Top Games I Played 2015

List of the games which I enjoyed in 2015, regardless if they weren’t released in 2015.

Although I have gamed a lot this year, its been predominately on a few select titles. So here goes, the few games I played in 2015;

List items

  • Destiny, The Taken King. Kings-fall raid, Sparrow racing, Iron Banner. what a year I had on Destiny. managed to get to light level 310, completed the raid a number of times and even managed to part do in hard mode and complete 4/5 raid challenges.

  • EPOCH mod, played this for months with the cult guys. Every Tuesday night for half the year. This is why I love PC Gaming, the mod is so brilliant. RPG, base-building, Survivor and shooting (although I do wish they would improve the aiming and hit detection) I hope this continue to iterate on this, as it has so much potential.

  • carrying on from 2014, awesome nights with Chris, Jim, John and Steve. so the question is. Will a major update drag us back in :)

  • EPIC< must play game. Really enjoyed the world and the characters, also some of the stories lines are the best their is. Beautiful environment, hoping to play it through again.

    So felt like Red Dead, also the Bllody Barren queest line is awesome and one of the best stories I have played in a game, the emotions you feel for the main characters as the story unfolds, moves, goes upside down and in and out :)

  • Faster and more action than Souls, had a blast and did overs 40 hrs. But looking back, although great, think i prefer the souls.

  • haven't had much time on it, YET

    but wow. Underwurlde, Jetpac, Atic Atac, Nuts and Bolts must be the best compilation ever

    No idea why Rare arnt the biggest software house in the world, or yes i do, because microsoft got them making silly avatars and not games.

    Looking forward to what this come up with this year.

  • Everything the developer does i adore, has the charm and addictiveness of a classic zxspectrum game. Awesome music, as as expected hard as nails.

  • only 40 hrs in, so just toughed the surface really. Surprise for me asa i really didn't get on with 3 or New Vegas. But this one hooked from within 10mins. I really enjoying the base-building. and the shooting is solid. My only minor issue, the character models could have been better, the base building needed a goal in the game and the AI of the enemy could have been improved.

    But altough it has its flaws, I really enjoying it. Had some epic moments, so really what else do it need. also Dogmeat all the time as companion

  • What a surprise hit, and great freebie from Sony. I watched more games than i played, as it was a favorite for Luke and his friends. Many times, kicking me off the ps4 to play on it (cant wait for it to be released on Xbone, so the kids can play it themselves :)

  • really enjoyed the sessions we had and had some epic moments. Was fun watching how close people was to the monster in the replay afterwards. All the cult loved it, not sure why we stopped playing it.

    I think the leveling system wasn't well thought through and the maps, although extremely pretty. think they could have been improved with my variety

    remember one match, John laughing so much as they chased me as the monster. Firing a tracking dart in my backside, and Steve poisoning some of the animals so as I ate them to evolve, they could see my on their maps. The tinker.

  • Maybe a bit late to the party, but fully enjoyed my time with the game

  • had a few good night sessions with my mate Kevin, was a good to way to catch up as we both live quite far from each other

  • nice racer, but not arcade enough for me to enjoy or spend time with

  • thought this would be good as it came from a good developer, but it wasnt. sad

  • what have you done 343, now just a average game/ sad timessss