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    PS2 Classics

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    Digital re-releases of PlayStation 2 games for later Sony-branded game systems.

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    PS2 Classics are emulated games for the Playstation 3 available on the Playstation Network. These releases are playable on all PS3s and PS4s and do not require backwards compatibility. These ports are not enhanced HD versions and therefore are essentially as they were on the PS2. However, some differences have been found. For example, Odin Sphere is reported to have improved frame rate on the PSN release but Psychonauts is known to have severe visual glitches and audio sync issues. Other known differences include track omissions on GTA: Vice CIty radio due to not relicensing some songs, most notably Michael Jackson's "Gotta Be Startin' Somethin'". Persona 3 is also known to have saving glitches. Fatal Fame II received a rerelease of the rerelease due to major audio/visual issues. Information regarding port quality of PS2 Classics are limited.


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