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Putter Golf is a 3D miniature golf simulation. It features both a regular 9-hole course and a "trick" 9-hole course, with warp zones and conveyor belts.

Game Setup

The game includes both stroke and match play across the regular and trick courses. Additionally, "mix" mode plays through a randomly selected set of holes from both courses and practice mode allows the player to practice hitting across various slopes and trick course features.

Up to four players can compete locally, each choosing one of four avatars:

  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Robo (robot)
  • Dog

Multiple players can share a single PlayStation controller, as turns are taken sequentially, and one or more AI characters can be chosen to fill in empty spots.


As with most golf games, the objective in Putter Golf is to roll the ball into a hole using as few strokes as possible. To mix up the formula a bit, the game's trick course includes a variety of physics-defying features:

  • "dash" zones which propel the ball quickly in one direction
  • "slip" zones covered in ice
  • "warp" zones that instantly teleport the ball

In order to take on the course, the player is equipped with two putters: a 30-yard club and a 15-yard club. Swinging either putter involves a two-point contact system that dictates the speed and direction of the ball, but provides no ability to apply spin.

At tne end of nine holes, the player with the lowest score (or most won holes, in match play) is declared the winner and a persistent high score is recorded if appropriate.

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