an MMO or online FPS, which was so interesting. They all seemed to pick it up quickly and enjoy it.

    I got and played WOW on the day of release, I played it for 3 yrs. I remember what it didn’t have, how it evolved over time, how it didn’t work when it started to get more players and sales at retail were suspended whilst they beefed up the server infrastructure, Given the other big releases this year and the problems they encountered with just getting games to function or work online. Destiny has been stolid, and the multi player, jump in, is so sweettttt GREAT BEGINNING BUNGIE

  • Without a doubt, Naughty Dog is my favourite developer (sorry Valve but where’s the games recently); I just always love their games. The Last of Us story is just so awesome, I feel and care for the characters created, the gameplay is solid, varied and enjoyable.

    I like visuals and Naughty Dog make bloody gorgeous looking games. Playing the game for me is special, a special moment. I savour every moment, love all the small details they put into the games, you can tell how much they care for their games. Pure Quality.

    For me 'The Last of US' is a system seller, a must have game for everyone.

    Working in IT, and development. I have always been interested in Naughty Dog the studio, the methodology and principles they use. Sounds cool, unique and very creative environment.

  • Titanfall, Titanfall, Titanfall. Combat solid, fun it blows COD out of the water. I enjoyed it so much I bought it on both PC and XBone platforms, I still find myself dropping into a few games whenever my mates aren’t online and asking me to play Dayz or Destiny. Although co-op survival mode is my favourite mode (and by far the best survival mode since Gears of War), I do adore capture the flag.

    The titans add a nice and needed spin to the traditional fps shooter, not to powerful, sometimes they play a massive part in the moment, yet other times they don’t. The fast and agile movement makes you feel like a world class free runner. Titanfall has some of the best designed and balanced maps I have played on. There always seems to be a window where you need it, to Keep the flow of the run going and looking bad arse cool.

    So looking forward to Titanfall 2

  • click, click, click, click ARGHHHH Runnnnnnn

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy Diablo III, I didn’t pick up the PC. But with all the buzz and positive vibes around the ps4 version, and the amount of people saying that controlling with a gamepad was the way to go. I took a punt and picked it up on PS4 (at full crazy new console price).

    Loved the 40+ hrs I put into the game, the levelling was great and i get such a kick picking up cool gear and cool gear is Diablo III. However multiplayer is where even more great times can be found, I even found that playing with randoms was decent, the community around diablo is very supportive, helpful and very active. The game shows great imagination, with brilliant dungeons and lots of variety. I can see me playing this for years to come.

  • Playstation PLus, thank you. Pix the Cat was my hidden gem of the year, total surprise. I am a retro gamer; i still play 80s arcade games, always loved Pacman and all its many variations. Pix totally grabbed me, it feels new, unique. Whenever I play, my heart pumping fast, music pounding, me chasing to get further along in the levels. Than just one more try

    Had a great few hrs with my son on this, and nice to see him lift his head up from Fifa and Minecraft to play some arcade pacman like game with me. ANd yes, also a few hrs in he was beating me :)

  • Crossplay, play in the lounge on big screen, play in bed on the Vita, Play on train with the Vita, Back playing on Ps4 in lounge whist have dinner. Loving Crossplay. I first got Rogue Legacy on PC when It came out a while back, I enjoyed it but it never grabbed me. But with the launch on ps4/vita and the amazing feature of Crossplay, this time around I was hooked. I do think it’s a hard game, it takes time to level up your character and to learn the gaming mechanics, to embrace and use the gaming mechanics to your benefit and not to get frustrated by it. But it’s so worth investing the time.

    As with binding of issac, I think Rogue will be a goto game for me for many yrs to come :)

  • I adore the franchise, I played every version since SNES, I played lots on the wii version with my daughters and had some fun times. But Wii U, I enjoyed it but I just wasn’t blown away. Maybe the hype and reaction from other people beforehand made me expect more. Its looks great, and fun to play, I adore the music. But something seems a bit off. More like a missed opportunity. Like I say I had some fun with it and I got to play a few games with Luke and yeah it was Mario Kart. Just wanted and expected more. Come on minty, give me a reason for the 2nd screen

  • Another great crossplay game, I had a fun time with Counterspy. I loved the intro (best of the year) and the style of the game. Gameplay was like a revamped 'Impossible Mission' and I felt like i was playing a platformer level in a spy hunter game :)

    More people should play this game

  • Okay, it’s not DarkSouls, it’s not DemonSouls, it’s not as hard, and the world isn’t as interesting. It lacks the volume of surprises, the bosses are less epic.

    But I loved playing this game, it was still gripping, still so much fun, solid gameplay. The multiplayer was more fleshed out and worked great. I had many hrs of fun running the Bell Tower and trying to survive the many player killers in that area on the other clans. And having randoms jump in and try to help me, yeah coollll

    Thankfully it’s looking like other developers are picking up gaming awesomeness from the Darksouls games, and in the process improving theirs. To me, Demon Souls, and Dark SOuls were game changes, and for the BETTER. I am hoping that Skyrim 2 looks at the combat of these games and adopts similar style.

    An average DarkSouls game, is still better than 99.9 percent of games released.

  • Last year it was Resogun, this year I have AquaKitty. Picked it up in a humble bundle (I think) with no idea what it was. This game has so much character, a great feel, so much fun and is just pure shump action. I don’t think it will come to a console, but if I did I would get it again.

    If I made games, this is the game I would make (although not sure I would use cats, dog person :-) )

  • The best video game pinball ever (Sorry, pinball fantasies on Amiga) The feel of the bumpers, the movement of the ball is 'Just Right'. nice visuals and complex ‘lots to do’ playing fields.

    I have it on last gen consoles and PC. But really enjoyed it on XBone, and score chasing against Pete. You know your hooked when you’re taking pics of my highscore and texting, posting and whatsapp bragging rights :)

  • One of the great things about video gaming been popular is now I am able to play video games with my so called ‘not video gaming mates’. Pure Pool is a great take on the classic game, solid ball mechanics and great online features. Playing against your friend, or their online avatar is a lot of fun.

  • There is always one, this game is like golf to me. I have a great time playing it, I enjoy watching people play it, I read up about it, read up about strategies on how to improve. But no matter, I am just crap at it.

    But like golf, no matter how bad I am, I will keep trying. I Think the daily challenges is a great touch

  • It’s not as good as MAGIC, it just isn’t as exciting IMO. But my son Luke loves it, and more important we can play it together. Its one of the games that we play together when he isn’t with me, and what a laugh we have. I can see him improving as we play more, his tactics improving; he even builds his own decks.

    Thanks Blizzard, and I am hopeful that when Luke gets older we will be able to get out my old Magic cards from the loft.

  • PS4 version

  • completed it on PS3, now on PS4 wonderful game

  • biggest disappointment of the year, what a pile of crap. doesn't work properly and together with the appalling team chat on xbox one, very frustrating. tried to play lots of games with my mate in coop, and instead of fun, pure frustration. Bugs bugs bugs and poor implementation