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210749 drocat Game Overview Fixed grammatical typo. 12/09/15 11:39AM 3 Approved
171111 Mike Game Overview added PoE as an alias because why not? 04/08/15 03:25AM 1 Approved
170512 schnoo Game Overview System Requirements 04/04/15 01:48AM 12 Approved
170430 ECW28 Game Overview 04/03/15 04:56PM 2 Denied
169864 schnoo Game Overview Added Recruitable Characters 04/01/15 12:37AM 53 Approved
169342 enotinu Game Overview 03/28/15 07:56AM 164 Approved
168953 samanthademeste Game Overview 03/25/15 01:58PM 44 Approved
168952 Mike Game Releases 03/25/15 01:52PM 2 Approved
168798 SuperVHS Game Overview 03/25/15 02:26AM 1 Approved
167499 BGoldenTLE Game Overview 03/17/15 08:26PM 4 Approved
154180 Karkarov Game Overview ... Just fixing a few mistakes (such as claiming it is part of the D&D franchise) and adding a few additional details missing from the current article. 01/14/15 08:02PM 17 Approved
154034 DaBuddaDa New Release 01/14/15 08:28AM 7 Approved
143825 Marino Game Overview 10/30/14 03:37PM 18 Approved
120190 samanthademeste Game Overview 07/07/14 08:12AM 16 Approved
94270 VehementAbyss Game Overview 03/18/14 10:57PM 2 Approved
89614 SpudTheBlackLab Game Overview Obsidian's official page actually says winter 2014 for the release, so I just put Q4 02/21/14 09:41AM 16 Approved
74379 GoombahMike Game Overview Added "of" to deck. 12/11/13 01:21PM 6 Approved
74152 mracoon Game Overview 12/10/13 02:44PM 7 Approved
74149 mracoon Game Overview 12/10/13 02:42PM 2 Approved
74147 mracoon Game Overview 12/10/13 02:41PM 4 Approved
2537 Scorch Game Overview Bringing info up to date and cleaning out outdated kickstarter info. 02/15/13 04:46AM 0 Denied

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