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Pursuit Force is the most awesome game ever, next to it's sequel.

Pursuit Force is the most awesome game ever, next to it's sequel. It's graphics are awesome. The gameplay is SUPER awesome. The sound is cheesy awesome. You can't find anything wrong with this game other than it's REALLY hard on some levels, and the replay value isn't very high. PLEASE! Buy this game! It's the king of awesome!

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    Not quite the "Welcome Back" I was hoping for... 0

    I picked this game up as part of Sony's Welcome Back program.  Even though I paid nothing for the game, I feel like I've eternally lost 30 minutes of my life.  Ultimately, this game was a totally generic, tech demo-esque experience that involves rinse-and-repeat driving sequences where you press a button to jump on  a car and hold a button to shoot enemies.  The game will vary things up by putting you into an inferior handling boat, but it was basically the same thing over and over again.  I did...

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