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    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jul 22, 1994

    Game Freak's pre-Pokémon game, Pulseman is a Sonic the Hedgehog like platformer whose level designs emphasize the titular character's electrical abilities.

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    Pulseman is a 2D platformer released exclusively for the Sega Mega Drive in 1994. It would later see a Europe and US release when it came to the Wii's Virtual Console in those territories in 2009. It is notable for being a pre-Pokémon release from studio Game Freak, and one of the few games they produced that wasn't released on a Nintendo console.

    The player controls the eponymous Pulseman: a superhero who is able to manipulate and take on the form of electricity. He can use this power to defeat enemies and traverse levels, zapping between nodes. His unique parentage, half human and half "C-Life" (a digital AI lifeform), means he can travel in and out of cyberspace, which makes up some of the game's stages.


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