Anyone else played the Japanese demo?

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I just played the very short demo off of the Playstation store and fell instantly in love with the look of the game. It's a shame they don't give you more than a tutorial area as what's there is really, really pretty with some wonderful music and really charming animation. It's a pretty basic platformer and has this cool floating move where you cut away at the scenery or boost along ropes using your scissors.

So glad that there's something else I'm really excited about on the PS3 after The Last of Us. Has anyone else played the demo?

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Grabbed it! 720p but hella clean and beautiful, just a simple tutorial but that felt superb, cheerful designs, many smiles. Took a HDMI cap for the sake of it:

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Reminded me of the actual good old days of 3D platformers, this and other Sony Japan Studio projects make me think hard about actually going for Knack as a PS4 launch title pickup.

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Tried it just now and even if I don't understand japanese, I got some very good vibes from this...and what's best, it reminds me more or less of LBP, but it actually controls well, like Patrick said in the past E3-podcast, I yeah, definetly interested in this! Just too bad it's still months away from release...but at least it's near my birthday then.

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