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Almost Purely Beutiful...

Before i bought Pure, i read a lot about it, and looked quite far into it, it seemed to catch my interest almost at an instant, with the look of intense racing, i thought i could have finally found my favourite off- road racer. (Not saying DiRT is bad). So then after i bought it for a reasnable price from my local GAME store, i rushed back home to check it out. After the first few races, i thought this wa an amazing games, that looks beautiful. But then came the worst, after about 3 or 4 stages, it began to feel a little like a bore, it's like i just couldn't be bothered to play it, and wanted to go back to my CoD4 online matches! But i made myself carry on, because of course i wanted to get the most out of it, but still i just couldn't carry on, it almost felt like a chore, but now i'd like to give seperate parts of the game a score;

Presentation: Overall the presentation, is simple and easy for begginers and newcomers, and it seems to welcome you into the game which, personally i think is good, but that alongside with the help of, the man who doesn't tell you his name voiceover guy, who commentates, is quite useful.(A bit like DJ Atomice on Crash FM). Score: 8.7

Gameplay: The gameplay is also simple but can get a little boring at times, as you feel like you can't carry on much longer, its far to easy, and the career won't last you long. Unless your addicted to these kind of things, and enjoy quad-biking around with a Pink helmet on looking like a noob. Then that's fine! Score: 8.1

Online Multiplay: And finally we come to this, good news and bad news; The good news is,it's never ever jaggy... I think, which leads to the bad news, i say i think because you'll never find anyone online, simply no-one will be playing you, and if they are, and are trying to prove me wrong on purpose, then their a ******* twat. Score: 5.9

That's it for now. So check out my other reveiws and be sure to leave a comment on my blog if you want to.

Cheers~ MicrosoftEAGames

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