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    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Apr 19, 2005

    Developed by Double Fine Productions, Psychonauts is a platforming action-adventure game in which players take on the role of Razputin, a young psychic out to thwart an evil plot to subvert the minds of other powerful psychics.

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    This is unlike anything you've ever played before. 2

    Psychonauts is one of those golden gem games that don't get priority place on the store shelf, and despite raving  reception from the critics, still don't sell as well as they should. This is why you should buy Psychonauts. It is a very unique platformer which, thanks to the amazingly creative mind of Tim Schafer, has stunning level designs and humour that no other game can match, and will just have you begging for more.The game takes place in a summer camp for children with psychic powers. You ...

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    Possibly one of the best platformers I have played. 0

    Why didn't I buy this game when it came out? Why did I wait until now? No matter, I have played it now. And I am glad I did.This is simply put a brilliant game from the creative, crazy and funny mind of Tim Schafer. You play Razputin, a runaway circus artist, who sneaks into Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. The camp is actually a training ground for a group of elite psychic agents called The Psychonauts. Since Raz doesn't have permission to be there from his parents, he will be picked up by ...

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    Smart 0

     Psychonauts is a one of a kind game where you play a young, ten year old boy by the name of Razputin(or Raz, for short). He ran away from his dad and his dad's circus to go into a Psychic Camp to train to be a Psychonaut. The story and the storytelling is indeed the best part of this game. Each of this games characters are loveable and awesome immediatly, which is very, very, rare in the world of Video Games. It's kind of sad and dissapointing that all of your friends that you made in camp are ...

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    One of the Most Original and Unique Games ever- 1

    Psychonauts is a Brilliant and Original action adventure game from the mind of Tim Schafer, who is known for creating games with great stories that are wrapped in well designed gameplay and this trend continues in Psychonauts.In Psychonauts you take control of Raz, a young psychic who runs away from his dad to visit Whispering Rock Summer Camp for Psychics and Races to Become a Psychonaut and Discover the secret of Whispering Rock.The Gameplay of Psychonauts is very classic 3D platforming in the...

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    Summer camp for your brain 0

    Psychonauts tells the story of Razputin, a gifted boy attending a summer camp for psychic children.   The game drops you and Raz into the Whispering Rock camp after a highly entertaining cinematic that introduces the counselors and several campers.   You immediately have the choice to explore the grounds and begin collecting pink arrowheads, the game’s currency, or visit Coach Oleander, a mustachioed counselor who bellows like a drill sergeant.   Choose the latter path and Oleander sucks you int...

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    Charming fun with some mild issues 0

      Psychonauts is a very charming game that is a hybrid of a platformer and a more adventure orientated game. This both helps and hinders the experience depending on which genre you favour. Psychonauts is the story of Razputin, a boy who has broken into a government training facility in order to hone his psychic skills. Unfortunately, things aren’t so simple, and a chain of events starts that Raz decides he needs to get to the bottom of – and quickly, too. Several things are immediately striking...

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    A must-see mental adventure 0

    Psychonauts is an action/adventure game released in 2005 for the Xbox and PC that was later ported to PS2. The game was even later brought to the Xbox Live Marketplace as part of the Xbox Originals line of downloadable games, available for 1200 Microsoft Points (about 15$ USD). You play as a young boy named Razputin, who escapes his family in order to attend Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, a camp designed to train young psychics. The plot soon thickens as a more sinister plot is ena...

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    Pure Gaming 0

    Thank you Raz for making my nights so welcome and my son's days so inviting and his mom's ability to psycho analyze him and myself to remain closed. This game is pure enjoyment. For an 8yr old kid to say "Mario Shhmario" is something to behold. From the pure wit to the platforming, this game never grows old. Psychonauts is one of the most underrated games I know of today. A next gen move would be amazing.....or seems to be timeless. Thank-you development team for making such a fine win...

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    One of the most charming games ever! 0

    Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, a place I thought I’d go only once and then leave and never come back. Nothing could be further from the reality. Truth is from the first time I saw the intro sequence I fell in love with Psychonauts. It all starts out on the first day of what would seem to be another normal summer at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, agent Morceau Oleander is briefing the children on the importance of becoming a psychic soldier, AKA a Psychonaut. The meeting is interrupte...

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    An interesting exploration of modern psychology in (game?) form. 0

      So, I'm like a million years late playing this wonderful game and reviewing it, but it doesn't much matter because I think this game will stand the test of time. That sentence may sound presumptuous or like hyperbole, but as long as 3D platformers don't kill anyone's baby I think it will. Psychonauts starts mildly enough with no apparent conflict in sight, save for the young protagonist, Raz, sneaking into a summer camp for psychic soldiers called psychonauts. However, this camp is not full o...

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    Psychonauts for PC Review 0

     Graphics: 8.5Music: 9Story: 8.5Control: 7Gameplay: 9Level design: 10Psychonauts really amazed me. It is a really crazy and cool game to play. I'm not going to spoil much of the story but we have to control a kid that goes to a summer camp for psychics and discovers a plot to take control of people's brains... the funny part is that it will not happen by brainwashing, no, no, no.The gameplay involves the usual 3D platforming and we can resort to several psychic powers to ease our journey through...

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    At least it's got personality 1

    Psychonauts is a very creative game filled with charisma, there's no denying that. The cast of characters that Raz meets and converses with at Whispering Rock all have vibrant personalities and act as a great catalyst for camprground exploration while providing a force of connection to the story. You'll go out of your way to have Raz interact with the various camp goers and counselors. The story itself is one of the games strongest aspects by far. Raz is a very endearing character, and the flesh...

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    Funny, Charming, and Boring 2

    Tim Schafer's Psychonauts, like all of his games, is very high concept in setting and style, filled with intriguing characters and great dialogue. Unfortunately, also like all of his games, Psychonauts is at best a derivative and plain gameplay experience. Unless you hold great love for the material or Double Fine's brand of unique humor and emotive faces, there is little to find in the actual gameplay behind this title.  I went into Psychonauts expecting a quality pla...

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    Great game; pity about the incompatibility issues (on PAL) 2

    I was, admittedly, as excited as all get out for the downloadable re-release of Tim Shafer’s Psychonauts through the 360’s new Xbox Originals channel on Xbox Live. I’d missed the game when it released on the Xbox in 2005, and while I thought it would be a fantastic game, I’d never tried very hard to get hold of a copy. “Great,” I thought to myself, “Now I can dip my toes into a nice little action-adventure title I skipped in the last generation, one which will probably blow most current-gen titl...

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    Psychonauts has a ton of comedy and fantastic gameplay. 0

    Psychonauts comes from Double Fine Productions headed by the great Tim Schafer. It is a funny platformer with a great story that refreshes the genre a bit.Psychonauts is about a boy named Razputin (Raz for short) who is raised in the circus and is an acrobat with his father. Raz is slowly becoming psychic and his father who hates psychics starts to notice and makes him practice even more. Raz eventually gets his hands on a pamphlet about the Whispering Rocks camp to train Psychonauts. After that...

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    Psychonauts 0

    Almost, perfect platformer.  Excellent writing and original levels make you wish this trip into the mind could go on forever.  A little fine tuning on the controls would've resulted in a 5 out of 5, but most of these flaws are foregivable due to the rest of the game being flawless and fun....

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    On Psychonauts 0

               Psychonauts is not like other games. It's ostensibly a platformer, and you do spend a lot of time in the game jumping, swinging, and climbing. However, to just label the game a platformer and call it a day would be doing it a tremendous disservice, because the platforming is probably the worst and least important part of the experience. In fact, if you were to break things down and describe everything that is wrong with the execution of platforming in Psychonauts, it would probably...

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    It gets into your head and doesn't leave 0

    Psychonauts is a game that's been getting a lot of attention, and as far as I'm concerned, it's about damn time! A massive low-seller upon its initial release in 2005, Psychonauts was and is one of the most unique concepts for a game, and one of the most fully-realized concepts, too.Psychonauts is about Whispering Rock, a summer camp for psychically-gifted children, where they can hone their mental abilities free from the world's prejudice, and under the watchful eye of the Psychonauts- heroic w...

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    Psychonauts, Xbox 0

    Psychonauts is an amazing game. I'm all for it. It's clever, witty and works well.The sound is fine, the music isn't annoying. The controls are excellent, it's so effortless. The jump is fine, it's not annoying like when you have to jump and then move or vice versa. Ypu start off with all your physical powers too, which is cool. You merely have to unlock psychic powers. This is not labourious. It's fun and it's exciting to see what power you'll get next. The characters are cool, they have person...

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    One Fifteen Dollar Game, Psychologist Not Included 0

      Over the years, I've come to realize that video games aren't that unusual. Yeah, we're controlling the lives of characters molded by artists and programmers, but rarely do these titles mess with our minds. Occasionally, a title will arise that breaks that trend (Silicon Knights' Eternal Darkness immediately comes to mind), but usually games are quite tame...unless they're produced by Tim Schafer. During the early '90s, Tim Schafer gained a reputation among gamers for his wacky humor and writin...

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    A game deserving a second chance 0

    Reviews of games years after their release are probably scored lower than they were when they were originally released.  Graphics, sound, and gameplay features evolve leaving the old games in the dust, and few titles remain as playable as they once were.  This is not the case with Pyschonauts.  Granted, when the game was originally release, it was not an overlooked classic, but it was 'critically acclaimed.'  However, many games receive 'critcally acclaimed' status and they are not for everyone....

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    Engaging story with great gameplay. 0

      Tim Schafer created a highly immersive world within Psychonauts. At first, the graphical and artistic style is somewhat strange, but it quickly becomes the only face that one could accept with the content of the game. Trying to imagine any other style is difficult, and frankly, unnecessary. The game begins with Razputin sneaking in to a psychic summer camp, and events quickly escalate from that point forward. Psychic abilities start out slowly, but the quickly gain in power...

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    Psychonauts is a true pleasure 0

    All too often I find myself trying to race to beat a game just so I can be done with it - either it lacks an interesting story or the game-play is just so annoying that overtime it becomes physically painful to endure. This is definitely not the case for Psychonauts.  The game is an absolute joy to play.  I think the main reason I enjoyed was that it was just so polished and everything just seemed to work exactly like the game's creator envisioned in his mind.  The game is not particularly hard,...

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    Ingenious 0

    I just created a Giant Bomb account and the first thing I wanted to do was write a review for a game that I loved. Without hesitation I thought of Psychonauts. Not only is it one of my favorite games of all time, it is also one of the most underrated. It presents a hilarious, inventive, unique take on the possible scope of a video game to create something that is above all else, ridiculously fun.That's what ultimately matters in a video game. Is it fun? Psychonauts is just plain fun from start t...

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    A trip through the mind 0

    Don't get confused, Psychonauts is not only a game for kids. It's a game that tells you how it's like to be a child. yes it's full of happy pastel colour; yes you play as a ten year old lad. But it's time to forget all of the prejudice you have at the moment and take a closer look on a game that will make you pleased.The Developer, Double Fine has one of the 90s most heroes among there employers: Tim Schafer. Schafer wrote the dialog to the first Monkey Island games, and created later some of t...

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    An underappreciated but not unremebered tresure. 0

                    For anyone who appreciates artistic style and carefully crafted games you will love Psychonauts as much as I do. Witty dialogue, charming characters, and enjoyable gameplay are the brain, heart, and legs of Psychonauts. Not very often does a game come that makes you say "Oh, that’s why I like games".      You play Razputin better known as Raz, a young psychic that ran away from the circus to go to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. Whispering Rock is filled with other psychic...

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    Nicktoons, and Nintendo, and LucasArts, Oh My! 0

    If you happen to be a Millennial gamer, Psychonauts needs to be on your gaming short-list. Equal parts Nintendo platformer, LucasArts adventure, and 1990s era Nickelodeon cartoon, it was tailor-made to put a smile on your face.Whispering Rock Summer Camp is the home of our hero for the duration of the story, and much as Hogwarts instructs young wizards, this retreat is a school for psychics. Using his mental abilities, Razputin will invade the thoughts of friend and foe alike, and these mindscap...

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    One of the most underrated Platformers ever. 0

    Psychonauts has spawned an infamous legacy over the years. Psychonauts has become known as the good game that sold like crap. That's basically the best was to describe it. Psychonauts was a good game that sold like crap and it's a shame. After playing through this game, I can say that Tim Shaffer is a genius. The amount of creativity and humor in this game is astounding. It plays like an old school Platforming game from the PS1/N64 days. You play as Raz, a young psychic in training who ran away...

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    Psychonauts is Tim Schafer's finest work. 3

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like exploring the mind of a lungfish? Me neither, but now you can with Psychonauts. Long in development, Psychonauts follows Raz as he breaks into a summer camp for psychic soldiers, or psychonauts. It doesn’t take long for things to get out of control and an evil force has kidnapped all of the brains from the campers. It is your job to get things back to normal at the camp, and you do so by exploring a series of brains, each unique and each having a craz...

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    Hidden Gem! 0

    Not many people talk about this game but I decided to play it anyhow.Right from the beginning this game immerses you with a cast of unique and enjoyable characters. The storyline is very well done with plenty of twists and turns. The game in itself is very original. Being that you are playing with the minds of others you are able to create any type of level that you want. Speaking of levels, each one is unique and interesting. It has a lot of variety, a water level, some bouncing floating levels...

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    One of the Greatest Games of its Generation 0

    This action-platformer takes some of the best mechanics known to developers and adds in a level of story and character that has rarely been matched in the history of interactive media.First of all is the story. Comical to no end and filled with instantly memorable characters, the desire to get to the next sequence and see the next piece of the scenery or hear the next quotable piece of dialogue.Level design is altered from one mind (stage) to the next, while maintaining a constant rule set that ...

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    Psychonauts Analysis and Review 0

    In-depth review on a Double Fine classicPsychonauts was the first title released by Tim Schafer’s company, Double Fine. Schafer is a popular computer game designer, and was the head designer for Psychonauts. Tim Schafer was previously a designer at LucasArts, and explained in an interview that he was persuaded by his friends that he should leave to start Double Fine (Gordon). He decided to create his company Double Fine, and then started on their first title, Psychonauts. Double Fine was a...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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