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We've been here before, but there's still plenty of fun to be had 2

Prototype 2 feels like a complete re-tread of the first game in almost every single way imaginable. While that’s not a definitively bad thing, the original Prototype had some impressive ideas and really showed potential that could have been expanded on for a sequel. Prototype 2 is by no means a terrible game, but as a follow up to what the original offered, it’s hard not to be disappointed by this sequel, which makes absolutely no attempt to drastically improve or even alter anything that was do...

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Just Plain Fun 0

A review By TheAcidSkullDespite the fact that most people kind bashed on prototype due to it's competitor Infamous( You should see what happens on youtube), I always enjoyed Prototype more due to the sheer destruction and fun, plus The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is one of my favorite games so it's not really surprising that I'd be drawn by a game with similar mechanics. (They were created by the same developers after all). So the announcement of prototype 2 had me really excited, but...

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Heller you think your so bad 0

Prototype 2 reviewed by Doc D StrangeFirst off, this review is just from the short period of time that I played of this superbly awful game. The reason behind me not finishing Prototype 2 is because I just got so bored playing it that I just decided I've had enough with it. I always finish the games that I review but if the MBG (Micro Brew Gamer) stops playing your game half way through, then that really says alot about your game. Damn wish I would have thought of this not finishing a game cause...

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Prototype 2 0

So I guess I am the only user who reviewed Spider The Video game but I do like this game too.... So besides my personal side of this review does anybody like that Massive Tendril Barrage Heller unleashes in the ending, even that if it should have been a playable devastator in this game and also let you control where the Tendrils should go, however too much animations would overwhelm the developers, so just simply the M.T.B.D. and how about the other powers that I love too Tendrils(first level on...

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Nothing more than face value. 0

I was leaping across skyscrapers with ease heading towards a top-secret military facility were a scientist gone mad was conducting outlandish research while being protected by tanks. There were too many guards to tackle this fortress head on. I made use of my shape shifting skills by stealthily absorbing one of the guards and taking his form. I walked through biometrics security without any hitches. The guards suspect nothing as I approach my target. With my sword arm, I decapitate my foe. Revea...

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Competent Enemy Required 0

Just a note here: I have not played the first Prototype game. I’ve only glanced at its generally favorable reviews and left the game there. Therefore coming into Prototype 2, the sequel, I’ve had some mild expectations, assuming that 2’s foundation is already solid and that there will be some improvements, therefore a better product. But by the time the clock reads 5 hours, I have had a bit of a sinking feeling that my standards won’t be met. Don’t misinterpret me; Prototype 2 still has some awe...

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Flawed, dumb and surprisingly fun 0

Prototype 2 is a silly game. Its promotional material may try to paint it as something else but its sensibilities remain right in line with its flawed predecessor. The Johnny Cash-laden trailer – full of dead families and sad photographs - may try to elicit some kind of emotional resonance by pulling at the heartstrings of a broken father’s plight, but the story and its characters are little more than a propellant for the absurd actionPrototype 2 revels in. It’s hardly an emotional journey and i...

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Infected Revenge 0

Prototype 2 features a new protagonist in James Heller, a military man whose return home finds a rift in his family. Angry at the lost of those he loved, Heller joins up with a Specials Ops groups in the hopes that they’ll encounter Alex Mercer, who he blames for the current state of New York. When he does find Mercer, he is easily overpowered, but Mercer then gives Heller powers of his own, hoping he will join him in a plan to correct the events of the outbreak. He then leaves Heller, and playe...

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Even with Crashes an Enjoyable experience 0

Plenty of 360 reviews, wanted to add a pc perspective.If you can't stand an enjoyable new game crashing occasionally, then wait and see if this game gets patched.I am not a fan of the original Prototype, I enjoyed it for a few hours then felt overwhelmed with the controls/action/and difficulty. The sequel fixes the difficulty by it's more gradual difficulty curve and by doling out new abilities in smaller more manageable chunks.If you're familiar with the original you'll know you have a plethora...

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Prototype 2 is a fun game, but what's built around it isn't great 0

Sometimes I wonder how people come up with ideas. There have been spells in the past where games come out around the same period and are centred on matching themes or gameplay. We’ve had World War II, zombies and psychic power, and in 2009, Radical Entertainment released Prototype, a game featuring a lead named Alex Mercer who has superpowers that allow him to change his body into weapons or shapeshift into exact copies of other characters. It’s also an open world game where you could explore Ne...

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Mindless fun, but with a lackluster center. 0

While it's commonly thought that things don't require fixing if they aren't broken, it seems that Activision has taken the phrase to heart with the very same-y Prototype 2. Set not too long after the original, Prototype 2 places the player in the shoes of the rather unlikable James Heller, a soldier who returns from Iraq to find his wife and child dead. Set primarily just outside the (somewhat overused) location of Manhattan Island, the game begins with Heller being imbibed with powers not unlik...

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A worthy successor to an underrated franchise 1

The original Prototype was a divisive title, managing to impress while also to wholly annoy. It successfully made you feel the part of the anti-hero badass with your ample supply of treacherous mutations, but it progressively fell short in both the narrative and gameplay departments. Prototype 2 disposes of these issues and goes far beyond what Radical Entertainment gave us with the original game, almost three years ago.Prototype 2 follows the story of a soldier named James Heller. Having lost h...

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Little iteration on this Prototype 0

The first Prototype, released in 2009, had the misfortune of being released alongside the more critically acclaimed Infamous. While the similarities amounted to nothing more than two super humans running through an open world, Prototype was still swept aside as the unloved twin.Radical Entertainment still had faith in the series. It wasn't all unwarranted, either. There were some unique ideas in the first game. The ability to shape shift into anyone you kill opened up all sorts of interesting cl...

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Better than Original, But Still Lacking 0

The first Prototype was an interesting game with an intriguing premise but a wealth of problems. Visuals got ugly quickly and the game became insanely difficult (worse than Red Faction Guerilla, which was infamously rough). Your protagonist, Alex Mercer, was thoroughly unlikeable and his powers were OK but the game wasn't really tailored around his abilities. They were hoping to emulate Hulk: Ultimate Destruction but it was not nearly as good (heck, not as good as the good, but not as great, Hul...

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Mediocrity at its best 0

Ill just start out saying I dont do this review thing much anymore, but I couldnt hold myself back from commenting on the new game, Prototype 2. Its hard not to talk about this game as there was much controversy about all the layoffs from radical and whatnot. That doesnt explain why they put out such a blatant rehash of the first. It feels more like Prototype 1.5 then a full sequel.Radical improved the visuals, made the gameplay smoother, and difficulty more balanced out. Unfortunately, that is ...

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