Proteus is pretty sweet.

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Yeah I really love the tunes it creates while you explore, I got the standard version but now listening to it I'm tempted to get that artifact version (pretty much a sort of collectors edition) just for the OST. 

Pardon for the iffy FPS, it plays a lot better than that but recording game footage with fraps on a crappy laptop is never a good thing.

  not that much to do though, but for 7,50 I recommend everyone to give it a try.
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What do you do in it? Just walk around and explore? How do the landscapes vary?

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@mandude: Yeah you pretty much just walk around and explore, the landscape does vary, specially when the seasons change, but the real meat of it I think is the music and sounds and how it all reacts to your exploration, also the wind waker eske graphics look great.
This is what I would call a chill out game.
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Sounds like something I'd be into. I'll be sure to give this a shot. Not sure why these kinds of games appeal to me, but I guess they do.

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Looks cool, but I think it'd have to have more gameplay than just walking around. Exploring minecraft is a huge part of that game, but there's an incentive to do so.

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I'm waiting for the sequel, Proteus.avi.

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You can "finish" it though. and its got a cool "ending." has anyone else gotten it yet?

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I take it all back, what I said two replies up, I've played about 50 minutes. It's fantastic.

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