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Simon "Psymon" Stark is a professional snowboarder in the SSX series of snowboarding games. He is Canadian, born in Squamish, British Columbia in 1974. He grew up in an environment where his parents were unable to be there for him. Due to this, rather than go to school he decided to go snowboarding at Whistler Blackcomb (An actual resort in Vancouver, Canada) in the winter and keeping with the extreme tone he also partook in glacier climbing in the Summer.

When Psymon was eighteen years old he decided to get a job at Whistler Blackcomb at night as a groomer. On this shift , he would add ramps on runs in Whisler Blackcomb so he and his friends could ride them the next day


Simon is known as a maniac in the snowboarding circle. He frequently partakes in all - night partying and binge drinking. Psymon only has two friends on the tour, Zoe Payne and Allegra Sauvagess. He is a masochist.


  • One of two SSX characters to appear in another EA Sports extreme sports game , Sled Storm. (The other being Zoe Payne)
  • Psymon has a B blood type.
  • His favourite bands are Slayer and Napalm Death
  • Has a peculiar dislike of Cease - Fire Agreements.

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