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We follow Puggsy who has crash landed on an alien planet 15 light years away from his home planet. The inhabitants of the planet have stolen his spaceship which stops him from being able to find his way home.

You find your way through many levels where there is no set path and you can find your own way around, with the main objective of getting your spaceship back from 'The Racoons'

Game Play

Puggsy is a platformer, which means it works pretty much in the same way as others: Up, Down, Left, Right, Pick up, Put down, Throw. However, many of the levels involve puzzles which are required in order to progress.

Puggsy uses Total Object Interaction which is the system that allows real world physics to come into play. Certain objects in the game can be picked up and used in some way to help you complete the level. You can even stack objects, such as barrels to help you reach the higher platforms. You can also throw these objects at the enemies, or even pick up a gun and shoot them. Also, the object you carry will make you weigh more, so you wont be able to jump as high depending on your weight. Each object has a different weight to it, from a balloon that will help you float to a weight that will sink you quickly.

The goal of each level is to reach the exit. Optionally, you may bring items with you through the exit door to give you more points. Often times levels will involve finding a key and unlocking a chest to reach the most valuable item to take back with you. If you're crafty, you can bring multiple things in the doorway with you, netting you those precious extra points. You can also replay any levels that you like, which is helpful if you need points or a pair of sunglasses or trainers for Puggsy.

Special Items

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Sunglasses - Not only used to look awesome, they act as a shield for one hit.

Shield - Makes you temporarily invincible when activated.

Trainers - When worn, provides a speed and jump height boost. Also acts as a shield for one hit, bringing the total to two if you wear both.

Water Pistol - Puts out pesky fires.

Shell - Earns you points if you take it to the end of the stage.

Barrel - Stack them to help you reach otherwise inaccessible ledges.

Skeleton Key - Opens up big chests.

Small Chest - Provides a hint or an item.

Hook - Helps you pull yourself up on to high ledges.

Pint - Shoots the foamy head at an enemy.

Coin - Extra points

10 Pound Weight - Keeps you from being blown away by fans.

Balloon - Float around a bit.

Blue Ball - Bounces, hurting enemies.

Rubber Duck - Helps you stay afloat in the water, and provides a platform when needed.

Big Key - Opens locked doors.

Eyeball - Use it with the remote to see things out of Puggsy's view.

Remote - Lets you see whatever the eyeball sees.

Beach Ball - Floats. Temporary water platform when stood on.

Stool - Used for standing, like a barrel.

Match - Lights a fuse, like one on a cannon.

Cannonball - Stops you from being blown back by a fan.


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