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Really pleased with this game! 2

I want to start with a disclaimer on this one. I've only played a few missions and a skirmish so far. Still, I've formed an early opinion that I'm eager to share.I was a fan of the original Halo Wars. While it's not as deep as the RTS games I've loved in the past, it had a good story mode, the controls were a good introduction for fans who might not have grown up with the genre, and it looked really great. It also had one of the all-time great Halo cut-scenes (look up Halo Wars Monsters some tim...

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What threat is there from a zombie with no teeth? 0

EDIT: I just noticed after posting this review that the game is already knocked down to half price less than a month after its release. That really tells you all you should need to know. But if you want the full tirade, then read on:Dead Rising, as a franchise, once had a certain personality. These were never easy games, tho not truly difficult either. They had a particular set of challenges that fans and followers either enjoyed or hated, but all who played it remembered it one way or another. ...

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So this is what happens when Godzilla takes a dump. 0

This is not a complete review of a game I played for hours on end. This is a first, quick, and last impressions of a game that shows no interest in making a great experience for the player. This is a cash-in turd with no soul.I was a big fan of the old PS2/Xbox/GameCube era Godzilla games. They seemed low budget, but since the movies are low budget that's fine. Low budget but fun is a perfectly serviceable niche, especially for a kaiju game. Those old games just kinda "got" what a Godzilla game ...

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Ugh... shooting drone tanks... again??? 0

My reverence for the Arkham games is well known among my friends. But since anyone reading this likely doesn't know me on a personal level, let me just say that Asylum and City were easy GotY contenders for me in the years in which they were released. I've yet to ever play a "perfect" game, but these were as close as I've seen to the lofty height of perfection in my entire time spent gaming. There's just, simply, a lot to like in both Asylum and City. And we'll just all agree not to speak of Ark...

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In the words of Frank West... FANTASTIC! 0

A quick preface here. I'm a huge fan of Dead Rising and all it's sequels. So while I'll try to write this as objectively as I can, the simple truth is I am going to be gushing a bit here. For better or worse. So before you read any farther I want you to know what you're in for.-Paul***********************************************************************************Dead Rising 3 hits all the right notes as it takes yet another new protagonist on a fun journey through some almost whimsical silline...

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This is the "Batman Forever" of the Arkham series 0

In the years since the release of Arkham Asylum, I have been an avid singer of this series praises. Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City were masterfully crafted pieces of Gothic inspired artwork. They both captured a slice of Batman's fictional life, and put the player in an interesting world full of colorful villains, exciting combat, stealthy engagements, and all of it with a serviceable narrative hook to drive it all. Not the best comic book fiction ever, but certainly done well en...

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I guess "The Mediocre Spider-man" isn't a catchy enough title 0

Amazing Spider-man is not exactly the game many of you may be hoping for. This is a return to an open world like many have been clammoring for over the years since Beenox took the reigns on Spider-man titles. But the open world is not much of a sandbox in this case.Web-swinging is Spider-man's calling card. And you really need that to be interesting if you want a Spider-man game to stand out. And unfortunately, ASM just doesn't get it. For that matter, it would be difficult to say if Beenox "get...

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What can be said about the new SSX? It's got a lot of things going for it. It also may leave some fans in the lurch. It largely depends on what SSX games of old meant to you.In the PS2/XboX generation, SSX was the standout snowboarding game. Eschewing the realism of other games for a balls to the wall, over the top experience. Tricks were crazy, fast, and insane if taken at face value.Fast forward to 2012 and we live in a world where Shaun White can pull off some pretty insane things in real lif...

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One strange animal 1

OK let me preface this by saying that I am a Dead Rising fanboy. A major one. I am well aware of all the games flaws and issues and I couldn't care less. I enjoyed the first Dead Rising like no game before it. As a huge fan of Romero films and zombie fiction of all kinds, Dead Rising was the first game I felt truly captured the feeling of an oppressive "Zombie Event". And of course the parallels to Dawn of the Dead didn't hurt it either. The original Dawn is a timeless classic that has been a hi...

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