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Protocore is a fast paced survival FPS made with Unreal Engine 4 and is the first game developed by IUMTEC, a French indie studio based in Strasbourg.

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In Protocore, the player is dropped into arena-like rooms inside the Autonoma, a massive spaceship seemingly devoid of any organic lifeform. Triumphing over the relentless waves, reaching the objective in a given time... Are key for the player to enter the next room, where stronger and more enemies await. It's killed or be killed, and the number's game isn't in the player's favour.


As of December 2018, the game is still in Pre-alpha and thus, very basic, gameplay and content-wise. The pre-alpha version contains the survival mode in which the player has to survive ten rounds while getting the highest possible score. Ultimately, this mode will be turned into an endless mode, where rounds will go on and on until the player inevitably dies.

Future Plans

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A story mode has been planned, and a lot more of ideas are being brainstormed and tested, and will hopefully come later down the line.

As one starts a game, they can choose between 3 weapons : an assault rifle, a shotgun and a grenade launcher.

At this point, there’s only 5 different weapons, but about 30 are planned at release.

After choosing a weapon, the player enters the game with random picked abilities (One passive and 2 actives) ranging from counter attacks on melee hit to hacking enemy units. Currently, 7 special abilities are available (3 passives and 4 actives). As the development goes, more will be added when and if they add something interesting to the gameplay.

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Once in the arena, there are currently 4 types of enemies sent out to kill the player :

- The basic one is the helper. Average melee robot, once built to help humans with various tasks. Also the basis for the three other types of enemies.

- The Engi is an improved version of the helper, that can shoot from a distance.

- The Raptor is a helper that has been stripped of every 'useless' feature. Fast, and acting in packs. Also equipped with Vicious. Glowing. Claws.

-The Suicide is similar to a Raptor with no arms in every point. Except its goal is to blow up when near the player.

More enemies are to come. Sturdier ones.

Enemies killed can drop power-ups, like shield boosts, or ammo kegs.

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Environment-wise, only 2 arenas are available at this stage. Eight to ten maps are planned per sector of the Autonoma, and at least 3 sectors are planned.


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