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    ProtoMan.EXE, known as Blues.EXE in Japan, is a NetNavi from the MegaMan Battle Network series operated by the ace NetBattler Eugene Chaud (Ijūin Enzan) and rival of MegaMan.

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    ProtoMan is the NetNavi of Eugene Chaud. He fights using a laser sword and a shield and has appeared in every single MegaMan Battle Network game as rival and ally of MegaMan.

    Proto Soul

    When MegaMan resonates with ProtoMan in Mega Man Battle Network 4 or Mega Man Battle Network 5, he gains ProtoSoul, and receives Protoman's WideSword. ProtoSoul is activated by sacrificing a Sword-type chip.

    MegaMan in ProtoSoul Form.
    MegaMan in ProtoSoul Form.
    • MegaMan's charged buster becomes a WideSword attack.
    • Sword chips can be charged for double damage, and gain the movement characteristics of StepSword.
    • MegaMan also acquires ProtoMan's reflector, activated by pressing B and back on the D-pad. This reflects the opponent's attack, causing 50 damage.


    Design-wise, ProtoMan.EXE appears to be a combination elements from both classic Proto Man and Zero. Like classic Proto Man he has a visor, a shield, acts alternatively as opponent and ally of MegaMan and often shows up in the nick of time. Like Zero he has a laser sword, a long ponytail, and a rivalry with a character named Colonel.


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