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The Joy of Proteus, and How It Passed Me By. 0

I wish I understood the magical, revelatory experiences people have had with Proteus. I feel like I’m missing something and I’m very jealous. Am I a heathen, or is it just that gamers don’t relax or go outside very much and therefore a quiet moment under a pixel tree becomes blissfully mind blowing?I hope you like looking at pixelated trees.Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful thing; the colour palettes are gorgeous, watching blossom fall is enchanting, and seeing the clouds roll in from the s...

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Proteus is a island that is definitely worth visiting 0

I’m not sure if it is possible to play Proteus in a more perfect setting than where I was when I played the game for the first time to “completion”. I was on a skiing holiday on the snowy slopes of Mt. Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan. So much snow had been dumped from the clouds that most of the ski lifts were closed for the day, so to entertain myself I put on my headphones and launched Proteus; not really knowing what to expect.Honestly, the less you know about this game before you play it the bette...

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An experience that left me wanting for more 0

Proteus's lackluster visuals are off set by the interesting audio and visual cues it uses to convey a sense of place and time. The experience works well with a strong finish, but the lack of interaction with world around you feels like a missed opportunity....

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Ever-Present 0

Your eyes open.You're standing on water, but can't look at yourself to see how it's possible. Moving forward in a smooth, hovering fashion, an island appears in the distance. Music manifests out of the air and from the living plants and creatures on the island. You hear the sound of cascading flutes and sliding, almost theremin-like, synthesizer tones interjected with arrhythmic bells and chimes. You proceed further into the island. The trees are lush with pink flowers. Frogs, squirrels, rabbits...

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Dean Cleans Off His Steam List - Proteus 0

Proteus launches, and I am standing in the ocean, looking at an island in the distance. Everything I can see is constructed out of blocky, Atari-2600-ish pixels. Not knowing my purpose in this world, I slowly tread water to the beach. I find a cluster of small white creatures there bobbing their heads and chatting with each other in honks and blorts, looking like something from a cross of Princess Mononoke and Tron. When I get too close, the little mob shrieks and darts underground.Ah yes, this ...

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The latest causality in "Games as Art" debate. 0

Have you ever played a game where the mechanics were so rich you felt like you could refine the entire thing into one concept and it would still be great? That feeling may work for many games but most of the time you won’t find out one way or the other. Most designers and gamers alike understand that games are an amalgamation of many ideas rather than a thoroughly impressive one-trick pony. This understanding seems to have evaded the creators of Proteus, or maybe they thought their game was exem...

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Proteus review 2

Proteus transcends the videogame genres in an epic style, its subdued laid back undertones wont be appreciated by 99 percent of the general public, but that lucky 1 percent like me, will appreciate the games many allegories, and its stark use of confronting imagery. You play as a shipwreck survivor whom finds themselves washed upon a literal shore of various beasts and plant life. The game also has the occasional man made obelisk or structure to spice up the landscape, but there is so much vis...

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lame... 0

I don't get it...pretty lame if ya ask me... i'm not hipster enough to like this boring ass game. I get the whole artsy-fartsy stuff, But really? You take postcard pictures, sit and close your eyes? why? if I wanted to look at trees..ya know the real variety, i'd just go outside. ...

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