Worst and/or disappointing games I played in 2013

Worst because I thought they were rubbish, Disappointing because I had hoped for more (therefore game might not be poor, just not as good as I had imagined)

Note, i tend to listen to a lot of podcast, and therefore any massive stinkers I tend to stay away from. Although I may pick it up later on in the sales to tell for myself

List items

  • (Xbox360) It doesn't Work, controls rubbish. Such a shame as the original is ace

  • (PC)What the hell, Utterly Average. At least it is consistent. looks Poor, Plays Poor and control feels poor. What the Hell ID

  • (PC) Heard so much about this game before I got it, Just didn't grab me. Have tried to get into it on a few separate occasions, but no luck.

    Maybe to much on the puzzle side for me, and I just don't enjoy puzzle games

  • (PC)Adored the first one and played it Coop to the end with Pete. Was expecting more in the follow up, they haven't added enough

  • (PC)had been keeping an look out for this for a few yrs, when it hit the steam sale. YES. But really 'average', and didn't like or think the story boards in between the shooting worked. Sorry, but would rather put on one of the Cave classics

  • Everyone plays it, thought I needed to give it a go. Just not my cup of tea. Think would need more hrs to increase my skills, than i have. Can see how people can get lost into this world, but not for me at the moment

  • (PC) I must remember to research more before i buy during steam sales. Sorry, but I just don't get on with the controls