Top games I played 2018

A list of the games that I enjoyed in 2018. The list includes games that I played during the year, regardless of the year they were released.

List items

  • PS VR, so bloody cool. Still makes me smile thinking about this game. Got the Mario64 moment ;-)

  • 2018, year of D2. Although the base game was a massive disappointment, the Forsaken DLC was and still is fantastic. so much to it. I hope they learn from Warframe and WOW

  • Only just started this, but already YESSSS. Unique and a great palate cleanser from all the shooting games. Agatha Christie time. Love the mechanics

  • I can see me playing this for years. wonderful game, compelling story and great characters

  • Hadn't played a Assassins Creed game for years, but the feedback on this was positive. So i thought i give it a try, so glad i did.

    Looks and plays so well, i also adore the world they have created

  • Still my goto game. love the gameplay loop. and some great laughs with my mates. Looking forward to more DLC

    Me and Jim in the Jeep as it explodes, still makes me laugh. Jim screaming, Shoot him, he is behind the tree, I cant see him, I cant even see a bloody tree


  • Farpoint was one of the reasons I got a VR headset. Bloody love it. And this puts me in the world of starship troopers. great by me

  • PS VR. First played this at Insomnia with my son. Bought it to play with the family at Christmas. Fun game, bloody hard. the only negative i have really is that my Son owned my :-(

  • have enjoyed all Housemarque SHMUPs. Fast, tight controls and banging soundtrack. Like been on my Amiga ;-)

  • had so much fun with the family, a true game changer. Everyone into games needs to give VR a try IMO

  • The game that got me larking back with the Cult Clan, brilliant multi layered game. But more that I was able to chat and laugh with Den, John, Steve and Jim

  • Still cant get used to building when someone shots at me, but at least it allowed me to lark online with my son Luke. ;-)

  • an amazing technical accomplishment, but for some reason was lacking a pull for me. The shooting mechanics bloody awful. Might try and go back in a few months

  • had a fun 2 months, whilst Bungie fixed destiny 2 ;-)

  • spent hrs in the scary world, enjoyed the world. but in the end the story wasnt enough to keep me going. but enjoyed the hrs i did

  • Switch, played DLC. amazing. Just need more hrs in a day to play more games

  • Played it for a few weeks with the kids, was fun

  • Moved to 4k and got a xbox one. This game plays and looks bloody nice, quite hard

  • such an original take on RPG. made the commute to London go quicker

  • my goto SHMUP

  • The update got me back into it, and sunk another 60 hrs ;-)

    well done hello games, just wish i had more time to spend in this universe

  • switch holiday abroad goodness

  • wow, first game in years that i traded in. Paid full price when i picked up an xbox X. seemed to much like a alpha release to me. Created a nice world, but not enough in it. In the end traded it in, and played it with gamepass

  • it was good, not as good as the original. but solid fps

  • switch holiday abroad goodness. so Hard. in the end our Luke managed to grind past a few bosses

  • loved pacman when i was 13 at the local youth club, still love it now.

  • Got it to play the VE Starwars mission, holy crap. brought tears to my eyes

  • Picked this up for the Switch, love a bit of Wonderboy. Although think i would have also liked a true version of the wonderboy 1

  • Game Pass ;-) I had a great time with the previous one. this was was okay at best. She deserves better

  • PS VR. Was fun for a few hrs

  • VR. Have a fun few hrs. but the multi player matching system just didnt work

  • still good game, but didnt play it much this year

  • after 9 yrs on Android, got myself an Iphone. With the commutes to London and forgetting my Switch. This kept my entertained for a few hrs.

  • Ditto above

  • VR . was abit disappointment. Expected a better light gun game than this.

  • GamePass, this game is okay at the best. But does make me wonder why isn't GOW more impactfull on me now. His it changed, or have I