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    A former police officer disgraced and kicked off the force for killing a child molester who couldn't be legally touched, Purna has become a personal bodyguard-for-hire and is skilled with firearms. She is one of the four playable characters in Dead Island.

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    Purna was a police officer in the Sydney Police Department. After shooting a child molester who could not be touched because of his political influence, she was kicked off the force, and resorted to working as a bodyguard for VIPs and celebrities. Because of her experience as a police officer, and despite her own brush with homicide, she has a hypocritical hatred for people who have enough money or influence to be "above the law". The night before the outbreak, Purna is seen at Sam B's concert, though it is unclear whether she was there with a client or off-duty.

    From her experience on the Sydney Police Force, Purna is the firearms expert and the "support" class. Her Rage attack is called Guardian, which allows her to fire a special sidearm with an unlimited amount of ammo for a short amount of time, and also provides a temporary buff to herself and teammates that provides additional damage, health, and stamina.


    • Health - 100
    • Speed - 100
    • Stamina - 90

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