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Punch Line is an adventure game based off the anime of the same name that was produced by Mages and written by Kotaro Uchikoshi, the creator of the Zero Escape franchise. The story centers around a boy named Yuta Iridatsu who's soul has been separated from his body, leaving him to haunt the apartment he once lived in with four other women. With the help of a fellow ghost cat and his newfound ghost powers, Yuta begins trying to solve the many mysteries behind his new spirit form and why the Earth is destroyed anytime he looks at a girl's panties.

The anime was created by Studio MAPPA and aired on the noitaminA block in 2015, with Crunchyroll simulcasting the series and Sentai Filmwork later licensing the show for home video. Punch Line the game was released a year later on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on April 28, 2016 with the game's first half serving as an adaptation of the anime's story and the second half containing all new story content that served as a sequel/ending to the series.

PQube eventually published Punch Line in the West on August 30, 2018 in Europe and September 25th in the United States for the PlayStation 4 and Vita with a new PC port to be released via Steam in 2019.


  • While the anime for Punch Line premiered a year before the release of the video game, Kotaro Uchikoshi has stated that the story was written to be a game first and was adapted into an anime during its development [1].

External Links

  1. Interview: Zero Escape Director Kotaro Uchikoshi by Jacob Chapman (Anime News Network)

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