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Alright, so the Colossal Mayhem Pack is coming out in a few days. In it we'll get:

  • Thermobaric Boomstick
  • Heller Test Subject skin
  • Infantry Heller skin
  • Infected Heller skin
  • Warp Vortex
  • Air Time
  • Anti Gravity

All told, it's a good buy for five bucks. The next pack we'll get is Excessive Force Pack on the 29th. While we don't know exactly what's on it, we know one thing....


It's just a skin though, which is disappointing....

What say you all? Excited? Somewhat?

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Wait this is not part of the DLC you get with new copies?
That DLC is already strentched out way too far in terms of time, making it kind of pointless.
This just feels like further bad DLC decisions, definately not good enough for $5.
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You do get this for free if you pre-ordered the collectors edition.

But no, even with Radnet, you still have to purchase it....

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