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Prior to the next PlayStation Announcement... is my wishlist for Sony's next generation PlayStation console, games and services.

EDIT: Giant Bomb tools are borked. I apologise for this poor layout.

  1. NO Pay-to-Play-Online Subscriptions. I don't want another Xbox LIVE bullshit where I pay £X per month/year for playing games online. Sure, that subscription includes other unlocks; however those services are those that I either: do not use (Internet Explorer for Xbox? Go fuck yourself), or is stupid to lock in the first place (such as: YouTube and Netflix). Fuck that shit. If Sony wishes to continue PlayStation Plus, I welcome that.
  2. IMPROVE the console, with the PlayStation 3 as the base. Slot-loading Blu-ray drive, whisper quiet, incredible cooling, small form factor, Bluetooth, and user-upgradable hard drives. Some upgrades may be: USB 3.0, WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac, BDXL Slot-loading Blu-ray drive (for expanded disc space), SSD (non-user-accessible, for the system OS), and Bluetooth 4.0 to say the least. The PlayStation 3 is a beast of a machine (still using my 60GB Phat PlayStation 3!!!). Improve on this excellent piece of hardware.
  3. IMPROVE the OS, with the PS3 OS as the base. The PS3 OS is miles better than the Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U. It is customisable, displays no Ads, and easy to navigate. Some improvements may be: faster loading of icons, images, and other content (such as: the system seeing the BD/DVD/CD disc faster than is currently does); change displays of content (view as grid, rows, or even file size (for content such as save or DLC (with actual size comparisons)). Again, the OS is great, improve on this.
  4. COMPLETE Cloud Integration, with the consequence of Always/Partial-Online. This idea somewhat inspired by Steam. Promoting an always-online connection for content is mostly seen as a bad idea by and for consumers, but with great ideas and implementation, can reward those who stay always-online. Allow the user to install games to the system (from the retail disc) and play off the console--using a verification server to associate and validate the PSN user and/or console to the retail disc on launch of content and/or at periodic intervals (such as: every 1 hour). For "validation-on-system-launch" content, an internet connection is required to launch the game from the console (this applies only to content installed from a retail disc, and is bypassed if the user inserts said game into the console). For periodic verifcations, this procedure will require an "auto-game-data-save by the console OS" for games with save points, for cases where the verification system cannot validate the content but also so that the user also does not lose the current save game progress (such as: sudden internet disconnection). Again, this system applies to content installed from retail discs, and is bypassed when the user inserts said game retail disc into the console to continue playing (regardless if there is an internet connection or the game is not validated). This is just a rough idea to reward users for staying online.

With Microsoft taking the Xbox to a more TV, Film and Music entertainment hub; this is Sony's chance to take the lead in the gaming space.

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