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    Pursuit Force Extreme Justice

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jan 29, 2008

    This game is a sequel to the first Pursuit Force. This is a game which alternates between driving and shooting, in which you must keep Capital City safe from five ruthless and well-equipped gangs.

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    Gameplay Overview

    The gameplay in Pursuit Force Extreme Justice typically begins as a driving game in a car, motorcycle, or boat. The player must chase enemy vehicles (while avoiding civilian traffic) and press a button causing the protagonist to leap from his vehicle onto the enemy's, which initiates a shooting minigame, after which the player has control of that vehicle as well as whatever weapon the enemy left behind. In addition to hijacking vehicles, the player can defeat enemies simply by shooting their vehicles and by ramming them to cause further damage.

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    The missions present a lot of variety, for instance the player might have to keep other vehicles safe such as a fire truck. The player might themselves have to drive a truck or ambulance and try to shake enemies off. Undercover missions require a player follow the enemy while keeping a specific distance between them at all times. When being pursued by a boss vehicle, the player may have to keep swerving in order to avoid an on-screen reticule. The player might have to intimidate a passenger which can be achieved in a number of ways such as driving past oncoming traffic, scraping the siderails, making jumps, etc.

    Alternate gameplay types are also frequently used, this includes shooting galle ry segments where the player takes control of a chaingun aboard a vehicle such as an off-road vehicle or a helicopter. Pursuit Force Extreme Justice even features third-person-shooter segments, as well as newly introduced sniping stages.

    Performing actions such as defeating enemies or ramming fills up a ''Justice'' meter, which the player can deplete in exchange for health. If the justice meter becomes full, the player's weapons deal extra damage. The justice meter is used throughout all gameplay types, and carries over from one gameplay segment to the next, just as your weapons do.

    Differences from Predecessor

    Aside from having 30 all-new missions, there are a number of changes to the game mechanics compared to the original Pursuit Force. These include:

    • A different style of on-foot, third-person-shooter gameplay. Unlike the on-foot third-person segments in the previous Pursuit Force, which used lock-on targeting for all shooting, players now almost exclusively have to aim manually by stopping and using the analog nub in order to shoot enemies. Aiming is never automatic except when enemies are right up to you, which is now the only time you can fire at enemies while moving. (This is aside from strafing, which can be done while aiming, and only while aiming, by using the buttons.) Those differences aside, you can still arrest enemies like before, and take their weapon.
    • The justice bar can be used to replenish health even if the justice bar is not full. (This perhaps causes Extreme Justice to be easier in difficulty than its predecessor.) Furthermore you can refill as much or as little health as you want.
    • The button for replenishing health is now mapped to two places. So although you can use the triangle button like before (good if you don't want to let go of steering) you have a choice of using the dpad or analog nub instead. (good if you don't want to let go of the pedal)
    • The default control scheme now uses the analog nub for steering rather than the directional pad. (This is perhaps due to the fact that actions are now mapped to the directional pad.)
    • Player can now carry more than 2 weapons, and switch between them using the dpad. Gaining a new weapon no longer results in you discarding the previous weapon.
    • In between missions you can now level up your character's attributes using tokens you earn from completing missions. These gain you abilities such as increased jump range, increased weapon damage, increased justice meter, and making any vehicle you drive faster. These attributes can even be reallocated after completing the main quest, adding even more strategy when trying to attain high scores. (which are needed to unlock stars to spend in the shop)

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