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Just pure fun

Most ATV series' have all been pretty bad. They would be good in the graphics department bad gameplay, poor controls, and repetitive events. Pure is here to change all of that with it's frantic gameplay, varied maps, sharp controls, and absolutely stunning graphics. All this title really fails in is the re-play value factor, which I'll touch on in a little bit.

Like I've already said, the gameplay is fast and frantic. I've yet to experience any frame-rate drops while playing, I do, though have some small complaints with the trick system in Pure. There's a small delay in between doing tricks in the air so when you want to do two tricks to try and feel your meter up fast, your probably not gonna be able to. Some might call this realism, I call it annoying. Besides the short career mode and lack of re-play value that is pretty much all I can complain about on this game

The track design is very good. There is some that are flooded with rain and some that look dryer than Death Valley. The graphics are top-notch and just help out the beautifully designed levels. As you turn sharp corners, you'll notice dirt just flying up and hitting your character. To make it short and sweet, Pure looks amazing.

The customization of the ATV's are another one of the things that are great. The parts look great and there is a huge set of different parts to choose from in your path to making an amazing ATV. It kinda disappointed me that you can't really notice the changes right away, so that might turn off some of the beginning users.

The World Tour mode is pretty simple, beat a race, and win a different race, and continue. Sadly, the World Tour mode is Pure's biggest flaw. It's very short and repetitive. This is tough to explain but racing then racing again is repetitive but the maps are very varied. I know, it's tough to understand but just think about it for a little bit then you'll hopefully get it.
Singleplayer: 5 stars

Multiplayer: The online is good and all but it's really annoying because I fount just one good racing match and I'll admit, it was really fun until some dropped out and then I just couldn't get another going. The online user base for this game blows. Get online!
Multiplayer:3 stars

Re-Play Value: One word describes the re-play value: lacking. The world tour mode is short and is kinda repetitive but the tricks and gameplays make up for that by a long shot. The online user base is bad so you probably won't find yourself online to much
Re-Play Value: 3 stars

End it! All-in-all this is worth a rent. It's definitely not a buy and definitely not a pass cause I think any video gamer should try this out, unless your one of them people that have a 360 just to play Madden on a new console... if your one of them people, just pass on this game.
Final Score: 4 stars

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