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It is unknown where Projekt Red was born, but she was adopted and trained by Kal'tsit from an early age, and now works as part of the S.W.E.E.P. division under her direct command, dealing with high-level threats to Rhodes Island. Red is a lone wolf who largely keeps to herself. Other Operators, especially Lupus, are afraid of Red and keep their distance, as they believe her presence means that something violent and gruesome is about to happen. However, there are signs that Red is trying to open up socially to her colleagues in Rhodes Island.

Kal'tsit mentions in an archive file that there is an entity called "Grandma" that has shaped Red's life and possibly her future, but it is unknown who or what "Grandma" is.


Projekt Red is a 5-star melee Specialist Operator who can be deployed on ground-level tiles only. She has the ability to redeploy about 4 times faster than most other Operators after retreating, with a much lower DP cost compared to most other Operators, allowing her to rejoin the battle very quickly. Red has skills that can sharply increase her own attack or stun enemies on the same tile she deploys to. Her Talent, "Chill," lets Red deal a minimum 20-30% of her ATK power to enemies regardless of their DEF stat. These make her useful for disrupting groups of enemies and heavily damaging single targets who sneak through the player's defensive line, or to buy time for other Operators to finish off wounded enemies. On the other hand, Red has very low DEF and can only block one enemy at a time, meaning she likely won't be on the battlefield for long.


  • Projekt Red's name is a direct reference to CD Projekt Red, the development studio behind The Witcher series. However, in China, her name is just "Red."
  • The likeness and backstory of Projekt Red (especially "Grandma") is a reference to the fable of Little Red Riding Hood.

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