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New Characters

  • Might
  • Patty
  • Genshin
  • Setsuna
  • Gudeath
  • Carlos
  • Regina

Returning Characters

  • Burn
  • Wendy
  • Emilio
  • Gates
  • Keith
  • Wong

Game Modes

  • Arcade Mode

Allows you to fight random opponents 
  • Story Mode

Play characters in there story.
  • Training Mode

Practice against a training dummy.
  • Vs. Human Mode

Fight against your friend.
  • Vs. Com Mode

Fight against a computer.
  • Watch Mode

Watching both computers fight each other.
  • Options Mode

Change settings of the game.
  • Records

View characters and modes. 


  • Unlock Burn
Beat story mode and arcade mode with all characters including Keith and Wong. (Set 2 rounds only)   

  • Unlock Keith
Unlock Wong first, then beat arcade mode with all characters. (Set 2 rounds only) 

  • Unlock Wong
Beat story ode with all characters. 
  • Play as Evil Emilio (Silver)
Play Emilio 30 times on any game modes, or do 16 hours of gameplay in any mode. To select Evil Emilio, highlight Emelio and press X. (Note: Doesn't work on Story Mode) 
  • Play as Good Emilio (Gold)
Play Emelio 50 times on any game modes, or do 18 hours of gameplay in any mode. To select Good Emilio, highlight Emelio and press Y. (Note: Doesn't work on Story Mode)



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