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    Progenitor Virus

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    The Progenitor Virus formed the foundation of the Umbrella Corporation. The very first Virus discovered by Umbrella, it preceded and formed the basis for other Viral Agents, including the T-Virus.

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    The Progenitor Virus is a fictional virus found in the Resident Evil series.  Discovered in Africa on December 4, 1967, the Progenitor Virus would go on to form the basis for all of the Umbrella Corporation's future viral experiments.  For Umbrella's founders, Lord Ozwell E. Spencer, Dr. James Marcus and Edward Ashford, the Progenitor, or Mother Virus was exactly what they were looking for.
    The virus turned out to be very useful in the creation of the bioweapons that Umbrella wanted to exploit.  However, the results were often random, inefficient, and uncontrollable.  Eventually, work began on effectively taming the virus with the hopes of creating powerful, controllable bioweapons to market for Umbrella's profit.

    After much experimentation with several different strains, success was finally met in the form of the T-Virus. By combining leech DNA with the Progenitor Virus, Dr. Marcus was able to synthesize a viable mutagen which could produce higher quality bioweapons far more likely to be come the super soldiers Umbrella desired than those created by the basic Progenitor strain.

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