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Punch out and Punch in!!

    To start off, if you loved the original, then your going to love this Re-make. Yes, it is a Re-make, but there is a few things here and there that make this a worthy Re-make.

    Punch out was of those games that you didn't buy, take home and beat, this was a game you needed to try and get better at, mainly because of the twitch action that is involved, you have to act fast in the game, and remember certain patterns for certain fighters. That is  what made it so fun for me, trying every time to see how far I could get, only to get knocked on my ass one fight before the final boss.

    The game received a beautiful face lift. The character models are all familiar but look updated, their faces even show bruises and cuts as you wear them down, which is certainly satisfying. The game even has Voice overs, which isn't a big deal, but it's awsome to hear what all the characters sound like.

    After you've beaten the game, there's a challenge mode to re-fight bosses, with slightly different patterns to watch out for, also there is a multi-player... but it's not online! How awsome would that have been to play this game with other people? The multi-player is actually allot of fun, not anything amazing or new, but it fits in with the game.

   If you've spent hours on this game before and loved every minute of it then prepare to have sort thumbs all over again because this is probly the best re-make of a game ever. It maybe because I just love Punch out, but hell this game is a classic and this reminds me why it was.

As of right now the average critic score is 9.0

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