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Frustrating, clever, entertaining, and addictive!

Pushmo is one of the most frustrating, clever, entertaining, and addictive puzzle games that I have ever played. I’ve been discouraged lately, because of the number of uncanny IPhone games that people consider to be considered great that I’ve played, though there are only a few exceptions like the overrated (yet great) Angry Birds and a few others. Nintendo has something to be proud of with their Pushmo game (or app, if you want to call it that), though it may not be $0.99. Thing is, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems created something that I have yet to see on any phone application. Sure there will be an uncanny and probably legal that should be illegal knock off of Pushmo later as an IPhone app. To me… nothing can compare to the original unless if there is a sequel to a puzzle game. Pushmo has reasonable price tag of $6.99. No matter what anyone thinks, $6.99 for this game is most definitely worth it! EAT THAT APPLE APP LOVER FREAKS!! --- not being serious.

My initial reaction to this game was that it looked too cute looking, it even sounds cute because of the music. It’s so cute… it’s disturbing. I have several games that I thought was too cute looking that wasn’t really for people my age, but that has never stopped me before. Once I know what a game offers, then the cuteness can be easily overlooked… sort of! Pushmo, like Bubble Bobble, Bust-A-Move and a few others are games that may be cute, but when it comes to gameplay... you’ll experience nothing like it.

Now about Pushmo! Pushmo is a game where your main objective is to save the Pushmo children! Once you save these children, give them a big hug and repeatedly toss them in the air… and not over the edge of a cliff you created! Thank you Nintendo for not promoting child abuse! YAY! The objective is simple enough, but trying to get to the children is a different story. You must pull out blocks, whether you pull blocks from the front or the side, to reach the children. The children, unlike you, will be trapped inside a block that you’ll have to pull out at the last minute. You can rewind time, so you can undo what you want to. As a small spoiler, as you advance in the game the levels not only get harder… but you’ll unlock stuff, like being able to use manholes on levels! Manholes are like the warp pipes used in Super Mario, but you must be sure that the manholes are accessible and are of the same color.

I think the most exciting part of the game is the level creator. You can share your custom made levels by using the 3DS camera to scan QR codes that you find online; or if there is another person that has the game, then you can use the 3DS camera to scan the QR code on the other 3DS. Since you can save your custom made levels (saved as an image that contains the QR code) on your SD card that is in the 3DS, then you’ll be able to easily transfer it to your computer to share with others. (Here is the official Giantbomb thread with QR codes that you can scan, and here is the IGN thread with QR codes. WOW THE IGN THREAD IS LARGE!) There is nothing like a level creator that reveals the creativity of the people. Even when you are done with the games 250+ levels, it’s a game that keeps on giving because of the level creator!

I cannot find anything serious to really complain about. It’s certainly not the best game that I have played, but it deserves the highest rating for several reasons; it deserves the highest rating because it’s a simple and very original idea that turned out to be a genius. Pushmo is a true 3D puzzle platformer game! The street/spot pass feature to me is useless because it just doesn’t work for me at all 100% of the time, so I don’t care that this games lacks this feature. If you are a 3DS owner, I highly recommend and approve of Pushmo being possibly one of the best puzzle games to date. This 3DS owner has had a great Christmas with the replay value of Mario Kart 7, the epicness of Super Mario 3D Land, and now the ever-giving Pushmo. So what are you waiting for? If you are a 3DS owner, then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about! Go get this game from the Nintendo EShop!... then make some levels so I and others can play them, cause I suck at making levels! I'M WAITING!

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