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    The PSS (Pistolet Sptsialnyj Samozaryadnyj) was the handgun used by the Soviet KGB and Spetsnaz in the 1980s. It is especially known for its built-in silencer.

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    The PSS is the ultimate silent pistol produced by the Soviet Union around 1980. Unlike its predecessors, which could only hold two shots, the PSS could carry six rounds. The PSS was a rare gun used by the KGB as of 1983, chiefly for us in assassinations and espionage mssions. It is still in service today in Spetsnaz of various nations, but is exceedingly rare generally.

    The PSS in Metal Gear Solid 4

    The PSS is one of the only silenced handguns not requiring a suppressor available to Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4. The PSS is small and carries a small clip, but is valued for its silenced barrel and light weight, making it easy to aim.

    Details on the PSS in Metal Gear Solid 4:
    How to obtain: The PSS can be bought from Drebin for 5,000DP. It is also carried by some of the Dwarf Gekko (aka SCARABs). It can also be found in a number of places laying around for Snake to pick up.
    Damage: D
    Shock: D
    Penetration: C
    Stability: A
    Reload: S
    Lock: B
    Special Note: The PSS is naturally silenced, doesn't need a suppressor, and the silencing never wears out the way a suppressor will.
    Customization: The PSS cannot be customized.
    Metal Gear Online: The PSS is unavailable in MGO.

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