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    Squad leader of the Delta Force team in Crysis. Gives Nomad (Crysis 1 progagonist) objectives throughout the game. He also plays a supporting role in Crysis 2 and then returns as the main protagonist of Crysis 3.

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    Prophet is the leader of the United States strike force sent in to answer the distress call at the North Korean excavation site in Crysis. Prophet's character (along with all the other characters from the Crysis games), has little overall development but it is obvious that he knows more about the alien invaders then he initially lets on. He shows the ability to adapt an alien machinegun known as a MOAC for human usage without any tools or work to show for it minutes after the alien threat is even confirmed to exist. Beyond this curious knowledge, Prophet is a loose cannon, using his own discretion in every situation rather than letting his superiors handle things.

    He also plays a supporting role in Crysis 2. He then returns as the main protagonist of Crysis 3.


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