PURE - whats your opinion?

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#1 Posted by DeadlyPain (458 posts) -

i was wondering if you guys would kindly share your opinions on this game, i was thinking of buying it but from what i've seen it doesn't look worth buying - longevity wise of course
the only thing thats grabbed my attention is that its something new, off-roading taken to a new level and the multiplayer looks great fun, however - replaying it over and over?.....im not sure
whats your opinions on this game, and in your eyes is it worth its price tag or would you say wait till either new content or a price reduction/buy second hand?

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#2 Posted by Willy105 (4915 posts) -

A Disney game that is good this is.

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#3 Posted by Lunarbunny (1055 posts) -
Willy105 said:
"A Disney game that is good this is."
Well they didn't develop it and it's not licensed... they simply published it.
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#4 Posted by Vinchenzo (6463 posts) -

Well, first of all, post on the Pure forum. Stupid decision of you to put it here.
Secondly, you can check out my user review.

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#5 Posted by dantey (298 posts) -

I think you should buy it. It is very good, and the trick system is simple but yet interesting. Just make sure you have a dual joystick controler.

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#6 Posted by Shawn (3842 posts) -

I wouldn't buy it if I were you, rent it. I found it pretty fun but a little repetitive, but hey what racing game isn't?

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#7 Posted by agent_lost (908 posts) -

I don't know, i see how pure can be fun, but i can get in to it. OK, the game is set up like Burnout Revenge, do some race, get some point, part and track. Until you get the next tier and so on. The racing is good, Trick system work, but somehow i can't get in to it. I went all Class C track then I quit.

The best thing you can do is the rent the game and tried it out.

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#8 Posted by pause422 (6325 posts) -

Played the demo, thought it was ok..but also was like 50 other games I've played before. Too many other great games coming out to even give it time more than that, but it felt decent if you're really into that type of game a lot.

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#9 Posted by Black_Raven (1764 posts) -

Looks like a decent game but i doubt it would keep me entertained for long.

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#10 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Its a very fun game.
The funnest time iv had playing a racing game since Burnout Paridice.

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#11 Posted by Snoopy (40 posts) -

i like racing games but i just couldnt get into this one. played for two hours, online play is ok, customization is good, just seems all too done before

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