Minecraft's Creator Offers to Fund Psychonauts 2 [UPDATED]

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#201 Posted by probablytuna (4922 posts) -

Very interesting.... I bought Psychonauts on Steam but haven't played it yet. If a sequel does get green lit, I might have to start playing the first game sooner.

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#202 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2247 posts) -
@mracoon said:
@Branthog said: 
Yeah, but a proper console game (not XBLA/PSN) must cost like at least $10mil to develop and I'm not sure Notch would be willing to give that away. Also, that figure is all revenue and doesn't take into account taxes, overheads and whatnot. Notch needs money to develop his own games too! I agree with your last point that Mojang could kickstart development before a bigger investor came in.
Look at Double Fine and Mojang, both have a history of being download only developers. Especially Double Fine seems to be very comfortable to release smaller downloadable games. There is no reason a new Psychonauts could not be a PSN/XBLA/Steam game. And I highly doubt that game would cost double digits millions to make. 
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#203 Posted by TheMasterDS (2912 posts) -

Can't wait!

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#204 Posted by Cube (4385 posts) -

This would be super cool. Even if it's downloadable. Consider my interest piqued.

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#205 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

Go Sweden!

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#206 Posted by Eternal (31 posts) -

Go for it but I won't play it.

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#207 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4107 posts) -

Oh god...OH GOD!
This would be so awesome. Notch I love you.

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#208 Posted by jedge (71 posts) -

I haven't played the first (yet), but I'm happy for all the fans who have been clamouring for a sequel ever since. Now if we can just get Notch to fund a current-gen sequel to Okami or Viewtiful Joe... Preferably both.

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#209 Posted by Sharpless (494 posts) -

This is beautiful. I love seeing fans (albeit rich, successful ones) making a project happen, when the big studios won't.

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#210 Posted by Parsnip (1234 posts) -

Alright, lets do this.

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#211 Posted by Christoffer (2325 posts) -

I was thinking about picking up the tab myself, actually, but since Notch seems to do it... I do it next time, promise.

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#212 Posted by I_smell (4219 posts) -

...this fuckin WEIRD!

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#213 Posted by ProfessorK (869 posts) -

@jedge: Throw in Godhand and I'm all in!

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#214 Posted by Nemesis2K (198 posts) -

If this happens i will buy minecraft!

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#215 Edited by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Cool. These dudes must be even more wealthy than I thought. Funding a port is much less expensive than funding the design and production of a new game for consoles... Unless Psychonauts 2 ends up an iPad game or something.

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#216 Edited by Terranova (644 posts) -

I really hope this happens the first game was great i still have my PS2 copy as well as a Steam Version with achievements, such a shame it didn't get the credit or sales it deserved for the sequel to arrive much sooner.

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#217 Posted by AdventFalls (109 posts) -

Let this happen. LET THIS HAPPEN.

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#218 Posted by Foil1212 (474 posts) -

I need a new pair of pants. God DAMN I hope this actually pulls through!

Who would write it do you think? Wolpaw is Valve-only now, right?

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#219 Posted by subyman (726 posts) -

So lame how he asks on twitter. Don't these guys have employees that contact each other to negotiate these kind of deals? Pretty cool anyway, I didn't care for Pyschonauts but I know a lot of people will be excited.

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#220 Posted by Ersanven (96 posts) -

Time to fire up the original again. Hurray for Notch!

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#221 Posted by jerrymac54 (3 posts) -

Please please please please please let Psychonauts 2 happen

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#222 Posted by aysnick (6 posts) -

Notch is so cool for doing this.

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#223 Posted by Hef (1236 posts) -

@Foil1212: If there was a company who'd be cool to let their writes work on outside projects, it'd probably be valve. So there's hope!

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#224 Posted by digital_sin (1857 posts) -

Is this something different than the Kickstarter project?

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#225 Posted by Deusoma (3222 posts) -
@DiGiTaL_SiN said:

Is this something different than the Kickstarter project?

Yes, yes it is, the Kickstarter thing is for a point-and-click adventure game, not Psychonauts 2. It turns out Notch just had bad timing, made his offer right before they went public with that.

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