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Whoo boy look at those Goblins 13

The pretty purple princess from somewheronia was doing her thing until Goblins hauled her off to a dank castle on the other side of the yard. The princess rescue operation was put into immediate effect and before long four heroes managed to bust her out of the goblin castle. Problem is the Goblins weren't exactly thrilled so by the thousands they pursue with the sole intention of punishing the princess and maybe giving the heroes a good thwacking if they get in the way.   Protect Me Knight is th...

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A Nostalgia-Fest. 1

In this age of video games where shiny graphics, motion controls, and robust online features reign supreme there's one game that doesn't feature any of that. That game is Protect Me Knight from Xbox Live Indie Games. The game is a 2D action game where you are tasked to protect a princess from evil forces like goblins, minotaurs, and succubus. It plays similarly to a tower defense game except the tower, being the princess, can be moved. If the princess receives too much damage, she lets out a scr...

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A fun little throw back with a little spice 1

As of late I have been enjoying the indie games on xbox live. They range from great to unplayable and this one is I am happy to say is great. Coming in at 230mp this is a cheap little way to spend about a hour with some friends. The man draw to me personally was the music and the art style with just gushes 8 bit glory. The music and art both reminded me a lot of a old nes game "Legacy of the Wizard" which I enjoyed very much.  While Protect Me Knight might share the same style as  Legacy of the ...

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