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Forza is much better. 0

The game is fun, don't get me wrong, but moving from PGR 3 to PGR 4 is quite a huge change, first off, the got rid of the feature that allowed the player to walk around their virtual garage and look at all the cars that they own (Which if you're a car enthusiast like myself, is really awesome) infarct, you don't even own any cars, you just unlock them and have the ability to use them in different races. They've also added motorcycles to the game, I will say that it is fun driving a motorcycle i...

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Throroughly Entertaining, But Not Outstanding 0

The Project Gotham Series has entertained me since I picked up PGR2 way back on the original XBOX. PGR2 was one of the first few games to utilize online play through Xbox Live, and it did it fantastically well. When I got PGR3 at the Xbox 360 release I was pumped for more fun like that online. The game stayed awesome for single play throughout the arcade mode, but the online championships killed the casual fun that PGR2 had going for it online.PGR4 has a high quality single player mode. In fact,...

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PGR 4 review 1

With automotive monsters like Forza Motorsport 2 and DiRT nicely filling their respective niches, you might wonder what there is left to do with the racing genre. As fun as it can be, Project Gotham Racing 4 doesn't seem to know either.Making an ImpressionAt first glance, every race in PGR 4 is a stylish mix of simulation precision, arcade excitement, and egomaniacal showboating. Showing skill on the asphalt in any form earns you Kudos--everything from peel-outs and powerslide drifts to expert c...

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My favorite racing game to come out so far. 0

Project Gotham Racing is my favorite racing series, anyone who knows my gaming habits already knows this. It is my favorite series for good reason,its beautiful, its addictive, and its fun, but still on the realistic side. As the latest in the series this is naturally now my favorite racing game, but let me explain why.The graphics are stunning. PGR3 already had amazing graphics and PGR4 has improved on them immensely, which is a good thing because racing is a genre where graphics actually somew...

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Is this the best PGR? 0

PGR 4 has come out in a bundle copy with SEGA Superstars Tennis on almost every Xbox now, it was around the time at Christmas it was most popular. Anyway, is this the best PGR to date? No it's not, it's a great game, but it doesn't beat PGR 3, PGR 4's graphics are amazing, and looking through all of the views is cool, and getting a motorbike for the first time!But sometimes it feels like it should just be Project Gotham 4, Because there literally is no racing in it. This is because, most of the ...

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Project Gotham Racing 4 0

Under the radar is the understatement of 2007 with Project Gotham Racing 4. This game was hardly covered by any major media outlet. After the first reveal in early in 2007 by Peugot, people mostly forgot about it. Even after a release date was given, nothing. The game went gold, still nothing. Hands-on articles were tough to come by. Released so soon after Halo 3, and in a year when we had Forza 2, Mass Effect, Rock Band, and a lot of other huge releases, it’s easy to see why it slipped past eve...

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While nothing revolutionary, PGR4 still manages to stand out. 0

    The first Project Gotham Racer not being launched along side either a system or XBL is finally here. And while it may not live up to past expectations, PGR4 is able to hold its head high above the surplus of mediocre racers on the Xbox 360.                    The first thing you will notice about PGR is its implementing of racer personalities. Upon starting up the game you are asked to create a racer and to pick out a helmet, cloths and a paint jobs. Your character will be put up against oth...

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Project gotham racing is back with dynamic new Visuals 0

Gameplay: After pgr3 I tought that the 4th game in the series would be too similar to the third PGR that I hesitate buying this one but then since the game was cheap I decided to give it a try whatsoever. I started playing Career and I tought of the game fun because you have a calendar that describes wich event is on what day and youve got many cars to choose from exotic cars,tuners,muscle. The best part is that PGR4 has added weather effects that makes the game twice better because every bump o...

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